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  1. You should RMA your motherboard maybe?
  2. hmmm.....I've ran into some trouble it seems >( I have been able to run my G.Skill F1 PC4400LE (TCCD) @300MHz DDR 2.5-4-3-8 totally stable (memtest,prime,superpi etc) without problems untill a week ago... But now I get lots of errors in memtest, superpi and prime95 +BSOD's, game's crash and so on... Does anyone have an idea why this happened? I haven't changed anything in my settings and such, so this really confuses me.
  3. hehe, forgot to update my signature. flashed to 623-3 tonight. system seems stable with skew at stock and when using increase skew and 128. but it seems that i've lost some memory bandwith from some of these settings. (lavasys: before: Memory Read: 7932 Memory Write: 3327 now: Memory Read: 7725 Memory Write: 2873) wonder what the reason for that is, my suspicion is when i changed the tref value to 3072... anyways, is that score any good on my system? edit: noticed now you said decrease skew and 128, had increase on. got my bandwith back, and some more :nod: will run some benchmarks and prime95 to see if it is stable now, kinda happy with the performance as it is now (Memory Read: 7925 Memory Write: 3408) edit2: hmm....this confuses me: just seconds after i got this score i now score bad again 7800/2800...wtf? :confused:
  4. I did not put a value on increase skew (you mentioned 256 that was not available), I now have these settings on default. and finally it seems that it is memtest stable. ran it for about 1hour now.
  5. thanks, to settings helped me improve my superpi. finally got under 31sec. but it seems that trcd-3 is not stable. anyways i'm very happy with the performance on these sticks.
  6. tuned timings a bit, think it's kinda stable as i could run 3dmark01-05 without any issues as well as playing hl2,world of warcraft and cs source without problems. will run memtest and prime95 over a long time period to confirm. so far so good made i screenie of my new settings, any suggestions for improvements?
  7. here's a screenie of my current settings, just got the computer to boot with fsb 1:[email protected] may need to improve on some timings, voltage is 2,8v btw. edit: superpi 1m time is a bit high, should be under 30sec i think... :mad:
  8. Got my 2x512mb sticks of G.Skill F1 PC4400LE today, need some help with timings and such. Can anyone help me out? Aiming to run them at 300mhz ddr
  9. Got my 2x512mb sticks of G.Skill F1 PC4400LE today, need some help with timings and such. Can anyone help me out? Aiming to run them at 300mhz ddr
  10. I'll see what's wrong when I get my G.Skill PC4400, if those wont work I'd have to rma my cpu as well.... hope to avoid that since this one overclock pretty good..
  11. then i must have one great and one awesome stick! (260/265mhz) but unfortunately they won't cooperate
  12. hmmm....I ain't got anything to loose so I'll try that one. I'm not getting my hope's up since I've tested so many different bios versions already. But hey, I might get lucky this time edit: where can I find that bios? edit2: found it, no change whatsoever. cant get them to work in dual-channel prime stable. Why don't I just give up?
  13. Indeed, if I sit here trying to get these twinmos sticks more I'll be bald in a week! But if I get any problems with the G.Skill I will go crazy! I'll use my motherboard as an frisbee or something! heheh....nah.....couldnt do that!
  14. I'm tired of utt chips now! so much hassle to get them working properly, atleast the twinmos ones. going for some high performance tccd's now
  15. Yes, I've tried what you said and numerous other things... about every setting that there is to change in bios...and I'm tired of this crap, buying new memory sticks... :mad:
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