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  1. Hey everyone, as you can see from my system specs below I have 1 gig of OCZ 4000 VX Gold (2x512). Well I need to get more and don't know exactly what options i have. Can i get 2 gigs (2x1gig) of the same memory and just use the other two slots in the mobo? or will that slow all my memory down? Should i just get the 2 gigs and pull out the 2 x 512? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I ran memtest on the working stick yesterday, it fails during every test at the same location i.e. 236.6 mb. I did not let it run long since i knew it failed. If I can get the other stick to post to bios again I will run memtest.
  3. Just the other day I was exiting World of Warcraft and my computer crashed. Upon restarting I got the 3 LED warning with the constant beeping noise and couldn't even boot into the bios. I found out that indicated a RAM problem and started playing around with my RAM. When the problem occured I had one stick each in the 2 and 4 (orange) slots. I ended up taking them out and trying them one at a time in slot 2 alone. Only one of the two sticks worked, the other would give the 3 LED warning and not boot up. At this point I figured one of my sticks went bad, however the next day, after loading optimized defaults in my bios 6/23 version, I swapped sticks again and this time it booted with either one in slot 2. Then I tried putting them both back in, slots 2 and 4 first, then slots 1 and 3, both gave the 3 LEDs and beeping and no boot into bios. Then I pulled the sticks back out, and now only one of the two would work alone in slot 2 again, the other (same one as before) would just give the 3 LEDs. I now have no idea whether I have a Mobo hardware problem, a bios problem, a RAM problem, or any other problem... I have read some stuff about the "cold boot issue" but don't really know what it is or how to find out if that is a problem. Can anyone help me? Do you need more information I didn't provide? All of my hardware is less than two months old. Thanks in advance,
  4. I just had a similar issue. I was exiting World of Warcraft and the game crashed, as it seems to do quite a lot when i quit the application, I think this might be XP 64 edition related but not sure. Anyhow, when I restarted my board went to 3 LEDs. After nearly soiling myself thinking that I had fried my $1000 CPU and picturing my wife beating me with a shovel, I realized that the CPU had been detected fine and it was the ram that was the problem. I have the RAM mentioned in my sig in the two orange slots 2 and 4. I pulled out the stick in 2 and just tried with the one in 4, i got the same 3 LEDs. I pulled the stick out of 4 and put it into 2 and it started up fine, so I assume the first time it was because you can't run with one in 4 without one in 2. Then I shutdown again and put the other stick (which was originally in slot 2) and put it back into slot 2 alone, and got the same 3 LEDs, so I'm thinking now that this stick has "fried" for lack of a better word. I guess my situation is a little different, but thought I would chime in anyhow, just so you had the information.
  5. Thanks xguy, I changed my voltage settings to what you mentioned and now my CPU runs at 50°C with both cores at full load, thats about 15° cooler than it was at 1.45V vcore. I also ordered some Artic Silver 5, so ill see if that gives any boost also. Thanks for the tips gents.
  6. At this time my CPU is 44°C at idle and seemed to top out at 66°C when I put it at full load. I have the most recent 6/23 bios installed and my memory runs fine at 200 mhz which is what it is at now, and even all the way up to 240 mhz, though I don't run it at that constantly. Currently I just use the thermal "grease" which came with the Zalman cooler, should I be using something else? What V Core should i be running, I think i have it at 1.45V right now.
  7. Hi, this is my first post on the forums here, just got my first DFI board which you can see in my signature below. My main question is about what temperature should my CPU run at with my setup while at full load? I do a lot of folding, SETI, etc... so both of my cores see a lot of action, and so far I tend to see the tempearture run about 60°C if the ambient is cool, and if it gets up to about 80°F inside my house then I see the CPU temp go up to about 70°C. Now I know this is not considered a good temperature to be constantly running the CPU at, I am just wondering if this is normal, or is it possible my cooling is not running as efficiently as possible? Also, it is not only my CPU which runs hot, but also my "system" according to NV monitor. I also use MBM5 and it shows that the CPU and PW/MIC are running hot, while the NF4 Chipset is stable at around 50-55 °C. I would have thought that "system" in the NV Monitor would refer to the chipset temperature, but that conflicts with what MBM5 is saying. On a cool night I did overclock my CPU up to 240x11 for 2640 Mhz, and it ran stable through SuperPi, Prime95, and 3DMark 01, 03, and 05. I just cant leave it at this with such a high temperature hapening with it at stock clock. Any advice? Also, I have seen a "OCZ expert" suggesting ram settings for other people, any suggestions for my system? I used settings you suggested for somone running the same board and ram, but with a 3200 CPU I think. I still currently run those settings, only with the ram at base 200mhz instead of the 240 i had it overclocked at. Thanks,
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