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  1. I already answered half this in the first post.. Yes/pass , newest bios, slots for dual channel orange, SP2 yes, blue screening before i can even get windows loaded!!!, NO OCing, yes one vid card one stick, Different vid cards, different sticks.... sorry I don't mean to get all defensive but I've have RMAed everything and yes about 6grand since the very large LCD took up alot too. I've spent hours reading through posts about similar issues.. no help for this or all the others i've had since day one. Well i'm into loading of xp with the asus board and everything is going good so far... i'll post back results.. i also like the heat pipe and build of the asus compared to the dfi already. more space for graphic cards too so less heat build up.
  2. Ok well going to start off from scratch again cept I got my ASUS board in so going to use that... if the problem goes away and everything runs fine I'm going to chop up that DFI board into many pcs and ship it back to them in a little box. Just tired of the crap.. I come here to see threads on issues..and within hours my issue alone is bumpd to page 3 by many many others.. makes me wonder just how good DFI boards really are.
  3. DFI boards just hate SLI for some reason....
  4. Well this isn't a new build.. I've had the system running for a while now but just working through various issues.... now I just get the blue screens as I said in the first post.. I think its hardware related but what should I be looking for???
  5. I'm so frustrated right now it isn't even funny... but has anyone had any issues with blue screen errors popping up even when your trying to re-install xp???? IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL and a few others just flash up where i have to hard start the system to even attempt to do anything else....all started one day when one of the graphic cards just turned off in the middle of BF2... i shut the comp down and switch the cards places just to see if that would help.... brand new graphic cards too so no idea why they did that..onlything i can think of is DFI mobo's hate me and every component I put on them. I have newest bios on the board and everything... gone in and disabled onboard sound to use my z2 card so i dont' think thats a issue.. I've got a ASUS board comming to see if it works cause i've run out of options all together. I've put over 6grand into this system and its only purpose now is for a giant paper weight!
  6. I'm getting this post when playing battlefield about the Nvidia power sentinal comming up saying its dropping my cards speed down??!? I'm only using one BFG 6800 GT in this mobo at the moment with ALL 4!!! power connectors hooked in. Is the powersupply defective?? Its a pc power and cooling power supply and i've heard they are pretty good but I swear I've been having this issue since day one of this computer build and its still comming up.. its slowly screwing up each part of this computer to the point I've switched out 2 motherboards so far, ram twice and at the moment I have two BFG 6800 GT's on there way back for replacements cause something is screwing them up? Bad power supply or bad mobo??
  7. same problem here with a FX55 sandiago chip and dual 6800 GT's... but from what I found it was the Bios on the cards were different even though both were purchased the same day from BFG.. check the BIOS on each graphics card and make sure they match up.
  8. well you would think both cards sold the same day would have the same bios on them.... but this card is bad on its own.. so RMA it will go.. now what caused it to go bad is another problem.. I'm curious if the Powersupply is giving enough juice to these cards when they are running like they do.
  9. Interesting problem.. I've been having something similar with my system.. Sounds video driver related.. I think ever since I went from the 77.77's to whatever everything has gone to hell and taken the graphic cards with it.
  10. System runs fine boots 99% of time with no issues now...sometimes I have to hit reset after a change or something.... but whenever I go to change jumpers for SLI and put the other BFG 6800 GT beside the other one and connect the bridge it boots to windows but sometimes a lockup on the WinXP startup screen and it restarts itself.. sometimes I can start IE and before it gets half way through any site or whatever it freezes the system and restarts itself. I'm thinking that other 6800 GT is bad... if not driver related? I'm using the current Nvidia drivers on their website 78.01 I think. Both cards were purchased together and are the exact same card. I've got sufficent amount of power going to both cards that I know of. Things to check? adjust? ideas?
  11. good luck.... i've been having the same issue if not a little different for months myself.. no luck yet.. going to get a ASUS board and try it...i'm just not satisfied with the support or the amount of issues with this DFI board... seems the only thing to get the blame is everything else on it.
  12. hey help is help..thanks for it.. As for booting without it no I haven't tried.. its not so much as trying to ge tit to boot... its getting to load to windows after any alter of the bios whatso ever....I found a Z2 patch for a problem those cards caused so I'll load it tomorrow and see what happens.... Also thinking about just reloading the OS all the way also and starting over for it.
  13. Man I hope its not that chip... cause I don't feel like going through a act of GOD with Newegg to RMA that sucker.. after all I paid well over 1000$ for that thing! I've already tried diffeerent graphic cards already too.. I have 3 brand new BFG 6800 GT's and tried all 3 together or apart. I've benched the Powersupply with a meter and haven't found any of the Rails going astray either. As for the sound card..thats possible cause some of my issues now that I think of it didn't really come to play till I added it to get away from the onboard sound to free up some CPU clocks.
  14. No I have the exact same PS as you and a DR mobo.. its a mis print of the DFI instructions... plug in that little FDD plug just as it would fit properly slotted.
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