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  1. Vamos a ver, amigo, vamos a ver! :nod: Agreed.
  2. BRASIL!!! 5 stars is simply not enough! A Copa é Nossa!!! err, um, I mean good luck to everyone...
  3. No insulation!?!? That's such a great chip. I would hate to see it leave you prematurely (let alone take along the rest of your rig with it!). It got humid recently in NYC and condensation shut me down for a day or two. Just a heads up.
  4. The settings below are good for me with 4x512 BH-5 up to 270MHz on a Venus. DS/DDS are at 8/auto (which I think is 4 in this case). Come to think of it, this is a mix of BH-5 and UTT; you may need to tweak some. If you are looking for TCCD timings, let me know.
  5. I recently picked up a 42" Syntax Olevia LT42HVI and am loving it. These can be had for around $1600 or so. I am running it as my monitor (with a DVI to HDMI converter). The image at 1280x720 is fantastic. I prefer the resolution to be this low so I can see what I'm typing/reading from a distance. Games are phenomenal, as are DVD's and movies. While viewing as a television (very cool to use Picture in Picture with a TV on my desktop), standard definition is fine. I have not gotten around to HD yet. I have a HD tuner PCI card arriving next week, so if you're interested I can give you an update about HDTV quality. EDIT: On sale at Microcenter for $1399 through 6/17!!!
  6. LazyBum = Urok's new best friend! Congrats mate.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks this thread is about something else when I quickly glance at the title? :nod: Gets me every time!
  8. For those of you have not tried it, let me assure you that this is an EXCELLENT piece of software.
  9. There is even more mind-blowing stuff going on here when you consider the distances involved. If soundx98's Sun is 12 inches across, the Earth's relative position would be 107 feet away! Furthermore, Pluto would be a staggering 4250 feet away!!! That's over three quarters of a mile!!! Now imagine a circle centered at the sun with a radius of 4250 ft., with Pluto orbiting around the circumference. In that circle (which is over a mile and a half wide), the only appreciable matter that is to be found are the balls shown in the first post. Talk about empty!!! And our Solar System is a relatively dense section of space! If you really want to trip out, consider that almost the same thing is going on at the molecular (let alone subatomic) level. Have you ever thought about how small a proton is? An electron? Now apply the same logic regarding distances as above. The molecules that comprise all that we know are just as empty as our Solar System! And the only molecules to even speak of are the Sun and the planets! You'll have to excuse me now, I feel a Buddhist moment coming on... "Life is emptiness. Form is emptiness. Ommmmmm"
  10. Thanks mate. I've already been there - nice site. I think I figured out my first problem. I eventually found a standalone set of Motorola Drivers v2.9 (ie not part of the standard p2kman pack). Windows seemed to act properly with these and registered several devices (whereas before using various incarnations of 2.8 I was only getting the initial USB device to be detected). I was already able to load mp3 ringtones; now I can load up skins as well. Apparently there is a risk of bricking while unlocking the SLVR (think "bad BIOS flash with no opportunity to change out your BIOS chip"), so I need to do some more reading before giving that a go. I will also be looking to change the DRM, replace the bootup/shutdown screens, and remove a lot of the uneccesary built in crap down the line. For those with a Motorola L7 phone, try using the drivers found here (P2K Drivers) if you are having a hard time getting everything installed. Thanks again SuppA-SnipA!
  11. Hi all. I am new to Motorola phones and phones in general. I have been being a good noob and have spent a lot of time reading tutorials and stickies and such. However, I have been having a very difficult time getting p2kman to connect with my SLVR. Does anyone have any experience in this department? Thanks.
  12. Holy blast from the past! That was like 1644 posts ago! To answer your question, yes, all the "steppings" you mention are the same stepping.
  13. Chuck Norris can run 4x512MB of generic memory at DDR646 - using 1T. One time, Chuck Norris had a cold boot problem, but only one time. He subsequently roundhouse kicked his system, instantly vaporizing it. His current rig now spontaneously boots any time Chuck Norris is within a 6 mile radius.
  14. I use an extension called PDF download, which allows me to download the PDF (well, duh) and open it directly with Adobe. Works especially nicely in conjunction with the Download Statusbar extension (which is highly recommended in its own right).
  15. The Venus is definitely not such a board. If you are not prepared to do a LOT of tweaking, this may not be the board for you. Are you able to get into BIOS? If not, clear your CMOS and try booting with one stick of memory in the orange slot furthest from the CPU. Let us know how that goes.
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