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  1. I am confused? :confused: From PC Power & Cooling: http://www.pcpower.com/technology/myths/ If in fact power is trapped, then how can we be secure just adding up the multiple rails?
  2. Get the 8800. It's so overwhelmingly powerful that you just may nut all over yourself... I did, and am not ashamed to say so. :beer That all depends on the game you're playing. With Quake 4 there's up to a 50% increase in performance going with 640MB > 320MB at 1600x1200. Anand's Linkage. I assume you're a gamer; thus, I also assume you, like the rest of us, are waiting on Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, which like Quake 4 also uses the Doom3 engine, so ... draw your own conclusions. If I were you, I would hold off pulling the trigger on a new core. Your Athlon @ 2.5GHz is more than enough to satisfy any gaming requirements you'll face. Yeah, guys will tell you you're "cpu limited", much like they do me; however, if you get the 88 you can be cpu limited all day long... who cares at 100+ fps with any game you play? Wait for the Barcelona.
  3. Buy bent sata cables. I am unable to use anything but sata port 2, and it's barely making it at that, on the nf4 ultra d.
  4. Do you have access to another power supply you could try? If so, use it and put 1 stick in the orange slot furthest from the cpu.
  5. You've got a couple things going against you. Your power supply is inadequate. You should get a PSU that's 480 watts or more and has at least 30 amps on the +12 volt rail. See if you can get one that's on DFI's Recommended PSU list. Second, Kingston ram is not recommended. That doesn't mean guys have not gotten it to work, they have... since your ram isn't in the stock speed database, do a search for Kingston and let's hope some guys have posted their timings... although I can tell you right now you should loosen them in order to OC. Once you get everything stable, then you can see if you can tighten up timings. You should be able to get your htt/fsb much higher than 235, all you have to do is run a divider so your ram stays ~ ddr400. However, we can't discuss any of the ways to do this until you understand all the terminology. So, reading and understanding the Athlon OC guide is very important. Lastly, are you overclocking your 6800gt? If so, don't... run it at stock speeds until you get your other issues sorted out. There's a known issue with the 6800gt and nforce 3 chipsets.
  6. How To OC an Athlon 64 You should read this until you understand it before you do another thing to your system. Entering in values with no clue what is really happening is asking for big problems.
  7. lol, yeah a bit... however, this is finicky ram and you will thank yourself for taking the time to go through this and set your timings properly.
  8. You will also want to take advantage of this g.skill thread.
  9. The reason I linked the stock speed database was so you could see the timings others are using with your ram so you could not have so many settings on auto. If you're going to OC, you've gotta do it properly. You can't just oc one component and leave the rest on auto. What make and model power supply?
  10. Read Me It may help you get more info on those bsod's
  11. You're right Student... not sure wtf I was thinking... lol, maybe the problem was I wasn't? Anyway, you'll notice nothing running 4x or 5x. If you run your ram at 196 instead of 200 then yeah, you could probably get away with 5x, not sure why you'd want to though. go the other direction... that's what these boards were made for. Read the How To OC an Athlon 64 guide. Then you'll see why running 5x is meaningless.
  12. spd = serial presence detect Timings are on your memory's rom chip that let's the motherboard know what to default to. Since the memory is going to be put in all kinds of boards, the spd timings are looser than what the memory can do. Your memory is running at what you set it at in the bios... end of story.
  13. ? nf3 ut ultra d doesn't even have a 5x option. I ran the original bios, 6 something, 705 and now the 711... never had the option to run 5x. I think I recall seeing it's a limitation of the board. Anyway, it doesn't really matter cause there's no way you're ever going to saturate the ht bus. I run 3x. Very stable, good clocks. Are you overclocking at all?
  14. Update your sig so we know what we're dealing with.
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