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  1. Back on the subject of Mac videos, my personal favorite: http://www.fugly.com/media/view.php?cat=MOVIES&id=108
  2. Vinny: Why are we stopped here? What's wrong with that spot? Tyrone: It's too tight. Vinny: Too tight? You could land a jumbo .ing jet in that. Or anything else on this page:http://imdb.com/title/tt0208092/quotes Also, I hate Madonna for taking him away from us.
  3. Happy birthday! This thread makes me feel old here and I'm 20.
  4. This is what happened:http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=18478 I'm just so confused on an upgrade, espically since I'm out of the running for the 875P-T combo. I'm hoping I can score a good s478 for ~$100, but those are far and few between. OTOH going A64 would be nice but would require me to sell off stuff so I can get a good NF4 board, PCI-E graphics much better than my 9700, and a Venice CPU and spend a lot more money. Financally I can go either way, I'd just rather spend as little as possible since I'm not a hardcore gamer and in school on loans.
  5. I know for sure the vid card, mem, hard drive work, but since I don't have a spare s478 board lying around I can't test that but I figure its fine. I acutally remove the 250GB hard drive, then booted up and cooked that spot.
  6. It's dead:sad: My new question now is do I find a new s478 board to put my 2.4C in and buy a better CPU cooler, or take advantage of a sweet price on a 875p-T and 2.8 Prescott and buy a better CPU cooler? I'm thinking of using the Thermalright XP-90 in either case. As for the fan, do the beast 92 fans (ie Tornado, Panflo, etc) come with a temp sensor like the TT SmartFan 2?
  7. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: Was this just a random freak occurance or was there some sort of user error here? I'd rather this not happen again if it can be helped.
  8. Here you go http://www4.ncsu.edu/~msthoma3/images/dfi%2010x7.jpg
  9. Either should work fine, just not to its full potentail.
  10. Gold = Winbond UTT BH-5. Feed it mad volts and you should be able to do 250+ with 2-2-2-x or even 1.5-2-2-x timings. Plat = Samsung TCCD. 2-2-2-x to about 230, but really good for high 1:1 clocks with loose timings and minimal volts. I think you are better off with the Plat unless you have plans of getting a new motherboard with high vdimm options such as the DFI NForce4 boards (4v vdimm) or maybe the Abit AN8 variants as they have a 3.5 vdimm option.
  11. While trying to get OCing advice in the other subforum, I encountered this problem: I tried everything I knew of (trying to boot with just video, mem and CPU; holding insert; leaving the CMOS battery out for extended periods of time to clear BIOS) and it still won't POST. Does anyone know what this error means? It is not covered in the manual, google turned up next to nothing, and searching this site found several threads in the 32bit AMD section, and they all appeared to have dead boards. After looking again, I may have found the culprit. In this picture I have a cap and two other things (forgive me, EE doesn't appeal to me). On the other side where the cap is, the board is oddly disfigured, almost like it melted. Anyway is there anything I can do to salvage the board, or do I need to move on?
  12. *$&%$^$&@()!)@> I think I fried the board. I moved my 250GB hard drive onto the IDE RAID port to move and backup some data, and when I powered on again I smelled something burning. Now it won't give me any video, and hangs on the 4th LED or "Early Program Chipset Register before POST". I checked the board up close but I didn't see anything looking roasted.
  13. I tried what you said except for the 1.55 vcore, and man does the vcore droop. I tried running a SmallFFT and modified Blend at the same time, and the Blend crashed after 3 minutes. I also saw the vcore drop to 1.42 according to CPUz:eek: Do you know of a vdroop mod or something else I can do to alievate this? If I do go for a new cooler, I'm thinking a Prescott cooler or this.
  14. I was hoping I could do 270+ 1:1. Max vcore is +350 mV or 1.85. Yes I am using the stock Northwood cooler. I didn't go very far or test very extensively, but I did 250 fsb with no vcore increase, max vagp, and the RAM set to 3:2 2-2-2-6. I messed around with 266 fsb 3:2 with a .1 bump in the vcore, but I didn't run any stress testing programs for very long. System bandwidth is set to HPS3 when at stock and various LPS settings while I try to overclock. Auto Decect PCI clock enabled. Spread Sprectrum disabled.
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