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  1. Finally, I was waiting for someone to say that, did those sticks fail? Did you have ramsinks on them? Fan?
  2. Mine also run very cool, without a 92mm on them they burn up though... I assume you are running actively cooled. Let them heat up a bit without a fan and see if they get hot, just trying to see if there are gaps between your heatspreader and IC's =0
  3. I'm wondering if that new batch has gaps between the IC and heatspreader, causing it to heat up more than it should on certain IC's
  4. Question for all of you with bad sticks(I've read through some of the posts but there are soooo many): Were you passively cooling (explain with what)? What voltages were you using Anyone try using ramsinks on these chips?
  5. How would one judge if one is more stable than another, given that more than one don't error
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else have NO clue what that chart means? :confused: How would I calculate the nominal tRef for 280HTT?
  7. Just got a pair of L503 Ballistix Tracer's from someone @ anandtech. I think one of the sticks may be bad, but I need further tweaking to verify this (and I will try it in another system) Could someone be so kind as to tell me what the default settings are for this ram on a DFI Ultra-D (including vdimm) These sticks like orange slots more right? Or is that purely mobo dependant? What about a good BIOS? I am using 704-2BTA Any help/info is greatly appreciated!
  8. 275 would be prime for me, I'd die to run 1:1 How old are those sticks? I want to see some first hand results from someone who has gotten theirs recently
  9. My friend just ordered some Gold XTC, they all use UCCC right? I want to see how he does before I do make a decision, should be here tomorrow For the price, the G.Skill can't be beat, but I'm not too sure how they are as a company and their tech support
  10. I need to hit 270-280, the higher the better, with a 2GB kit. I love OCZ and have had 2 kits in the past, but I don't know about getting their Gold kit, I've heard mixed things about them, some can't get them past the mid 250's. I was wondering about Ballistix, but the death rate of them is quite scary... is this due to lack of active cooling? How about the G.Skill 2BG HZ PC4000 kit? They are under 200 and I've seen them get almost all the way up to 300mhz. How is G.Skill customer support?
  11. It aint just the goop, I put AS5 on my chipset, and it runs nice, when its really hot in my room it loads at 43, otherwise 35-38, I want an active solution that could perform similiarly
  12. I know I know, its all over the place, I did my research though so don't flame! I've been looking around and noticed that the evercool vc-re seems to be popular. Then I've seen the vantec iceberq too. I've also seen some passive solutions but I want an active solution that will keep my chipset at
  13. I thought the FDD connector was JUST for when you needed stability in SLI? Which is true?
  14. Is there any way to configure the 3.3 rail like you can with the 12v and 5v? I got those working precisely (verified with multimeter on atx connector) but my 3.3 is woefully inaccurate
  15. This is a survey for a long term project I am doing. Please, do not spam on this thread and keep the answers to the point. Your help will be greatly appreciated QUESTION: What do you find to be one of the most annoying little quirks (or large) about overclocking or even computers in general? Your answer can include more than one thing if it comes to mind. Thanks again!
  16. Turns out DRAM Response time effects the read preamble, normal sets it .5 above what you set, Fast leaves it alone and Fastest does it .5 lower than what you set. I am now running 4.0 stable <3
  17. Oh, being able to sit and watch benchmarks while being content is a great attribute When I set it to 4.5 in Bios, A64tweak says 5.0, I assume thats the program thats glitching, any way to verify?
  18. Bah, I'm so lazy haha, it has worked all the way up until now, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
  19. I am currently at 263 fsb, 2.5-4-3-7 with my Plat R2's (I gota sync it with my CPU, which is running stock, 2.63ghz 1.39vCore ). Right now the cpu multi is 8, and I am testing my ram. With A64 Tweaker .6 Beta, I can set my Read Preamble to 4.0 and Super Pi stable, yet in bios when I try that, it doens't want to Verify the DMI Pool and ends up restarting, boots fine on 4.5 though. I am using the 702-3 bios. Any ideas?
  20. Glad I found that out before I went on my test binging spree
  21. Does it really take that much vdimm to get to 220? The OCZ Plat Rev2 should run ddr400 at 2.6, mine runs that stable up to 230 at looser timings. I would see how high you can get those sticks with looser timings then compare it to the tightest timings at the highest fsb possible
  22. I have my old RD1-PMC4 Bios Savior from my old NF7-S motherboard. I was wondering if it is compatible with my DFI motherboards. Do I even need it? Doesn't this motherboard have some sort of built in CMOS Backup?
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