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  1. I recently installed a DLink GL520 wireless adapter and now get a strange error from the Nvidia controller. Message reads missing or corrupt driver code 39 I've tried reinstalling the latest Nvidia drivers but still get the message. Any ideas? Also having trouble getting the wan to work if the machine are more than a few feet apart.... but that's another story but it is the reason I'm trying to get the other NIC to work... I see from my sig that I removed this machine and put in my newer one but I still have a 250Gb...
  2. I was unable to install the raid drivers during the initial install of windows (unknown file format). I tried several times... did notice that in the install process that fat 32 is loaded after trying to install the drivers. Is ther anyway to load the drivers after install> I'd rather not go through the process again...
  3. sata was enabled... would you believe swapped out the sata cable and presto there they were
  4. That's the one... Thanks a ton I should pose this under another topic but... When I fire the machine up it doesn't see the sata drives at all. No matter what port they're on. All three a brand spnkin new not yet formatted. See the IDE drive...
  5. Hi folks: Trying to install windows 64 and somehow misplaced the updated raid drivers... and DFI site is down... anyone care to send me them... Or you could just tell me where to go... get them I mean
  6. Changed sig... but I was being accurate (sorta) about the ram www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr_pc_3200_1gb_module
  7. done... and thanks... Robert & I went around and around with the nF3 board That ones fixed and I'll be working on getting it running next. DFI fixed it "We’ve replaced a defective component with a good one at location U4 on the board" What ever U4 is...
  8. Just put together the box... used the stock cooler No mods just ran right from the git go with the ram I had sooooo much trouble with in my nF3 250... Running at 3,3,3,8 1t with 2 gig Doing memtest for the last 20 minutes no errors Running the stock BIOS probably 310, how can I find out?
  9. Just starting to build my new system. BUT... the CPU die is twice as thick as a non x2... I worry about trying to mount the Zalman, I suppose I could use the AMD supplied cooler until zalman responds.... Any Ideas?
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