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  1. Hello all: Rig has been up and running fine for about a year. Turned on over the weekend and all the sudden no sound from sound card. USB Headphones working fine, but speakers are quiet. Check generic sound settings through windows and nothing muted, and speakers selected as playback source. Concerned the sound card just went. Any suggestions Also, whats the warranty on the sound card, can we RMA the lil chip that sits on mobo?
  2. Looking for a 1GB (512MBx2) set of Gold VX PC4000 (or BH5) that can do 265 @ 2-2-2-5! The memory MUST be Memtest stable at 265 and also Windows/SuperPi/Prime stable. I'm SERIOUS about buying...so PM me! Part number im looking for is OCZ5001024ELDCGEVX-K.
  3. Is there a link that shows specfically how to use rivaTuner? Based on above dont quite see how it works
  4. New issue now, but still SLI so I am going to continue rolling with this. I used winfox to oc what I assume to be both cards, only shows one. Peeps are suggesting riva tuner or coolbits, is one better than the other, or does one show both cards? Also, I have been fighting with MBM 5 to show the temps for both cards, anyone have a link or quick intstuctions on how to get MBM 5 to show temps for both cards. I have one water cooled and the other running on its stock fan. Wanted to get a comparison before I through the maze 4 on the second card. Thanks again for all the help.
  5. that did the trick. Currently using 81.95 and running futuremark 05 to test. New problem is getting winfox, which comes with the leadtek cards, to recognize both cards. That is what i was using to control the overclock on one, doesnt seem to recognize both, anyone familiar with winfox, or if not how to get mbm to see both graphics cards? thanks for the help guys!
  6. Bump. Do i have a driver issue, seems like only people with problems are 6600 gt's or expert boards. help plz.
  7. Heading home in an hour to try and "get er done." Anyone have any suggestions, im sure this issue has been around the block.
  8. yeah no issues, except when I try to run sli, cant get windows to boot past windows logo, and then screen throws up funky line screen where I would login as administrator.
  9. hello all: Just got my second 6800 gt to run my SLI setup and having some trouble getting them up and running. I have had one for over a year, just got the second one last week. I have put both in by themselves and they each work fine. I followed the bellow suggestion on how to install by technodanvan I'm sure A_G will be far more specific with the way to do it, but here's what I did when i had a pair of GTX's, (I was upgrading from a single 6800GT at the time) I already had the latest drivers installed, so in this case they'd be 82.12 (I believe) 1. Shut down the computer, switch off and unplug power supply, hit the power button on your case a couple times. 2. Remove any previous card, and move all six jumpers. (Theres only one other way they can go really) Use the provided tool if you want, I used a small pair of 'grippy' needle-nose pliers. 3. Install both cards 4. Install Sli bridge and power cables-also make sure the FDD type power cable is plugged into the motherboard itself 5. Hook up your monitor to (I think, not sure) the lower right of the 4 DVI outputs. This might not be right, its been a while. Try the others if this doesn't work-I'm prety sure more than one will work at this stage. 6. Boot computer into windows, it should notify you that you are now Sli-capable. 7. Reinstall drivers. (Probably unnecessary, but I did anyways) and restart 8. A balloon will notify you that you are now sli-capable, click on the ballon and click the checkbox to enable it. (Or go to display properties>settings>advanced>7800GTX>scalable link interface if no ballon pops up) 9. You will need to restart after enabling sli. 10. You should be good to go, you might want to run 3dmark to check, but it should work. Occassionally people will have problems making their computer 'see' the second card...not really sure why this is. There should be nothing in the BIOS (that I can remember) for the Sli-DR. After doing all this and putting the vga connector to my second port on the first card it gives me lines accross the screen just after windows, before I login in as admin to my machine. Anyone have any idea what the issue could be? I am running two leadtek 6800 gts. thanks.
  10. Then I will not complain I hate the people with the 3000+ vinny's and 2.7 and above. Its an outright outrage that I paid more loot for less performance. Damn AMD Damn AMD Damn AMD. Going back and trying more volts as the timings are pretty clean, Guess I will just wait to see how long til she goes down to over volting.
  11. I have passed all three, torture test on prime 95 for only 4 hours as I am too lazy to wait any longer and still nothing.
  12. Hello all, Currently have an 80mm fan positioned between water cooling cables coming from resev. to cpu and from gpu up to resev. (Ghetto but efficient). Thinking of going inline with the koolance ram cooler and currently have 1/2 inch set up with good flow. temps post gpu are 26c. Has any tried these and if so what kind of temp drop and coolant flow issues have you found? Also can anyone recommend a waterblock for the nForce 4 sli dr that they have used and works?
  13. not sure i understood the above, but I performed the 3volt mod with the ocz and have had no problems at all, currently running the mem at 3.5 with the volt adjusted to 3.58 by the mobo. worked out very well.
  14. Curious. I am running my memory on a 5/6 divider or 166 to get the 300*9 and in the CPU table it reads as 2-5-5-5 but in the spd table it reads 2.5-3-3-8 or something like that. Is that the actual timing because my memory is on a divider?
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