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  1. Well that didn't help. Even up to 1.95 volts, It won't be stable at over 300 mhz HTT.... sigh.... should I take the stock heatsink off and put some AS 5 and try again?
  2. I'm adjusting my CPU multi so that it never goes over my max stable overclock
  3. I am having a lot of trouble getting over 300mhz HTT. Anybody here have any ideas? I've lowered the LDT multiplier to 3x (2x doesn't seem to work) and I've tried adding .1 volts and that doesn't help.
  4. I have a NF3 Ultra-D and a Venice 3000+ and it seems my HTT maxes out around 300mhz. Now I want it to hit around 330mhz so I can at least attempt to get to 3ghz on my 3000+ Venice. I was wondering, is it the memory controller? or the MOtherboard chipset that affects that? if so, should I start increasing the voltage on the Motherboard chipset? and can I safely do so with the stock chipset cooler (with a fixed 40mm Fan)?
  5. I jsut got myself another 40mm Fan (10mm high though) and just stuck it on there. Quieter, more reliable, and I got 3 of them for $10 CDN (took it out of those hard drive cooler things). Works great
  6. it was set to 3x. In essence.. I tested 270HTT before with just my CPU (used a Ram divider of 100) and I know it is 100% stable (been running my CPU at 9x280 for the last 2 months fine). Once I turn my Ram up too though.. the systems a no go.
  7. Well right now with my OCZ Performance EL Sticks, I can memtest at 270mhz. It passes all the tests except test #7. I've tried different combinations of all the memory setting sin the BIOS, but I can't get it to pass test #7... any ideas?! Second issue I'm having is I know I can boot and test at 270mhz relatively stable (with the exception of test 7), however when I set my HTT to 270mhz, and change my CPU multi back to 9x (instead of the 4x), suddenly I can't boot? It just gives me the memory error long beeps? I know my CPU is stable at 9x270 @ +.3 volts so that's not the issue. Any help would be great! I'm using 7/11 bios.
  8. Right now, I have a pair of OCZ Performance EL 512mb and a pair of OCZ Performance Rev 3 512mb. Now when I run them at 2gb, the BIOS only picks up that I have 1gb. This is regardless of which slots I put the Ram in, what do I need to do to get the Mobo to pick up all 4 sticks of Ram? I'm running the 7/11 BIOS.
  9. Well I got my RAM back, turns out they shipped me some Enhanced Latency Ram instead of my normal Rev 3 (thanks OCZ!) Only problem now is I have 2 sticks of Rev 3, and 2 stick sof EL for 2gb's. Suprisingly it does boot! The problem? Well the motherboard BIOS, Memtest and Windows Control Panel is picking up I only have 1gb of Ram. CPU-Z however says I have 2 gb's. I Have all sticks in the mobo, so I'm not sure why it says I only have 1gb. Anybody with 4x512mb's getting this problem? How do I get all 2gbs to show up? I'm runing 7/11 bios btw.
  10. Hey guys, haven't looked at this thread since page 200.... a lot has happend! I was hoping to get a few questions answered though (and i haven't read the 50 pages.. no time ). FIrst off, what bios is best for trying to get command rate of 1t working? And secondly, if I run 4 sticks of 512mb OCZ Performance Rev 3, what are the chances I can run 1t? I know the venice core is supposed to support it.. but what about the motherboard? As it stands right now, I'm running 2 sticks of 512mb OCZ Performance Rev 3, and I can't even run it at 1t @ 180mhz
  11. One option is buying a Zalman fan bracket and using a 92mm or 120mm fan there. I have one and I know if you mount the fan bracket to the top 3 expansion slots, the fan will reach your RAM slots.
  12. Well just flashed 705 and uhmm... no difference at all really. 3dmark performance, voltage detection, overclocking. All the same. A little disappointed but guess I can't complain.
  13. So the consensus now is go 705? I'm running stable at 260x9 with a 166 divider on 1t timings on stock voltage and cooling and I don't have cold boot issues on the 602 bios so I'm not sure if I should tamper with what works. Any pros to going to 705 except with more accurate voltage readings, and cold boot fix?
  14. Is there good contact between the heatsink and the chip? I'm reluctant to just pull it off because of the tight confinements and the fear of ruining my board. I'm also comforted by the fact that the chipset heatsink on the NF3 250 is a passive heatsink, and not a very good passive heatsink at that. I believe last time I found a heatsink like that was on my old ECS K7S5A. Anyways I tink I might just go out and buy some new 40mm fans. I just reliazed those $10 Hard drive coolers all run 40mm fans :nod:
  15. Does the VCore actually fluctuate that much? Mine seems pretty stable most of the time. I know my temperature readout fluctuates a lot though.
  16. Hmm... that's curious because the NF3 Ultra-D is fairly new, and is probably the best enthusiast board for AGP card owners. I'm curious why NOBODY has done a review on it. I figured either Tom's, Anandtech, Neoseeker, HardOCP, SOMEONE must have wanted to do a review on this board.
  17. Just wondering, before I bought the board, I went around looking for reviews but it seems none of the big hardware sites have reviews of this board (actually... I couldn't find any). Could it be that DFI knows this board isn't ready for the big times?
  18. Does that mean when they come out with a reworked board, we can all RMA our Rev A. boards and get new ones? I sure hope so because I don't want to be buying "beta" hardware.
  19. My boards actually been alright in terms of stability *knock on wood*. I'm just having a really hard time getting my 6800 to perform well with it! My performance is sooo bad right now with the board, I might as well pack this board up and go back to my Barton @2.5ghz. Even with the A64 @ 2.35, I'm getting almost 1000 points less than what I was getting with my barton. I thought turning on those options in the bios fixed it. NOpe I was wrong. I'm right back at 4000 points right now. WTF?
  20. Today I was looking at the specs of the Lanparty UT NF4 board (not the Ultra -D) and it occured to me that it's a much better board for 2 dollars less! It has the karajan audio, board layout's a bit better (SATA ports in the bottom), better chipset cooler. Now I feel kind of stupid for staying with AGP and getting the NF3, especially with the NF3 6800 problem and the bad bios issue. Anybody else here feel a little cheated?
  21. OMG... they've unstickied us! damn..... anyways, I think I found a solution to my bad 3d performance with my NF3 and 6800. Turns out in the Advanced Chipset Setup, there's an option called System Bios Cacheable. If i set it to enabled and disable AGP Sidebanding my performance went up 600 points! Now I'm back at where I was in terms of score which is about right, around 4600-4800 points. If anybody's have bad performance, try that out, turn on System Bios Cacheable and turn off AGP Sideband
  22. Hey guys, what's a good software to monitor hard temps and voltages on this board? I can't seem to find a good software (dunno where to download smartguardian?) and I don't want to use ntune.
  23. Damn... really eh? Well I'll see how it goes.. hopefully it "recovers". Just a quick question about the dividers. How do I access them on the motherboard? I seem to be having trouble since the only thing I can think of is the divider is the Memory Frequency Force option in the DRAM settings (where you can set it to Auto, 100, 133, 166). But then I realized it actually forces the DRAM to 100, 133 or 166 and isn't the divider. So where can I find the memory divider? If those are the dividers, how come when I boot with the 133mhz setting, my RAM shows up as 266?
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