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  1. I was jus wondering, has anyone got over 2.8 ghz on A64 3200+ venice core with fan cooling? if so, at what voltage?
  2. Yeah seriously man... 8/15 is NONO for my board...it wont even get into windows... used fail-safe and optimised setting but still cant get into windows... getting BSD.... back to my good'ol'7/11 Also another bad thing... when I have my USB connected then removed straight after turning the comp on it generates an error message saying something boot orders changed or sumthing press F1 to continue .. so inconvenient as well as unstable...
  3. Zalman VF700cu is jus for silent cooling not for hardcore overclocks aye.. so dun think you can push it really hard with that...reason for that may be when you chenged the motherboard might have changed the amount of airflow within the case... which might have caused the graphic card to overclock lower...
  4. Don think its the NF3 chipset thats not allowing you to overclock ur graphic card soo high cause when I had another board before, no difference in overclock.. jus matter of how good ur cooling is.. BTW, ANYBODY HERE USE --GEIL ULTRA-X TCCD 1GB IN DUAL CHANNEL--- ?? At what voltage? Just putting the ram at 2.7 which gives about 2.8V heats up my memory like really hardcore can barely touch... if I need to run the module in 1T need to crank up the voltage.. I don think runnign in orange or yellow makes any difference.. I put it to yellow cause its far from my cpu and closer to my PSU fan so it kinda cools.. Some people actually said that there is a physical fault with the board. I thought it was something serious but it was just a little resistor for the voltage. Anyone else have any information on what else is at fault besides a resistor and bios? (BTW why cant I add AVATAR?)
  5. My guess is that the problem with this board is not just BIOS problem... I think the layout like where the parts are placed which cannot be fixed by bios... I really wonder how rev 2 is gonna turnout to be IF there is one coming out.. really thinking of selling my nf3 ultra and 6800 to get lanparty nf4 with 6600gt PCI-e... what do you guys think? worth it?
  6. Does Anybody Have Information On Revision 2 Of This Board????
  7. man im just gonna stick with 602 for now... managed to get 2.7 gig stable so im happy.... might push it harder when a NEW STABLE bios comes out...
  8. Yeah well u will hate the audio....ricofrost u dun have any probs with 705? u runnign everything at stock?
  9. Man seriosuly whatever happend to adding karajan 8.1 audio.......
  10. Also do you guys have problem with audio? When Im like playing racing games or whatever and there are alot of sound effects such as engine roaring, wind, rain, music and alot of sounds, it cracks up and sometimes i can only hear music nothing else.. no engine no nothing... i really hate this audio.... i tried installing new drivers as well but still the same..anyone have this kinda problem?
  11. Hey guys.. do you think i should sell this board for now and wait for Rev 2? I mean Rev 2 would have significant improvements including stability etc (basically improvements on every aspect of the rev 1 right?) and how about the layout? Does anybody have information on Rev 2? Seriosuly something wrong with temperature probe... my heatsink aint even hot and it says 51C load... really cant take this to the max if I cannot see the proper temperature...
  12. When I run sandra mem bandwith with 2-2-2-5 1T at DDR400 I get : Int iSSE2 5369MB/s Float iSSE2 5274MB/s
  13. Oh really? Im idling at 31 degrees... and oldguy thx for the reply.. so fi you use CPU VID control u dont get undervolted? I mean whats the logic in CPU VID control and CPU voltage adjust? I just dont get it... so when you have CPU VID control at about 1.4 and have cpu voltage adjust to +.2 then theoretically u r supposed to get 1.6V?
  14. Hi, Im posting for the first time and I have couple of questions. 1. What is CPU VID control? and for some people, how does combination of 1.475 + .4 give 1.648 or around there? And why would u use CPU VID control while u could jus increase CPU voltage adjust? 2. How do u adjust divider for the memory? I assumed that its the "Max Memclock" in the DRAM configuration in the Genie BIOS setting but I cannot see 200mhz which is meant for 1:1. 3. When you overclock, why does the memory frequency stay the same in the POST screen? Also, another thing I noticed while reading this loooooong thread, how come some people don't get over 38degrees when they overclock? I had my CPU like near 50 degrees when I overclocked and it seems like we have the same 6/02 bios. Thx^^ Steve
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