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  1. Well, they are both TCCD ram sticks, so that should be the easiest. So the best way to go about it would be setting the timings of the ram to 3-3-3-7-2T manually and then add the 2 x 256Mb to see if it'll even boot and run dual channel. If that works, I can start tightning the timings. I'll try this as soon as I get back home, which will be on sunday evening. I think people would like to know how this works out. Will keep in touch
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering, since I have 2 x 512Mb DDR550 G.Skill ram. I also have 2 x 256Mb Kingston Hyper X, also TCCD chips. Is it in all possible to put the 2 512 sticks in the orange slots and the 2 x 256 in the yellow slots and still keep dual channel?? My guess is no, but I'm gonna try anyways, just asking if anyone tried anything like this. Pim
  3. I'll try and see if I can get my ram to run better @ DDR600, but I set it to that setting to make sure that my ram wouldn't be acting up on that speed. Whatta ya mean by tweakers shot btw?? cpu-z shot of the ram timings?? I tried 3.1Ghz yesterday, it boots, but when it starts loading windows, it reboots. What would be a safe voltage to apply?? I tried up to 1.55V, but it's still unstable at that setting.
  4. Hey guys, lasty saturday I finally got my 146 to play with and play with it I did. http://picshosted.com/v/7687/3.0Ghz.JPG That's screenshot of it @ 3.0Ghz after a 1M calculation of SuperPi. And I also set it to prime overnight and this morning it was still running flawlessly, after 9hrs. Hopefully it'll be running still when I get back home. Voltage applied was 1.475V and temps are around 36C-39C under priming. Just gotta love those opties. Pim
  5. I've been able to get 302Mhz stable so far, but gonna aim for higher. We all live close together then, I'm a little to the east. Nijmegen
  6. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble again finding out what kinda chips are being used in these ram modules. They do 2-2-2-5-1T @ DDR400 @ 2.6-2.7V, so I dunno if that rules out BH-5/CH-5 since they run higher voltage, but CH-5 can't do 2-2-2-5 for as far as I know, and BH-5 needs higher voltage. Any info would be really helpfull. Thanks for any help Pim
  7. Yeah, that's what I read only minutes after I posted this thread. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll leave it as is.
  8. I'm kinda having second doubts tho about needing to do this. I have the XP-90 and I read that those can easily clip a corner of the core cause of the way it mounts. And it is supposed to have next to nothing results when you have aircooling. And I guess my temps are low enough, @ 2.6Ghz full load (Think running 24/7) and gaming for 2 hours the temps don't go over 35C.
  9. Hi guys, I am wanting to remove the IHS on my 3200+ venice, cause it seems that the production week of which mine is, is reported that some have an IHS that is making not all to good a contact. Should I just do this with a scalpel and ofcourse a lotta caution?? or is there an easier way?? Thanks for any info Pim
  10. I just came back from my girl's house and saw that prime was still running, I had it set to stock speed and running 1.275V. 59.5hrs without any errors, so I guess that's stable.
  11. Dude, chill man. He was making a joke, hence the :shake: And he probably joked about it cause you did indeed say you read it, but also said that you gave up after 2 pages........ But enough of that, the 3800+ is a dual core 2Ghz cpu, which you can look at as 2 seperate 3200+ venice cores. If combined with a good cooler, I think you should be able to hit 2.4Ghz with it, maybe even higher if both cores are good, but the problem with dual core is, that 1 core may be better then the other and then the slower one would be holding back the better one. It's a trial and error really, and Like a few people before me already said, only get the dual core if yer gonna do heavy multitasking and stuff like photoshopping and video editing, cause else you might as well get a 3800+ single core and clock that baby up. It's all up to you, but between the 2, in my opinion, ya can't go wrong with either of them.
  12. That is a very good read, and I believe the guy that wrote it, but there is one difference. I'm not gonna put the thing on uber voltage. Like the guide says, it's the trick to try and let the cpu get used to less and less voltage. And thus, if that would work, you could get to 2.5Ghz for example on a lower voltage then you could before. And thus, opening more headroom for a possible higher overclock, let's say 2.6 or 2.7 at the same voltage you could not get higher then 2.5 with before. So I guess that burn-in the cpu is maybe a wrong choice of words.
  13. Well, thing is, some people have gotten results with this kind of thing, and even if I can't get to higher speeds cause of this, but only able to run at lower voltage, that'll still be a win for me, cause then it'll run cooler. And maybe it won't do anything at all, but it never hurts to try.
  14. I decided to start with my stock speed burn in. I set it to stock speed last night, about 8hrs ago, and set the vcore to 1.3V I took a look at it just now, and it's still running without errors. When I get back from work, I'm gonna set it to 2.6 with 1.45V +110% and do burn in test for a full day or something.
  15. That's why we are all so thankfull for those very nice and handy memory dividers. If your ram won't do any higher then say 115, then keep your divider at such a setting that it'll hoover round that speed, maybe a bit under it. Your ram will not be limiting your overclock, I mean, there's even a 1/2 divider, so at that setting you'd have to have 430Mhz HTT speed to get in trouble with your ram. And you're on a budget?? Then why are you getting an 7800GT?? not much of a budget card if ya ask me. But between those 2 videocards, I'd definetely get the 7800GT, they can be overclocked as well and score better then the x850xt.
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