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  1. Thanks, I'll give that a shot. Another PSU should be on it's way so if it still does it after putting in the new PSU, I'll RMA the motherboard
  2. I've checked my memory and both slots and still there is no difference. I've checked jumper and still problem is there.
  3. Anyone? I have another antec on the way so I suppose I can try that out. If the same problem happens, I'll RMA the motherboard.
  4. Morning all, Well I've disconnected all USB devices and the problem still occurs. I have noticed that the orange LED very much slowly comes on. And the then it's fully bright I can turn on the computer.
  5. It's an Epson C66 and a Logitec MX310 mouse. I'll try without those attached. Thanks.
  6. Yes, the delay is from the PSU. Basically I turn on the PSU from the back and then I try and turn on the computer from the power button on the front of my case. When I try and turn it on from the front, I get nothing. I have to wait like 30 seconds before I can try again and that seems to work fine. I have a printer and my mouse connected to USB. Should I disconnect those? Is there anything else I should do with concern to the +5 volts in the BIOS? I just don't understand why it could be a memory problem if i am having in problems in windows at all.
  7. I suppose I haven't. That's not really important. Not bothered about that.
  8. OK, I've flashed to the 510 version. I've noticed before flashing, that everytime now when I turn on the PSU from the back, the LED light doesn't come on anymore. I've also noticed that when I go to the device manager, than Ethernet conntroller is not installed. I've formated twice and it's still there, even though I've installed the motherboard drivers as well as removing the ethernet controlling and hope for windows to pick it up. Anyway, any more ideas on the power issue? It's still the same even with 1 stick.
  9. OK, cheers. Do you have a link to where I can find the 510-2 BIOS? Thanks once again.
  10. It's Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2 which are located in the orange slots. I've flashed the BIOS to version 310. Will try with 1 stick.
  11. Ram settings are: 1T at 2-3-8-2. Haven't had any RAM problems at all. It's been working in my other machine as well an EPOX board. I'll try 1 stick however. Although why would it be the RAM considering it's a boot problem. Would the RAM be used at all?
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