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  1. Hey, as many users appear to have this "cold boot" issue i thought that maybe someone has found a true fix for it? It began happening a few days ago for me with my Gold VX 4x512mb. The only 99% sure boot i will get is the 1st boot of each day, subsiquent warm and cold boots fail. Lower voltage using ddr boots 1st time every time so i am guessing it is to do with the board using 2.5v to the ram at boot now for some reason?
  2. I have 4 sticks of 512mb OCZ GOLD VX, aint that TCCD or is it UTT? Cos my ram has got very voltage hungry recently. needs 3.3v minimum.
  3. I'm having the same issues with everything stock also.
  4. Hi my system started having a serious issue with booting all of a sudden yesterday, it has been running my OCZ Gold vx 3200 1:1 with the AMD 3700 SD CPU for months with no problems, untill i developed this problem yesterday. The CPU was at 237MHz x11 multi, the ram was at as i have 4 sticks. Now when i try booting all i get is the Beep....Beep... and the lights alternate between 3 or 2 or 1 depending on each boot. My pc boots fine with some old 2100 ddr i have. Any ideas on this issue, currently my ram is useless. (i have tested them and they are working fine just not on my pc anymore). I have the 702-2BTA bios.
  5. OK, i thought that may be the case. Only option i got along with other SLI-D/R users to help the mobo cool down i guess.
  6. Hey, just wondering if i am losing performance on my NForce 4 SLI-D by running my 7800 GTX in SLI mode in the second slot to allow the mobo fan to cool better?? will the 8x bandwidth be slower then the 16x?
  7. What voltage is that? Mine buggeres up over 2620mhz - i think its ram related.
  8. I have my 3700SD stable in 2 settings. 249x10.5 @ 1.525v (2614MHz) giving my ram at 201mhz @ 2.6v 1T (166 ratio) or 260x10 @ 1.525v (2600MHz) with ram at 217MHz @ 2.5v 1T (166 ratio). Both are stable and never seem to error. My CPU revision is in my sig. Sig didnt show... PC: AMD 3700+ San Diego (CABGE 0516MPM), 1GB OCZ Dual Channel EL DDR (OCZ4001024ELDC-K), XFX Nvidia 7800 GTX 256mb, DFI Lanparty SLI-D (704-3 Bios), SATA 120GB HDD, Creative Audigy, 19" CRT/17" LCD.
  9. I would love to know aswell, i got a similar setup and having trouble with my SD3700, i didnt think to increase LDT and chipset voltages though!!
  10. Where you get it from? Nevermind, i found the 623-3 bios. Hope it helps my problems.
  11. Hi i'm trying to overclock my san diego but i think im having a problem with chosing the right voltages and speeds. I have OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel (OCZ4001024ELDC-K) rated to 2.8v. What would be the best overall clock for this setup, and whats save voltages for both ram and cpu? I'm also using stock cooling.
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