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  1. dont have a DFI mobo anymore (moved to intel this year) but wanted to thank you mate for this cd. still using its tools and hope you keep working on it
  2. just an update in case it helps anyone else. got the mobo stable enough for a new bios flash, been fine since then. lost my raid array during the crash. thankfully, plugged the same 2 drives now into my new bad axe mobo and they were detected again - worked fine. pretty chuffed! i always thought that a bios reset offered on this site would fix things, but it looks like the whole thing got corrupted or summat ah well, working now.
  3. nope. my 2nd sys is the overclocked one and oddly, has been more stable than this one. at the mo everything is back to the way it was before - only prob is i dont have audio. the module is plugged in fine, my speakers appear to be working but cant get any audio out. volume on full, checked the audio icon in sys tray and thats fine. weird
  4. hiya, ta for the reply, i meant it wouldnt boot without holding the insert key. memtest ran for an hour on this pc, but has passed overnight on the other pc that uses this ram 24/7. no O/C here at all the corruption/bsod wasnt the ram - 100%. i think (fingers crossed) that i've fixed it now. eventualy i got tmods cd to boot and decided - screw it - and flashed the bios. now that xp cd boots fine and i'm back into windows now - with that same RAM. will have to swap that over at some point guess exroadies post takes you to a certain point but if your bios is freaked you need to reflash it
  5. last month while playing CS:S my pc crashed and i couldnt get it to turn on again. i followed the guides on here to recover and it worked fine since then - until last night it crashed and it wont turn on unless i hold the insert key down on my keyboard. at that point i can get the pc to boot but not much else. i cant get into windows - it hangs, even while loading the drivers for safe mode i cant run a XP install cd either. it does the usual loading drivers and then blue screens on me. the cd is fine on other pcs. no CRC errors etc. i sometimes get corruption (minor) on the main boot screen while finding drives and the occasional checksum error from the bios. i was using 2gig of ram but swapped to 1 512 stick from a working pc in the orange slot (top) and its still the same. i can run memtest on that ram via the mobo and thats all fine but not much else. all drives bar 1 cdcrom drive are disconected. all 4 pwr conns are in as per usual i have tried ex roadies guide overnight and its still the same. it boots but something causes corruption afterwards. could it just be the mobo? - this is for the first PC in the list btw - the 4400+
  6. short story, tonight i was watching a dvd on my pc when it crashed due to nv4_disp (according to XPs BSOD) when i went back to windows all was fine apart from playing dvds. it used a load of CPU cycles for this. checked and powerdvd is no longer using DXVA for decoding. checked using powerdvds checker and all shows up as N/A for all its tests. removed those drivers and installed the latest forcewares and same thing. dvd playback caused CPU usage to spike like crazy. i've checked my display properties and fullhardware acceleration is enabled as well as enable write combing. short of reinstalling windows entirely, is there anything else to try? also, if i reinstall XP and its still the same - does that mean a dodgy graphics card? this is about the 7800GT in the 1st PC in my sig btw
  7. just to reask the Q above: what does this fault indicate? it has to be something with the mobo if that reset fixed it but is it something that can reoccur? i am a little worried about hammering my pc again in case of the same kind of failure again. if it does happen again - would that be enough reason to RMA the board?
  8. yeah, no joy. also the 500gig maxtor i have on the same sil ports work fine but the others dont appear at all now
  9. ok, this worked some how. only prob i have now is that my raided drives now appear to be dead?? all other drives in the system are fine but these are sporadically detected and never both at the same time by the SIl controller for some reason. the drives themselves also appear not to spin up fully either. weird on a side note, i will try these in my new conroe system in a few days and see if that picks tem up. fingers crossed
  10. thats what i am going through at the moment mate. just leaving it sit for an hour or 2 before trying. if that works tho- what does that mean exactly? could it be that a crash led to a dodgy bios or something?
  11. i was playing a game when it froze and the sound repeated. after a while the monitor turned itself off and when the pc was reset, i just had 2 looong beeps and no boot. i have 4 red lights of death on my mobo. at first i thought it was the graphics card but sincee then i have removed all thats not needed from the case and powered on and the same. since then its just decided not to do a thing when i hit the power switch on the front. not even a fan judder tried some ram from another pc (same mobo) which i know works in the top orange slot and no joy. from reading here i figured that means either mobo or PSU maybe? so i tried a diff psu (one that i know works) and same thing. this is with all the cables connected to the mobo. i am now trying the cmos reset thingy with the batt out and see if that makes a diff. it it doesnt, and i still have no joy turning this thing on - is there anything else i can try? p.s this is about the 1st pc in the list - the 4400+ X2
  12. ta for the link, read that thread just before posting this one. ideally i want to split the RAM so XPgets 2GB and the other 2 goes to a swap file RAM drive
  13. i've only just been able to run 2GB of ram with the yellow slots - finally. no other RAMs been able to run in there apart from patriots. i want to run 4GB overall so would another set of patriots be ok? also, from reading the other threads here, some people have had to run @ 2t for stability. is it likely i would have to do this too? p.s. no overclocking on this set. just running at 200mhz
  14. ok. got this sorted. crucial ballistix is a no go in the yellow slots and so is g.skills RAM got some patriot PC4000 RAM off Ebay and it's running perfectly in the yellow slots. passed 14 hrs of memtest so deffo ok. running at 2.5-3-3-7 @ 270mhz too. finally
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