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  1. But when there is a card that can make use of the x16 bandwidth, this board will not be able to utilize that? I would have to purchase a new board? Second thing then is if I run SLI, both cards will be a x8 right? WHich is what it's supoosed to be?
  2. Not that I know of. There is something like this but it's called a HT Lanes and allows me to set 16 Up 16 Down, 16 Up 8 Down, 8 Up 16 Down and 8 up and 8 Down. I already have that set to 16 up 16 down. I'm thinking now many CPU-Z is flawed. Also it can't be pipes since I my GPU is 16 pipes as well
  3. Since my SLI Infinity is newer, I don't actualy have jumpers. I've perused the Manual and I can't seem to find any reference to a jumper and there is nothing in the BIOS to turn it on/off. Angry Games? Any ideas?
  4. I'm running on the top slot only. How do I turn off SLI?
  5. When running CPU-Z and checking the PCIEx lane numbers, it says I have 8 lanes. However I'm running a Single PCIEx card (X800GTO2) so it should be 16 lanes. Any ideas?
  6. Just curious, in the Bios there are two temperatures for System. System (Inside) and System (Outside). Which of those temperatures is the chipset temperature? Real reason Im' wondering is my System (Inside) temperature is always higher than the System (Outside). Now before when I had air cooling, the temp's were Inside: 39 Outside: 38 Now after going watercooling (CPU, GPU and Chipset are cooled), the temps are: Inside: 40 Outside: 35. So I'm hoping it is the Outside temperatures, which means the watercooling is working.
  7. Ahh well, hopefully there is a fix somewhere. The temp reading in the BIOS seems fine though so hopefully someone will find a solution Thanks soundx
  8. Thanks for the msg, good to know Im' not alone on this. It actually seems to happen down to about 300mhz HTT. Any ideas Mods?
  9. Not really I just bought a Infinity SLI to replace the NF3 Ultra-D and it looks like the waterblock will fit now
  10. I don't recall there being a BIOS option, so I was hoping one of the mods or someone who is running SLI with the board can tell me
  11. Yeah I'm using them right now. Actually everything else seems to work. it is just the CPU temperature. I'm using the newest bios so hopefully they'll fix it soon
  12. Right now I'm testing my SLI Infinity for the highest HTT, and I've seem to come across an interesting issue. If I set my HTT to 350mhz and reboot, it boots into windows fine. I can run Prime95 Blend test for hours, and everythings great. Now however if I shut down the computer and do a cold boot, the system will get stuck on a screen for nVidia Raid "Detecting Raid array". If I hit the reset switch, it once again boots into windows fine. This only occurs on a cold boot, anytime I do a warm reboot (ie reboot from windows), it will start up fine. Any ideas? I'm using the newest Bios 8/15 (I think).
  13. I'm having issues where my temperatures being showin MBM5 are completely off. If I look at my temps in the BIOS, they seem about right (idling at 25-30 degrees on stock cooler and the CPU underclocked to 1.4ghz). In MBM5 however, it shows anywhere from 5-20 degrees, and it is very very erratic. Any ideas? Am I pulling the info off the wrong temperature diode? or what's going on?
  14. Just wondering, I know the first SLI boards came out with huge banks of jumpers and "key cards" to enable/disable SLI. With the new Infinity, I don't see either options. Is it now a BIOS option to enable SLI? or will it just enable if I plug the two cards in and put the bridge on?
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