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  1. Well, it looks like we've located some sort of bug. It seems the majority of users in this thread have a similar problem with memory.
  2. You may need to check the current BIOS setting to make sure that booting from a floppy is available...or selected.
  3. That is weird... ...I know that each stick is 512 MB. Perhaps that number is the largest possible size for that slot...? The reason I find that to be weird is because the 3rd slot says the same thing. Yet windows only registers 256 MB (as per my second screen shot). I'm a complete beginner to all of this...this site was recommended by a friend. I just kinda threw a computer together one day when bored. Thanks David.
  4. What boggles me is that I have two 512 MB sticks...and windows only registers 256 MB ...as you can see below. Again, I'm sorry about the size of the screen shot.
  5. No luck...I have the stick in slots 1 and 3 to no avail. I was even able to remove one without the "system" performance in Windows even noticing a difference.
  6. I will try this when I get home from work today. Thank you both for your suggestion. I will repost with the outcome.
  7. Please note that "Slot 2" is the exact same reading and "Slot 3" is empty. Thank you.
  8. Sorry about the size, if I size the image down...the text in the program becomes un-readble.
  9. [bIMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b388/TriZz703/ScreenShot.jpg[/bIMG]
  10. I'll take care of that signature and CPUZ download when I get home from work and repost. Again, thank you for your kind suggestion.
  11. ...but in my "system" view in Windows, it only registers as 256MB. Any ideas? ...Also, I'm real new to this...like REALLY new. :tooth: <~owned I guess some other info may help: AMD 64 - 3400+ I'm not sure the brand name of the RAM I have...I just sorta bought what the clerk told me to. GeForce 6800 Video Card Thank you for your future suggestions.
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