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  1. The Ultra-D was one of the best motherboads I have ever owned, so don't worry. One of the inductors on it started making a really loud squeaking noise, so I am RMAing it, other than that is amazing
  2. Just got my expert in today from Newegg for hold over when I RMA my Ultra-D So far it is very nice Couldn't boot into windows with auto settings for memory, but at least it doesn't cold boot. I got a couple questions before I delve into overclocking with it: I am not going to ask which BIOS is the best, I know the answer to that, but which is the most recommended at the moment? I saw Tony made a BTA for the expert. Also, I heard something about the VID% being to high and it frying the CPU. Does running at a higher volt and smaller VID% help decrease the chances of frying it? I know the whole thing about the vDimm being too high with low cpu too. It does report much lower temps, I am hoping a BIOS update can fix it, but its a nice board despite what people say :nod:
  3. Are you guys EE's or just know your stuff? I can't wait for college haha
  4. I don't have a fan controller :S As for the seperate connector, I am using the stand alone PCIe connector from my OCZ 520w, the one that is coated to reduce interferance and such If I have time I can try a different video card
  5. I never liked my Rev1 (or was it 2? the one that didn't use the thermal pads) I had it on my 6800GT and I hated it, upgraded to a VF700CU and haven't been happier since I also used AS5 on my memory the entire time of the card, without a problem (I guess I'm lucky because I never fried it haha) and I had to reapply it about 10 times because of bad temps/paste jobs. Turns out that the thing just ran so hot... I am idling ~35 and load ~50 with my VF700Cu on my 7800GT
  6. I am just RMAing the board, I don't want to void any warranties of any sort, better safe than sorry, and I have a reason for a slight upgrade
  7. Nail varnish? As in nail polish or remover? If polish, what color :shake: :nod:
  8. ESD as in the anti static bags? I checked to see if it was coming from the GT at all, and I don't think it is likely. Are the power inductors the metal coils around the ciramic disc? It sounds like its coming directly from that one near my ATX connections Nail varnish, as in fingernail polish remover? Would rubbing alcohol work? I might just get a new motherboard, RMA this one then sell the new one in box when I get it back. DFI Expert anyone? :nod:
  9. I wouldn't exactly call it singing, squeaking/almost eletrical noise sounds more appropriate. I recently had a FVS318 router that also had a bad cap/component that sang too, but this doesn't sound like that at all. As for breaking down the board, what should I mount it on? Mobo box w/ anti static bag? Also, who is this Donna person? I purchased this thing back in June, would newegg still replace it? I'll try to get a recording of the noise tomorrow, but I won't be able to break it down until later this week
  10. The noise isn't coming from my power supply though, yet the upper half of my motherboard. It is loudest when in 3D (especially COD2, which can be hear from several feet away) and is usually there at idle if I put my ear close Forgot to mention, just thought of it in the shower lol, I have a P180 so my PSU is on the bottom of the case!! ::shake:: Motherboard cap then?
  11. Just played COD2 today, such a good game. But when loading, I noticed that my computer is emitting a very distinc hissing/squeaking sound. It gets louder when the loading stops and says "Click Fire To Start" Wanting to eliminate any chances of other variables, I ran the system 100% passive and loaded up COD2. Still makes that noise.. now I know its nothing mechanical... I noticed the noise occurs even when Windows is loading, and in Prime, anything intensive. I lowered my vcore down to 1.4 and the noise isn't as strong as it was before in the same scenarios. Upping the vcore (while still at stock speeds) did make the noise higher. I am going to up the MHz to see if it gets louder with that too. I did notice this noise earlier this week but it wasn't as loud. I personally think a cap on my motherboard is slowly going.. but I don't know enough to actually say this. Does anyone else think this too? I highly doubt a CPU could make that noise? It IS happening on the top/right side of the motherboard. I did take a quick glance at the caps and everything looks alright. I also talked to a friend with an SLI-D and he has the same problem...
  12. Those are nice, I had them myself, fast I would say, but they seem to crap out at 3D with higher speeds than stock, but the lucky people can pull 270+ If you plan on using those around stock, definately get them, otherwise I'd get some UCCC, OCZ Gold or G.Skill HZ (my friend just got them, and they look damn nice, he has yet to test them )
  13. wow, can't even get em stable at 275, I'm thinking it MUST be a setting, I had em stable at 275 last week ahah
  14. Tried what you said, I keep getting these two damned errors in the later Test 5 Passes (25+/- Passes) I even had my friend bring over his 3200+DFI Ultra-d (very very different rev and steppings) and he recieved the same exact error at test 21. Could it be the memory controllers on opterons are that much more superior to those on the 3200+ or is the memory just maxed? The funny thing is that I could CS:S for days without a crash at these settings, and bench anything except prime without em failing. Could it be that the previous owner of these sticks didn't run prime? He told me he did everything else though Edit: Ain't heat either, slapped on 2 higher speed 80mm and put a box fan in front of the case side with the door off, still errored =0 Edit2: Tried testing at 279, I guess the Man upstairs is making me repent for my sins because it ran 45 passes of test5 without an error, going to prime now.. I want 280 so bad, nice and even and it is the exact max on my CPU :sad: Edit3: WOW still can't prime...
  15. hehe Before reading your post I loosened my read preamble to 7ns, auto was setting it to 6.5, and I memtested 26 loops of test 5 before I only got 2 errors, compared to 10 errrors with 7 loops before. I think I might've gotten it, but I will try that trfc and loosening MAL and RP, but I think the errors are from heat. I DO have a 92mm enermax on em, pushing 60CFM of air, but those suckers are HOT! I am going to try lower volts, and see if it runs at all. Would 2x80mm fans with a lower CFM per fan amount be better than 1x90? They would cover the entire sticks too..
  16. I haven't tried finding my max, I remember back in the day when I got this mobo and cpu I primed at 320HTT and was fine. I also clocked my TCCD up to 295ish on this mobo/proccy without issues. I assume it might be my mem controller, going to try my friends proccy tonight On the other side, I memtested from 6AM until now and only had 10 errors in test 5...
  17. Bump? I upped the LDT to 1.4 (1.36 real) and it helped a little, primed for 53 minutes before failing. Then again, I tried priming after that and it fails after 1 minute
  18. Note: The previous owner could get them to [email protected] Stable (but with Opteron) I'm currently using the 704-2BTA BIOS, 3-3-3-8 @2.85 and the rest are auto. I've tried fiddling with just about everything. I've tried weak and normal drive strengths, relaxing the read preamble and max async, played with some tref, I just can't get it stable. Prime fails within 1-10 minutes. My A64: Previous Owners A64: I've spent all day today trying to find some working Drive/Data Str's, Norm3 and Weak3 seemed to be the best, but I have yet to try the lesser values... Any suggestions?
  19. I had the same problem, DVD drive is dying/dead. After pulling it from the system I boot fine, whilst before I would occasionaly have hangs at boot... I wana try to get it going again, it is a decent drive that I got for free Edit: Oh ya, I am also using 4 Maxtor drives. 2 IDE and 2 Sata and they are running fine, no hangs No firmware updates either
  20. Anyone hear about TEAMGroup? They will be releasing a 2x1G kit with 5B-F chips and they found a way to make them last long! Currently on page 30/56 lol, I read somewhere that someone wanted someone to get the volts from certain pins on the dimm slot, and I haven't seen anyone do it, so I'll get my fluke out tomorrow
  21. The previous owner of these sticks hit 285 with his opty, I am praying for 280 (max on my cpu) so I can 1:1 At least I know the sticks are capable of higher clocks than I am getting atm Edit: I reflashed to the BTA, wasn't sure if I was on the 623-3BTA or 704-3BT or not. Either way. I am at 280 2.85v and can't get it stable. With auto for drive/data I get errors, but after some extended testing (which I still have to finish) I am finding that weak3/2 (or 5/2 for non BT users) only gives me a few errors in test 5/6 opposed to mass errors in 4/5/6. I just have to find a way to get rid of these errors... The other timings are 3-3-3-8 and the rest are auto. I hope tRef is my savior! I might try using yellow slots, or switch them in the OJ. I also remember one of the sticks being less stable than the other, so I might try them 1x1 to see how high each of them goes, with my luck the other will max around 275ish ahah
  22. Sig needed some updating I am on the 704-2BTA I am going to try the 623-2(or is 3 the best for these?) and the newer FX60Test Recommendations for data/drive?
  23. Stock is 250HTT 3-4-4-8 Any recommended drive/data? I had mine stable before at 277 but changed some setting and I can't get it back lol
  24. I forget where I was linked to that (probably this thread LOL) but I've heard that light is wicked annoying... Honestly, why not just rig on a nice 92mm fan than buying this ugly looking crabby haha Edit: Well I'm on page 15 now lol Has anyone (besides one person I've seen early on in the thread) seen any sticks fail that WEREN'T CL1158.XX 56278? I'm just about ready to crank mine up to 2.85 and see how far they fly (285 was the max the previous owner got ) If they get far enough to satisfy me, ramsinks will be on the way Edit: Can someone explain how he rigged that fan there? lol
  25. Do you know their part numbers? Can someone who has had their sticks last more than 3-6 months with higher voltage post their part numbers here?
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