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  1. I think this depends on how soon you're looking to buy. If you can wait for an awesome DFI product (unfortunately the nf590 with the c19 was discontinued in favor of the c55), wait for the c55 board (not sure HOW long of a wait it'll be though). to be honest, with everything we've been selling (i work at pcclub) i haven't been impressed with ANY intel boards that do SLI. currently, we're RMA'ing 3 out of 5 of the ASUS boards so i can't recommend them at all. And the MSI 975x, obviously, can't do SLI. If i had to buy an Intel board right now, it'd be a 965 chipset option (which are best for E6400's and lower) 975x chipsets are best when used with E6600's and higher. lol i just realized that i didn't help you at all, sorry. In all honesty, I would wait for new dfi nf590 board. but CAN you wait? cz
  2. For Sale: Full Working Computer, Zero Issues. I'm going to need a laptop for school and will be selling the desktop to get a MacBook Pro. Please Help Me Setup A Price For This Amazing Piece Of Machinery! Motherboard: DFI Ultra-D CPU: AMD Opteron 170 CCBWE 0609 FPAW (Ive had it clocked as high as 2.8ghz stable on air) Ram: 2gb GSKILL PC4000 GPU: 7900GT Volt-Modded Case: Lian Li PC-65B PSU: OCZ GameXStream 600w HD's: 2 x 80g RAID 0 (wiped clean, no OS) Optical Drive: Pioneer DVD+-RW SILENT Monitor: BenQ 20" Widescreen Display Keyboard: Logitech G15 Cooling: Thermaltake Big Typhoon, Evercool VC-RE Chipset Fan Pics: (let me know if these dont work. theyre from my myspace page. you MAY have to login, i dunno) http://myspace-216.vo.llnwd.net/00840/61/25/840635216_l.jpg http://myspace-853.vo.llnwd.net/00867/35/86/867976853_l.jpg As you can see, everything is sleeved uv yellow. the computer runs great, zero issues. help me setup a price. thanks. cz
  3. when u work in a computer store, its REALLY EASY to stay up-to-date on your hardware....i started off 1 year ago with a 6600gt, traded it for a 6800gt (because it became same cost), then to a 7800gt, then to a 7900gt, then a 7900gt superclock, and now the KO version . But thanks for saying my machine is nice....i'll put a pic up on my sig soon. http://www.pcclub.com thats where i work. cz
  4. whoops, sorry. i wrote down the wrong %'s with those vcores, so i wasn't having to pump THAT much into them...i dont remember the vcore + % number, but i remember that my total hadta be: 2.6v - 1.40v TOTAL 2.7v - 1.53v TOTAL 2.8v - 1.65v TOTAL however, i've decided to run everything as follows: 2.65ghz - 1.425v ram @ DDR530 (265mhz) 1:1 3-4-4-8 1T @ 2.6v it works really well, my load temp is extremely low, and i wanted to run my ram at 1:1, 1T, and stock voltages. Yes, i was able to max my proc out at 2.83ghz, but i really like how well its running at the 2.65ghz. thanks to all for your help. cz
  5. Update: so for some reason, it just decided to start taking in those voltages my comp WONT get into Windows unless the CPU Startup value is set at "Startup". if it's set to ANYTHING else it just wont work. oh well "Startup" is perfectly fine by me Here's how I can get my system to go higher: 2.6ghz - 1.35v w/ 104%, dual Prime95 load is 42 Celsius!!! (wow) 2.7ghz - 1.425v w/ 110%, dual Prime95 load is 45 Celsius!!! (not bad, but hadta increase voltage alot) 2.8ghz - 1.55v w/ 110%, dual Prime95 load is 48 Celsius!!! (temps are amazing in my opinion, but thats so much voltage required in order to pass Prime95 for 8 hours). Chad p.s. Since my ram caps out at DDR520, i'm going to run my system at 2.6ghz, 1:1 ratio with ram set at 3-3-3-7 and 2.7v. chipset is still at 1.5v and LDT at 1.2v w00t!!! but of course i just HAVE TO find out the highest my cpu will go.
  6. Hello to all, my sig has been updated to reflect this question. everything runs BEAUTIFULLY at 2.5ghz: my ram runs 1:1 perfectly (duh! its PC4000 so it should), stock voltages, stock timings. however, when i try to take my FSB to 260 (260 w/ 10x multiplier = 2600mhz) i can't for the life of me get dual prime95 nor dual SuperPi to work. Affinity has been set appropriately on each of those programs. i'v changed the ram divider to 1/02 to push it out of the way...same problem. i've upped the chipset voltage from 2.5v to 2.7...same problem. i've upped cpu voltage from Startup/Auto to 1.4/1.4...same issues. i've actually pumped 1.5v into this thing and the issue remains. i've also tried different bioses to make sure thats not the issue. can i get some help? thanks chad p.s. the cpu that usually fails is 0. p.s.s. LDT Voltage is @ 1.3v, Chipset @ 2.7v, ram @ 2.6v
  7. if you have your board properly modded to SLI, move ALL of the jumpers (6 of them) to the bottom rows (there are three rows of pins, so put the jumpers on pins 2 and 3) chad
  8. my tech at work volt modded his in SLI....no real difference in performance. however, when he ran the cards SINGLY, the volt mod added a CRAPLOAD!!!
  9. no, what i mean is: the top pci-e 16x slot does NOT work. if i put the card in the lower one, it works. it also works if i use a plain ol pci gpu. all power connectors are properly hooked up, ive tried flashing with multiple bioses...no fixes. i think the top pci-e slot is cooked, because it does the SAME thing whether i have the gpu in the top pci-e 16x slot, or no gpu at all. cz p.s. no, you ARE right. it is an Ultra-D...im going to edit my sig since i sold that system.
  10. Hello to all, my Ultra-D will not post if my pci-e gpu is in the top slot. if it's in the bottom slot, or i use an old pci gpu, it works. i have swapped pci-e gpu's also just to be safe. any ideas? bad top slot? cz
  11. yes, i did crank it while the psu was on....though ive heard many times that that's an ok procedure. its only a bad procedure if the psu is DOA out of the box question: how do you USE a multimeter? i saw a pic showing a red cable and a black cable....what do u do with em? cz
  12. Hello to all, so at my work we got in an ocz520adjsli at my request...i hooked it up to my board, and the 12v line and 5v line were both yellow....so i cranked them up. i put em up all the way, and the lights remained yellow. the comp turned off, and i was like, "...oh...crap!" sadly, it killed the board, and its going in for RMA as we speak. i still REALLY want to use an ocz power supply since people give it such good reviews. however, im a little weary now of adjustable rails, and im looking into PSUs whose rails dont adjust. what do u think is the best psu for ~$130? should i try ANOTHER ocz 520w? chad p.s. WHEN is it ok to adjust the rails? while the mobo is powered? or should i turn off the board, adjust rails, then turn it back on?
  13. i think the top pci-e slot is cooked: whenever u have a video card in it, the lights flash between 3 & 4, but if its in the bottom slot it works fine. any1 have any recommendations on getting this thing RMA'd? how long does it take to get a new one? cz
  14. since then i have changed to using a stable enermax power supply that the system has posted with in the past....SAME THING is happening. no post, just flashes between lights 3 and 4, then after about 10 seconds it decreases to only 1 light and gives one beep. any ideas? cz
  15. ok, i replaced my chipset fan with the Evercool VC-RE. everything looks FINE, no problems. I put on an OCZ Powerstream 520w, but i think it was a bad psu because no matter HOW u adjusted the rails, the lights never turned green. then i turn on the system, the four lights are lit, but the fourth one quickly blinks every second or so. what does this mean???? Note: ive tried swapping ram, cpu, vid card. cz p.s. basically, im trying to figure out whether the "bad" psu screwed up my motherboard, or whether something occurred when i swapped out the chipset.
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