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  1. I just swapped out some of my hardware that I am selling to my friend, his specs are Mushkin 520w PSU AMD 3800+ X2 DFI Ultra-D Mushkin XP4000 memory EVGA 7800GT My system was working fine before and the hardware that was mine was the CPU/Mobo/MEM so I am not sure what is going on. Upon booting I received 2 LEDS on the diagnostic display and the system hangs. I checked the manual and it says on the 2nd one is the DRAM Detected, is that correct or is it the VGA that is giving me issues since it is hanging? I tried a different stick of memory, a PCI video card and I've cleared CMOS (which I shouldn't of had to do because the mem/cpu didnt even change). Any suggestions?
  2. What exactly does setting the CPU interface to agressive do? I tried doing what you suggested, for some reason I can't post when I disabled Sync Mode Memory Bypass ?? What does setting it to Auto do? Enabled? Edit: This board seems to have posting issues around this FSB, I always have to shut off the PSU, turn it on and wait ~5 minutes and then boot it to get it to post right
  3. Hey Forum I am working on my father's computer with the following specs: DFI Infinity Ultra NFII with Tictacs 6-19XT BIOS AMD 2600+ Mobile SI-97 w/ Enermax 90mm Crucial Ballistix PC3200 Z402 XFX 6600GT Ultra v-Series 500W PSU (28A 12v, 32A 5v, 20A 3.3v) I have the motherboard on an open bench with fans all over it to cool the hot spots (SB, NB, mosfets for CPU and RAM) I was able to overclock my CPU to 2.5GHZ stable with about 1.725v but my problem lies in the memory. I was able to hit 236MHz stable with these settings: Gene BIOS Settings: CPU Clock Setting: 236MHz AGP Clock: Auto CPU Ratio: 9X DDR Dram Clock: 1:1 CPU Voltage: 1.725v AGP Voltage: 1.6v Chipset Voltage: 1.6 Dram Voltage: 2.7 Advanced Chipset Features: System Perf: Expert CPU Interface: Optimal Memory Timings: Expert TRAS: 11 TRCD Read: 3 TRCD Write: 3 TRP: 2 CAS: 2.5 TRC: 9 TRFC: 13 TDOE: 2 TRRD: 3 TW2P: 3 TW2R: 3 TREXT: 3 TR2P: 3 TR2W: 4 SuperBypass: Enabled Sync Mode Memory Bypass: Enabled: Data Scavenged Rate: Fast CPC: Enabled DIMM 1-3 Driving Strengths: Auto DIMM 1-3 Slew Rate: Auto For some reason once I hit 237MHz my tests fail. I've been using HCI Memtest and SP2004 to test this. I've tried loosening timings quite a bit, upping voltages (memory, northbridge, etc) and nothing has helped. I did try a drive strength of 7 but I'm not sure what values of drive would be good for these sticks on this board. I am also clueless to what some of these alpha timings are (I know the alpha timings on the NF4 series but not these names) Does anyone think the NB could be overheating? I haven't checked the paste nor have I lapped it yet Would any volt mods help me out in this situation? I'm willing to mod the board once I start hitting walls. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  4. Well, I tried what I listed and it didn't seem to help What now?
  5. I did clear cmos prior to the installation, and I did try the 1 memory stick in the oj slot I'll post back in tomorrow
  6. I recieved the refurb Ultra-D back from an RMA and I found the time to slap it in today. After swapping everything out I turn it on an I see solid 4 LEDs on the motherboard (if I waited it would turn to 3, then go back to 4 and the 4th would start to blink). I figured my CPU was fried so I took everything out and put it back into my expert. Thankfully the CPU wasn't dead and the motherboard posted fine. My question now is, what could be causing this? The motherboard sat for a good week before I had the time to put it in. I am going to do an overnight CMOS clear tonight then try the steps listed here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...04&postcount=24 If those don't work I am not sure what to do.. the motherboard was in questionable condition when I examined it when it arrived. There was some blue gunk on the top of the motherboard and melted solder on the CPU RM :eek: The only thing I could think of that it was shipped with an older BIOS? Thanks
  7. My raptor was doing the same thing (not as long though, you mean it hangs after the DMI pool data and what not right?) and I cleaned out my hard drive with SystemMechanic (or an equivalent registry/tempfile cleaner) and it lessened the time. Have you tried formatting?
  8. First off, sorry for the novel I wrote A whiles back my DFI Ultra-D (rev AB0 btw) was making this strange noise. Through this thread (found here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=43057&page=1) we deduced that it was a noisy inductor or something of that sort. I RMA'ed the motherboard but after DFI tested it, nothing out of the ordinary was found so they shipped it back to me. When I received the Ultra-D back, I tested it and to my dismay the noise was still there. I decided to put the motherboard to the side and stick with my Expert which I had bought to hold me over during the RMA process. Weary that my Expert may not be overclocking my new CPU/Memory as high as it could I swapped back out to my Ultra-D figuring that the small noise would be insignificant if I could achieve better clocks. I soon found out that the noise was back and worse than before. I figured that my powersupply could be the factor, especially after upgrading to an X2 and a X1900XTX so I decided to do some of my own troubleshooting. I took the X1900XTX, my Audigy 2ZS, my 250G drive, my PVR-250, my DVD-RW drive and all unnecessary fans out of my case to eliminate the power factor. For my video card I slapped in a measly MX440SE PCI. I started up my computer, installed the drivers and ran Diablo 2 (which is one of the programs that makes the noise get loud, 3DMark05/06 also makes this happen, and the frames oddly stutter to the beat of the noise LOL:eek: ). To my dismay the noise was still there. With few objects in my case I took the casings of two pens taped together and hovered around the motherboard with it in my ear to figure out exactly where the noise was coming from. After much searching I narrowed it down to the PWM/Phase chip in the middle of the three by to the right of the CPU socket. After shutting down my system I touched the chip and it was burning hot. My case has good airflow so this surprised me. I decided to rig up a 92mm fan blowing directly on top of the phase/problematic area. I started the computer back up and the noise still occurs. This eliminated the aspect of the chip overheating, but I have heard that certain chips (like PWM's on X1900XTXs and 7900GT/Xs) that get too hot and overheat begin to create noises such as this. I am sorry for the long post, but I am wondering if there are any steps that I can take to possibly fix this? Thanks!
  9. Can you describe these circumstances? I don't want to duplicate them I've seen other people claiming their CPU or motherboard (expert) has died, I guess this is from other reasons?
  10. I am finalizing my build (just got a X2 3800+ and water cooling setup) and I have to choose between my boards to settle with. I would really like to stick with the expert because of its extra options (voltage and what not), but I have seen SO many peoples processors still dying... the expert is a AA0 like many of the others that are killing off CPUs My question is, would it be worth it to sell my Expert, grab a Ultra-D AD0 and call it a day? I don't know much about why peoples CPU's are dying in the experts, I know all about the high Vdimm and low vcore but I've seen instances where this doesn't apply. Is there a difinitive answer to why these chips are dying? I would be beyond pissed if this thing killed my new X2 3800+.
  11. I already tried that Same thing happens =0 I noticed that now, never before, I have to press the power button EXTREMELY fast in order for it to boot, otherwise it will not even start up, which I have heard of before...
  12. No help? I figured out if I leave the PSU on so the mobo lights are on (but it isn't powered) and let it sit for a good 10 minutes it will boot, otherwise it is a no go :confused:
  13. I decided to start working on overclocking my video card today. I turned off the PC, upped the potentiometer (7800gt volt modded btw) a little bit and booted (raised memory from 2.18 to 2.19, in the past I ran 2.3). I shut down and turn it one or two more times and try to boot. The computer won't post and the mobo is stuck on the 2nd LED Diag, which refers to video. Now I am thinking I just fried my card. I slapped in 2 different PCI cards and the same problem occured, except one card booted at first but after a BSOD it rebooted and the same problem occurs. I am assuming it is now the motherboard but I have no clue where to start. I've seen others with video problems on this motherboard too, I've tried clearing CMOS, switching out my memory, took out all my add in cards, etc. Between boots I was waiting 15 seconds as stated in the instructions. When I boot, all 4 of the LED Diags flash on and off, I don't know if this is normal either. I did do some searching but couldn't find anything pertinent to something like this... Any suggestions? Edit: Well I got it to boot, I took out everything, let it sit for 10 minutes to discharge completely, and booted with just the video card in, but the problem is intermittent, upon rebooting or changing the BIOS settings it started doing it again... It also happened when I added another stick of ram in the other OJ slot. I would like to note that I am using some crappy 512mb kingston value memory Edit2: Seems like a big power issue with the motherboard. When I turn it on, the chipset fan will move and stop in sync with the LEDs turning off and on, as if the power is being cut, started, cut and then it boots...
  14. XP-120 might be able to handle higher temps from an opty better than the BT, either way TR FTW
  15. With the SI-120 I would get 38C Load at 2.8GHz, 1.52vCore TT BT 34C I chose SI-120 because I am a thermalright whore, I despise TT, and the Big Typhoon is the uglyiest thing I have seen
  16. I can check my Tracers before I sell em off for their PCB Rev Good thinking too!
  17. TT Typhoon, coming from someone with an SI-120 It will perform better.
  18. In the BIOS, make sure your CPU fan is on 100% at X amount of degrees, I left mine on 25C (now I don't use the motherboard header because of the noise my SI-120 creates = )
  19. You guys got it right, my memory was hindering me before from OCing my CPU. There is my A64, memory is at 250HTT but my vDimm is all over the place, undervolting insanely from what I set it in BIOS (is this accurate?) Drive/Data is auto, any suggestions?
  20. The only problem with CE-6 is the 3D stability issues at higher htt speeds, otherwise it would be some damn nice memory
  21. Hmm, looks like my vDimm is being undervolted, or reports that.. Set to 2.8 but I am getting 2.72
  22. Nah, he is wondering if it is worth going SLI on an Ultra-D or just getting a single 1900XT Honestly, there is little room for SLI on the Ultra-D I don't know about you but I was using up my bottom two PCI slots, leaving little room for a second card (especially with 3rd party cooling) I also heard that the 1900XT does better than two GT's in SLI, and I like single card solutions Edit: Or wait until G71 comes out March 9th and tears the 1900's apart.
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