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  1. what type of overclock do you have on the system? or are you running stock? I'd check your ram, even if it's at stock settings, because I've found that messing with my ram is always the thing that buggers up my drives. It's the only time I get corrupt data! Make sure you don't have some wonky setting out of place in the DRAM timings page that isn't were it should be. Because even if your main 4 are set right, if you've changed one of the other timings to something your ram doesn't like or can't handle you can still get errors. Anyways, Just a thought! O.
  2. I've got air cooling and on my old Ultra-D I was getting low to mid 40's max under load, now I'm getting 56-60 degrees on this new board, I was looking at this same problem! Currious as to why this board is SOO much hotter then my original board. Gonna have to take a good long look at the heatsinks, I have a funny feeling they are not attached all that well on some of these boards. Everything I'm using is the same with the exception of my CPU but even with the old CPU on this board I was getting these high temps. Keep us all posted as to your findings...I'll do the same! O.
  3. I also second that motion! It' don't pay to try and run a new setup on an old install! You might get lucky, BUT there is an even better chance things will run really wonky! nothing like a couple dozen wrongly associated hardware drivers etc...all trying to be in charge! woot! Fresh install, back-up what you can before you do! yup, yup! But if your planning on playing and OC'ing these DFI boards be sure to back-up your software regularly, and be prepaired to do the re-install. I've corrupted a good number of OS installs in my day. O. PS: I just did my 4th fresh install in under a week....I really should invest in a ghost image of my clean pre-driver os install! Swapped out a motherbaod and then a CPU! doh!
  4. At idle the temps never go over 38 degrees, this is a load temp! If I recall my first NF4 Ultra-D board never had temps this high on the PWMIC If I recall it was usually around the same temp as the CPU most days, this is in the same case. At idle my CPU sits at around 26 and the PWMIC is usually 3-4 degrees hotter on this board. Under any type of mild use! Playing games I've dropped out to check it and I've never seen it go over 48 degrees but when stressing with prime95 or cpuburn the temps really shoot up! I'm running my CPU @ 1.5-1.52V @ 2500 10x250 and my ram is at 2.8V so there is really not all that much voltage going in there! Everything else is at stock volts. Would I be advised to try reseating the heatsinks? is it worth my time to try popping them off and redoing them with some AS glue product? Would they even come off? I'm gonna re-organize my case fans a bit and see what I can do to cool it down otherwise. Thanks for the tips all. O.
  5. ok, I'm using smart guardian and it shows my PWMIC temps as getting into the 57-60 degree range, when I'm CPUBurning or Prime95 stressing my system. Usually it's in the mid to high 30's! I'm guessing that's the heatsinked mosfets just in front of the CPU area that is giving off this heat? Please correct me if I'm wrong here! I have a fair bit of cabling blocking the airflow low along the board in this area with both the IDE cables in as well as some power cabling for the extra power connectors on the motherboard. Now to my question. 1) How hot is ok with these? 2) would cooling these help at all with OC stability? 3) should I even care? Thanks for any help with this boys and girls! O.
  6. Installed my soundblaster A2 and it and my analog headset work great. I'm not, SOFAR having any issues with any of the other usb devices on my machine! Anything in particular that might be causing this? Very curious I must say. Could it have anything to do with the dual core proc? I've been a bit lazy and don't really want to swap my 3200+ back in just to see! Anyone hear of dual core systems having issues like this? O.
  7. Ok, I was in the middle of doing some ram timings tests today and I decided to test a setup that seemed to show some promise. I cleared up my bios stuff, saved and went into windows...on load windows plays a small sound snippet. Well to my horror the sound coming out of my USB headset was wierdly like an old atari. I thought I'd had a software glitch! BUt alas nothing I've done has helped. I even reformatted and re-installed windows and this problem is happening on a fresh install as well! I popped the headset over to my wifes machine and it works like a charm on hers. no problems at all! Anyone have any ideas? NOTICE! I'm now running the Opty 170 Currently with no overclock as I'm still needing to burn it in. O.
  8. Anyone try one of these in an Ultra-D? Or any Opteron at all? Just wondering what my luck will be like when my Opteron 170 shows up next week? O.
  9. Ok, well I've been tweeking away at this ram over the last couple weeks and I'm hitting a wall at the 295x9 for this ram. I hit this same wall on my ultra-D...after a couple more weeks of playing off and on I had it at 300x9 stable @ 3,4,3,6. Now on this board though, a lot of tweaks and changes that worked on the ultra-d do not. Or they have drastically different effects. Just wondering if anyone around here is playing with this stuff on this board and what type of settings your getting. I'm running the ram at 2.9V which is the max rated by OCZ. Not to keen about going higher and frankly I don't think it'll help. I'll write down all my ram settings and post them shortly. Allong with any points that come to mind. O.
  10. I've rebooted and fiddled with my bios more in the last day, then ever before to test this disabling of the USB keyboard and mouse options and.....It's a go! This fixed the following for me. 1) the 4 LED problem. 2)IRQ screen freeze 3)Just after WinXP load screen freeze (blank screen with flashing cursor in upper left corner.) 4) a stupid problem with my Razer Copperhead mouse needing to be unplugged and replugged after system hang. Or if I just hit the reset or power button while still in WinXP. Now to see if I can OC any better! One can hope something like this will give me an extra 200Mhz with a reduction of voltages across the board. O.
  11. I believe it's something to do with the chipset. Sandra and Everest and other diagnostics software packages do not have support for the ATI chipset on the board yet, so everytime these programs try to check the motherboard setting the machine hangs up and reboots on ya. I've been playing with the beta versions of Everest Home Edition and they are a bit hit and miss. I can at least run the memory benchmanrks in Everest. Waiting patioently for new updates to come out with proper ATI support. If anything third party support for this ATI setup is going to make or break these boards I think. If people don't bother to support them properly we might have some issues. Fingers crossed, that people will WANT to add these boards. O.
  12. The current crop of Crossfire boards are ....in a word "Experimental". If you don't want the hassles of testing a new technology then stay away. If your willing to take a sizeable chunk of time and effort to play with the board and are willing and able to accept the fact that there "MAY" be problems. Jump on board. A lot of guys go out and purchase these boards thinking it'll all be smooth sailing and that it never rains and the world is perfect in every way. Truth is, anything could happen, and it doesn't usually rain...it pores. For me...I enjoy the challenge, and don't mind waiting for drivers and updates and fixes and tweeks and bioses etc....if you want to set it and forget it....forget it. O.
  13. The board I'm running atm is having random startup hangs as well. It does this with either bios and the hang happens when at default settings or overclocked. It will either hang just after the initial screen that shows the irq settings. Just prior to starting the loading of windows, or it will hang just after it displays the windows loading screen. Usually 1-2 resets will fix the problem. Generally speaking this only happens after I've done changes to the bios, but it does happen at other random intervals. Note: this happens from a complete fresh power on start and also at times after doing a restart in windows. Other then these random hangs this board has been the best overall clocker for my ram. Not so good on the CPU end though! CPU overclock is hitting a barrier at 270 no matter what I use for a multi. My ram timings vs. clock are the best ever on any of the boards I've run this ram in! Got to like that. Definately a different beast from any of the other boards I've played with. O.
  14. I'm having both the Bios quit 4 leds... problem as well as a random freeze like shown in the screen photo above by Tiger. I get both of these problems when at stock settings or while overclocked. 4 leds problem: I click and hold the reset button for a second, everything is fine after that till the next time I run the bios. Still using the bios that shipped with the board. System hang prior to OS boot: I simple hit the reset button and all is fine. once or twice I had to reset a couple times in a row before I could load. I'm running a Seagate 250GB SATA drive as my primary with two Seagate 80GB IDE drives as secondary drives on the primary IDE. I'm using an Antec Truepower 2 550W PSU and only using a 4 pin 12V plug as it does not have the 8 pin. Sofar the PSU is fine. I suspect I'll need to upgrade to an 8 pin PSU once I go crossfire, but that isn't going to be for a while! Anyways. If you need any more information...let me know! O.
  15. I've tried 4-5 different versions of everest and it borked my system every time! Random interval in the first 1-3 clicks I make once the program has loaded and zap, reboots the system. I've been able to prime for 20 hours straight with no problems. so it can't be a stability thing. And yes I've tried the beta versions of everest and nothing works. Any ideas? I've played some CoD and AoE3 and everything seems to be running great. NOTE: My CPU has decided to not allow me to OC AT all, not even a couple steps up. And I have to run my voltages in the 1.5+V. Range to get this stable CPU. SO, I did order a replacement 3200+ Venice, to see if it's the board or the CPU.Note all of this came out of an Ultra-D that fried itself 2 weeks ago. THE IDE Raid controllers simply stopped working. But as far as I can tell everything else was fine! O.
  16. Well I'm up and running on mine with defaults sofar! woohoo! Quick question Angry? What are you cooling your rig with? Your over 1.6V on the core? I'm guessing water? 1.55Vmax for me with my 9500 I think! All I want is to hit 300x9 @1:1 with this CPU and RAM. I was able to get this with my Ultra-D, so fingers crossed. I'm pretty impressed though! @ Default she's running nicely. Only issue I have is that I have to shut down and then do a reset after I boot back up every time I change a setting in the bios! I hope the next bios revision will be a tad more forgiving! Well I'm off to try and find some decent settings for my RAM! Were oh were is my memtest CD! DFI get it back into the bios, please!!! O.
  17. Wierd I'm running mine at 1T in 1/3....granted no overclock yet. I'm just getting familiar with all the features first! Quirky board this one! Running pretty nice at defaults sofar though! Got to get me a 4400 X2 though to really test her out. And the Crossfire card. Hmm...next week maybe. O.
  18. My board will be here on Friday to replace my now dead Ultra-D! May it R.I.P. Fingers crossed for a good run with my current setup! O.
  19. Well I spent a couple hours messing with this board last nite. And sofar no go for fixing the problem, disabled the raid, reformatted the drives, but nothing seems to want to work if I use the primary IDE! My drives are also loosing data. starting to die again and it's been less then a day reformatted and re-installed. Still can't touch my OC at ALL and I can't even run ATITool for my videocard as my drivers for the videocard are shot already. something really doesn't like the IDE controller on this board. Fixed the problem by RMAing the board and I'm getting the Lanparty UT RDX200. Gonna play with it for a little while and then go from there! Thanks for the help though guys, kept me going at it long enough to at least get my data off the drives before giving up! O.
  20. I refreshed the bios and completely unplugged everything (including the battery) and waited. I can now post back into windows, BUT now I can't run an overclock AT ALL!! and I had to put my raid over to my secondary IDE and my CD-Rom drives onto my primary IDE! If I try putting things back together normally then I get the same problem! It's like my Raid doesn't want to work on the primary IDE. I was able to boot of the primary IDE with just the harddrives attached, and no cd-rom on the secondary, but I need the CD-rom to be able to do my backup that is sorely needed! I'm really confused as to what could be causing this??? CPU is Prime95ing with no errors, and my ram seems to be doing just fine. I'm really starting to think the chipset took a long dive off a short pier. Grrr..But I'm still not 100% sure how to test this. O.
  21. Antec TruePower II -550Watt. I've been running this machine with this powersupply and setup for 5 months now. THe only things I did recently besides use the machine: 2 weeks ago I reformatted and re-installed winXP. I also pulled the CPU to clean the AS5 from it when I installed my CNPS9500, that was about a week ago. Everything worked fine for about 4-5 days like that then boom. I've been very careful to keep an eye on my temps etc. everything is great. I even made sure my 9500 was flat and had good contact with the core. So I don't see how that could have caused the issue! Anyways, theres a little bit more history or ya. BTW: Is the nF4 Raid controller part of the chipset? or is it seperate on the motherboard? I was thinking maybe it was overheating? If it's integrated into the chipset then that can't be it since my chipset fan and the subsequent case airflow has it running at the 39-40 range load with voltage at 1.6 O.
  22. Hmm...looks like a lot of people are having Raid issues this week! Well just bumping my post. sorry! Trying to keep it on page one for a little longer! Anyways to make this a valid post. To update: I can no longer get into the bios if I have anything attached to the IDE ports. Not sure about SATA, as I don't have one! Anyways, if I have anything on the IDE ports the system hangs on the splash screen and refuses to let me enter the bios or do anything else for that matter. O.
  23. Nope only the two drives! And if I disconnect them it runs! Don't have another drive around to test how far it loads though. O.
  24. Ok, here is the deal. I've been getting some really wierd blue screens over the last couple days. Now stupid me, I failed to write any of them down, but they were rather few and far between. I thought maybe something in my system was unhappy with my overclock. So, I dropped back to defaults the other day until I'd have time to check my OC and see what the issue was. Last night my system, simple refused to complete a boot. It gets through the initial booting sequence and displays my CPU and the Ram timings. It then displays the "nForce4 Ultra" bit and then sits here for about 15-20 seconds. Then on the following line it displays "Detecting IDE drives ..." And hangs completely. Now, I have 2 80 Seagate ATA drives on a Raid 0 on the IDE1. If I reset the bios and disable the raid everything works fine. With or Without my Overclock settings. As SOON as I enable the Raid option in the bios..I go back to getting the lockup shown above. Now I'm starting to think my Southbridge has started to toast as it's the nForce Raid controller that was running those HD's! Or should I look more towards the HD's? They show as available if the Raid is disabled. I'm trying hard not to kill them to test this theory atm, as I have a bit of non backed up work files on them ATM. See my Sig for the rig in question. Thanks in advance for any help you people might be able to provide. O.
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