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  1. I put the Corsair 3500LL in my system and it worked fine without changing anything except the fsb/htt and vcore board read the settings from the ram fine
  2. The card isn't seated correctly... I have run into that problem many times with my GTX.. When it happens I take out and re-insert it and it usually works fine, for some reason if it isn't perfect it turns that greenish color
  3. A jumper was to big.. I ended up tying a smal piece of wire in them, works great!!
  4. Yeah I was thinking of doing that, I have a lot of loose jumpers floating around, but I haven't gotten the time to play with it yet..
  5. is there a way I could bypass it? Somehow bridge them, maybe with a small piece of wire on the jumpers, then put the FP connector on top of that? I have external power speakers with a volume control on one of the satellites, I don't care if I have to turn the volume down on the speakers to use the headphones..
  6. Ok... I am having the same problem... I need to use my headphones with mic now and hate having to go around the back to connect them, so I connected my front panel audio and now I have nothing coming from the rear output.. There has to be something that can fix this.. I mean I guess I could go and buy an audio splitter for the back but that is stupid to have front panel audio and not use them...
  7. Well I got it to work... I don't know why it wouldn't work the first time.. I took it out and hooked it up to an Athlon Xp based board and it worked fine, I tested it and all test came up fine. I re-hooked to my DFI exactly the way I had it hooked up before and now it works great! It actually shaved a few seconds off of my boot time! Powerfull little sucker!! Very quiet as well, I can't even here it over the other fans in my system, even under load... Despite the original problem it seems to be fine, i don't know why it would not work originally... oh well, it works now!
  8. I got the Enermax Liberty 620watt and my system won't boot with it.. it will load, then get to windows loading status screen and sit for about 5 minutes, then go black, and the motherboard will start beeping like I have a RAM problem... but it is not the ram, I have LOTS of different ram and did switch them out..
  9. Yeah the Wc-202 is not bad if you rip it apart and just use the parts seperately.. I have a Danger Den setup, but I poked a hole in my Black Ice Rad (stupid me!!) So I had the Evercool sitting here from a review I did, and ripped it apart, I am using it to cool my Cpu, getting 28c-30c on idle and about 38c-40c on load, My Zalman cooler was 38c-39c on idle.. I had originally intended to use it for my vid card, witht he DD setup on the cpu, but need to get new rad first..
  10. UMM.. WOW.... YES, I did read everything, and it still amazes me that 5 pages in people are still insulting me and just don't get it ... but anyway... WTF happened to this thread... The point of this thread was that I was not happy about all the bad "press" that DFI gets on other forums and even some reviewers for that matter... Now we are attacking the mods? Nobody even really mentioned anything about my original subject (a couple people did)... I mean I love my DFI board, and as I said it's my own making the probs that I do have and have had... The mods/support, from what I can see, do the best they can.....
  11. HMM... Mine hits 63c with two instances of prime running... I guess that is high... idle is in the 50's.... guess I should do something about that then....
  12. I didn't realize that this thread would become so popular.. Maybe it did what I intended and got some people to actually notice things... But anyway, to the question about DFI/Ferrari/and parts... If you bought a Ferrari would you go and buy generic sparkplugs,filters,etc and put regular gas or oil in it?? To make that Ferrari run even at stock speeds/factory specs, you would need to actually buy better quality parts than you would for your Toyota/Honda etc, and put premium gas in it.... So the answer to your question would be yes and no actually, the cpu could be the same, but consider the Ram as your sparkplugs, if you put the wrong/cheap plugs in, you will have problems right? Same difference here as well.. If you want a Ferrari you will have to expect to pay for the upkeep in running it at normal stockright?
  13. I didn't mean to start trouble here, some of you seemed a bit peeved at my post... I have been around/using/building computers for 24years+ now, I have a bit of experience in this.... Actually this is my first skt939 board, I came across some money and threw about $2000 of it into this system so I could have an updated system, I did read all the reviews, I did come to this forum, and many other forums, and to be honest I was a bit scared (for lack of a better word) of the DFI board from everything I read..... And as it turns out, it was just a matter of paying attention to details to get everything to work correctly and 'play' together. Like my Ram problem, I read that it most likely won't work with 2x512 and 2x256, but I had to try right? Oh and as to the guy who posted about Winxp64, I am running it with no problems at all (at least board related problems). The whole basic point of my post was that, I have been seeing a trend, in the fact that on other forums people are giving DFI a bad rap, because maybe they don't have the knowledge or maybe the patience to work with it. And those people are pointing out to come here to this 'support' forum and see all the problems and are citing that as the reason NOT to buy a DFi board.... So I guess I apologize to those of you that took the meaning wrong, and got a little pissed at me, I wasn't trying to piss people off, just kinda ranting about the bad Rap that I see DFI getting, which I think is fully UNDESERVED.. I do hardware reviews etc, and my editor asked me to review my board (normally we don't review products that we buy) for the site, I have decided I am going to do it and make a combination review article about it, and I will be stressing that fact that this is not something for the inexperienced, or for someone who does not want to oc or play with things.
  14. Am I just lucky, or just smarter than the average bear? I see all these posts of people having problems with DFI mobos, it's amazing.. On other forums I see people actually telling people NOT to buy DFI because of all the problems that people have with them.. I mean it's a great board, but it seems that DFI is getting a bad rap from some people because of all these problems that newbies are having... I really have not had any major problems except ones that I made myself (not paying attention/not following instructions), and my Ram problem, but that, I had a feeling wasn't going to work anyway..... I visit here everyday, numerous times a day, and it jsut seems that so many people are having problems.... Are they all just noobs? And they bought an advanced board thinking that it was all going to be easy? Did they not do any research into these boards? From what I have learned the board is not for the inexperienced, so why buy it, unless you know what to do with it?
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