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  1. I've covered this issue before but I'll post it here again.


    There are two different specs involved.


    The physical slots are X16. This is simply a measure of the size of the slot.


    The bandwidth of each slot is X8 lanes.


    Even though a card may have a physical X16 slot connector, there are no current video cards that can saturate X8 lanes of bandwidth.


    You will get the full performance from your video card at X8 lanes of bandwidth.


    But when there is a card that can make use of the x16 bandwidth, this board will not be able to utilize that? I would have to purchase a new board?



    Second thing then is if I run SLI, both cards will be a x8 right? WHich is what it's supoosed to be?

  2. Hmm perhaps you're one of the lucky ones. Looks as though you only need to use the bridge and that's it. Do you have any bios options to change it from 16x to 8x?


    Not that I know of. There is something like this but it's called a HT Lanes and allows me to set 16 Up 16 Down, 16 Up 8 Down, 8 Up 16 Down and 8 up and 8 Down. I already have that set to 16 up 16 down.


    I'm thinking now many CPU-Z is flawed.



    Also it can't be pipes since I my GPU is 16 pipes as well :)

  3. Just curious, in the Bios there are two temperatures for System. System (Inside) and System (Outside). Which of those temperatures is the chipset temperature?


    Real reason Im' wondering is my System (Inside) temperature is always higher than the System (Outside). Now before when I had air cooling, the temp's were


    Inside: 39

    Outside: 38


    Now after going watercooling (CPU, GPU and Chipset are cooled), the temps are:


    Inside: 40

    Outside: 35.


    So I'm hoping it is the Outside temperatures, which means the watercooling is working.

  4. Im not too familiar with the SLI Infinity.. But I know they did away with the jumpers..


    Have you looked in the bios for anything that looks like it will enable SLI ?


    I don't recall there being a BIOS option, so I was hoping one of the mods or someone who is running SLI with the board can tell me :)

  5. Right now I'm testing my SLI Infinity for the highest HTT, and I've seem to come across an interesting issue.


    If I set my HTT to 350mhz and reboot, it boots into windows fine. I can run Prime95 Blend test for hours, and everythings great. Now however if I shut down the computer and do a cold boot, the system will get stuck on a screen for nVidia Raid "Detecting Raid array". If I hit the reset switch, it once again boots into windows fine.


    This only occurs on a cold boot, anytime I do a warm reboot (ie reboot from windows), it will start up fine.



    Any ideas? I'm using the newest Bios 8/15 (I think).

  6. 340X8 was the highest I was able to boot into windows using 815 beta...Ran it at 335X8 for a week and one of my Hitachi drives died on me while in RAID 0. Haven't messed with running that high on 824...


    Wow... that's amazing, what voltage was that at?


    I can't even get it to boot properly with all the same settings from my 705 bios now with any bios newer than 705...

  7. Just wanted to get peoples results on the NF3 Ultra-D. What is the highest HTT you have gotten the motherboard to? What voltage you using?


    Highest it seems I can get to is 300mhz HTT, and that's still with some issues with Battlefield 2. It is perfect in everything else. Seems I might need to go down to 295 to get battlefield 2 perfect as well.


    LMK! I'm thinking of going PCI-E, but that's a big hassle and I'd much rather stick with this board for now.


    Also include what bios your using! Thanks.

  8. Try it, it feels more stable but its definitely not finished. Do you have a backup plan if it all fails? A BIOS saviour or a board to hotflash in? If not then maybe think twice when using a beta BIOS, that said this board hasn't ever corrupted an EPROMM on my yet,not like the old nF2s lol.


    Sadly I don't have a backup and actually the 711 and 705 have felt very stable for me when I did use them. I'm just curious as to why this would happen....

  9. How do you think I feel :D Primed for close to 9 hours at 2750 and decided I had it licked. Went on to 2800 and buzzed through everything with no problems until I tried 3DM03...failed so i went on to 3DM05 and passed. 30 minute OCCT...passed. Prime....failed after 8 minutes. Decided to go back to 2750 and left it priming overnight. Left it priming and went to work and came home to failure at 11+ hours :D Always fails with small fft's so I'm running fft's between 8 and 24. Failed at 304mhz at the end of the first set (15 minutes). Priming at 303mhz (2727mhz) for the past hour. Damned hard to let go of those big numbers but gotta face reality ;)


    Yeah... I'm wondering why the HTT would only go so high though.... it sux having a motherboard that won't let your CPU completely stretch it's legs. I'm thinking we're missing something here. IT seems so weird that the board will do 300 mhz fine.. but completely die off 2-3 mhz higher than that. Perhaps I should take the stock heatsink off and reapply it with some AS5 and see how that goes.

  10. What voltage are you running on the processor? I'm running prime stable with 1.75v on the chipset at 305mhz X 9. 1.85v didn't help stability while testing at 310~312mhz and 1.95v locked me up and needed a cmos clear. I was able to run everything (AM3, 3DM01, 3DM05, SuperPI, OCCT) except I couldn't get through 3DM03 and failed prime...


    That is exactly the issue I'm having right now OldGuy! I can run 305mhz x 9 (1.65 actually) and it's priming and Super Piing. The moment I up it to 310mhz, it won't even boot into windows, regardless of the voltage!


    It's weird how it seems to hit at wall at 305mhz.. kind of frustrating :(

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