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  1. Extra ram will do wonders in games like BF2 and EQ2 but not much in other games. If you do play either of those two on regular basis 2Gigs will do much more than a new cpu. For pretty much any other game a faster processor will be better but dual-core is close to useless until new games come out.
  2. When the machine is running put a finger on top of NB fan to stop it, if the noise stops you know where the problem is. If it's the fan you might need to buy a new one
  3. if you searched you'd get this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11397
  4. For music/movies you get Envy24, for games you get Audigy 2, very simple
  5. That has nothing to do with what I said before. If you have good RAM it will run 1:1 no problem, it doesn't depend on the CPU in this case. So for example if you ram can only do 200Mhz than maximum 1:1 you can have is 9x200=1800Mhz, if your ram can do 250Mhz, max you can do is 9x250=2250 and so on. A huge reason to buy 3200+ over 3000+ is that it has 10x multiplier so you can go go much higher with CPU while maintaining 1:1. You should really read the guides, all this stuff is explained there.
  6. That's possible but I am already starting looking for a new once since this one is making crazy sounds and it's a brand new board.
  7. What mr Guy is trying to say is that it has nothing to do with BIOS, you bought a CPU that has a highest multiplier of 9, nothing you can do other than buy a different CPU.
  8. It is very buggy but at this point lots of the bugs are user fixable if you go through the guides here. You CAN run stable with this board but it won't be too easy
  9. You are doing something wrong. Overclock using one of the guides. If you do it properly you'll find out which part of you machine is not clocking and from there you can figure out why. Don't overclock everything at once, try and see your max for CPU, Motherboard and RAM separately, that should give you an idea of what's wrong.
  10. as my message says 7/11. It's not the fan, it still runs at full RPM even though I can hear it's going to die soon.
  11. eeek, my board started going crazy. I work for a bit and then computer freezes and won't restart. Reset doesn't do anything, power off and on doesn't do anything, only clearing cmos will make it boot. After that I worked a bit more and same thing happened, had to clear cmos to boot up. This hasn't happened before. I am not sure if it's 7/11 BIOS or my board just decided to give up. Anyone experiencing these things with regularity? Thanks
  12. xen just gave you a link http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...&postcount=3147
  13. damn right, the lever is so much smarter, this lock thing is just retarded.
  14. I'm happy I helped you guys out, I think what I found is the cause of 99% of problems with ram dividers. Maybe someone SHOULD start a new thread and put basic tweaks there, I know if I saw my write up it would have saved me two weeks of aggrevation.
  15. Hey hey! Here's a little guide for those who are having problems with ram and dividers. I am going to talk from the point of view of 3200ram. The core of the issue is that when you put a divider (100/133/166) it is lower than base 200 and BIOS will automatically assign tight timings, the lower the divider (I guess the higher the divider, the lower the mhz value of it) the tighter the timings since memory is working in an underclocked state. These tight timings are the cause of failures when trying to overclock. It's not your regular CAS,RAS,RAS to CAS,tRAS (2-3-3-8 for example) that usually give you the problem, it's some of the other memory values such as Trc, Trfc, etc. For example, my ram is rated 2-3-2-6 at 200Mhz, if I use 1:1 (200Mhz) ram runs just fine at specs. If I switch to 166 divider and set to very relaxed timings of 3-3-3-8 and the rest on auto, my ram won't clock to 200Mhz even though seemingly everything is fine, the problem is in those 'other' timings since now they are preset to be 'tighter'. Here's the solution: Run your RAM stock, everything on AUTO. Run A64 Tweaker, record all the values (save profile, make screenshot, write down, whatever). Now without changing the FSB/HTT put a divider (100/133/166) and boot the system. Now go to A64 Tweaker and fill out the values you saved in last step except for refresh rate and memclk frequency. You will notice that some of the timings are lower now and that's where the instability occurs. Now you can try and play with clock gen, it should definitely reach your 3200 speeds for RAM and whatever the HTT is for cpu. Once you are stable and happy input all those values from A64 tweaker to BIOS and that's it, now you have working ram. I am assuming 99% of you already know this and it's probably not as clear as it could be but if anyone finds this useful I would rewrite and explain a bit more. Good luck!
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