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  1. I'm having some irritating issues with my computer that I think are motherboard related but I am not sure. I had a hard lockup in Warcraft earlier today. Rebooted. After reboot none of my USB devices were being detected properly; all were showing up as unknown devices. To try to fixt his, I uninstalled and then reinstalled my Nvidia system drivers. This did not fix my USB problem and for some reason my Audio is fubared now; all audio plays at double or triple speed. I have tried unplugging all USB devices and uninstalling the USB root hubs/EHCI controllers from device manager and then reinstalling them all to no avail. I've tried running a windows XP repair installation and that didn't fix anything (but did cause a bunch of headaches). I've uninstalled drives, run DH driver cleaner, and then reinstalled drivers and that didn't fix anything. I've reinstalled DirectX 9.0C october update, again, no help there. I've reset the CMOS on the motherboard, no help there. Load optimized defaults, didn't help. Could this be a hardware problem? The board has worked fine for about a year now. Everything except WOW was rock stable so I thought it was just one of the WOW addons I was using (it would hard lock completely at random, sometimes a few times a day sometimes not for a week). Is it possible the chipset on the motherboard is fried and that's causing the audio issues and the USB devices not being detected properly? If anyone has any info on how to fix the USB or the sound, it would be appreciated. I am running an DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D (NF4 ultra chipset) with on-board sound. Thanks in advance. I am at my wits end trying to fix this.
  2. After installing the latest BIOS, every time I boot into Windows or plug in a USB device, device manager comes up and displays an "unknown device". I cannot install drivers for it automatically, and I don't know what this device is. All my USB devices are present and functional. No clue what this is and microsoft KB said it is probably a USB device. Anyone else have this problem or know how to get rid of it? Maybe a BIOS setting that got re-enabled with "load optimized defaults"?
  3. Nope; just straight into the mobo. The fan draws like 0.96W so I didn't think it'd be an issue; there is a 3 --> 4 pin adapter in case you don't have headers but I am not using it. Also, I tried plugging the fan into the Fan 2 header (above the CPU fan header) but that one doesn't report RPMs either for speed control
  4. I am using the CPU fan header as an exhaust fan it's a Vantec Stealth. It has RPM sensing; I already stated that it works if it's plugged in. The PWM IC fan is also a Vantec Stealth. My issue is that ONLY ONE OF THOSE FAN HEADERS CAN SENSE RPMS AT ANY GIVEN TIME. If I plug the exhaust fan into the CPU header, the PWM IC fan stops sensing RPMs. If I unplug the CPU fan, the PWM IC fan shows its RPMs but I'd like to be able to control both in speedfan.
  5. Well, it's not so much the start up temps that I have an issue with. It's the fact that if I plug in the CPU fan the PWM IC fan reads 0 RPM, when it is definitely spinning and the speed modulates. If I unplug the CPU fan, the PWM IC fan has an RPM reading but then the CPU fan isn't plugged in.
  6. I noticed if the CPU fan isnt' plugged in, then the PWM IC speed and fan control works for the front fan however if the CPU fan is plugged in, the PWM IC no longer detects speed (reads as 0 RPM) and the fan spins up at random times to full speed and then back down; this variance is quite annoying. I'm wondering if there's a way around this or if anyone else has noticed this issue. If I unplug the CPU Fan from its header then the PWM IC works fine; however, I'd like to keep that fan quiet as well (it's running as an exhaust fan right now).
  7. http://www.tomshardware.com/column/20050728/index.html To sum it up: 1. DFI has a crappy manual (true) 2. The guy is an idiot; didn't test faulty RAM and then BLAMES THE MOTHERBOARD for causing such a long install. 3. I was about to think he wasn't a total moron until he said he actually looked for Realtek sound. Seriously the "review" (3 pages of bs and "analysis") was bordering on acceptable until he said "Just like I've come to look for Realtek sound - because it makes hooking up 5.1 or 7.1 speakers vastly easier - I wouldn't buy a board that didn't have a clear and complete manual, and verbal diagnostics." I didn't even know boards existed with verbal diagnostics.
  8. The voltages listed by CPU-Z etc. may be wrong, maybe not, but the real question is: is your computer stable at the voltage you are supplying the CPU? If it is, then it doesn't matter what voltage reading you get. Just like temperatures, voltages are going to be inaccurate. Set the voltage to whatever your CPU will run stable at, regardless of what CPU-Z or other programs say the voltage is. Whatever setting you choose in the BIOS, I'd tend to think that was the voltage being supplied regardless of what the reading shows.
  9. It's back Still getting minor video/sound stuttering at random intervals. Crappy. I hate it when you think you have something solved and it f*cks up again This seems to be a fairly common problem with NF4 boards. At any rate, I'm going to uninstall vid/board drivers, run driver cleaner and reinstall fresh.
  10. Uninstalled TV tuner, no go. But I noticed the SATA controller that has ports 3/4 on it was on the same IRQ as the Nvidia audio. Tried moving the HDD to port 1/2 and voila no more skipping (so far). Hurray.
  11. floppy/mem card reader TV tuner that's about it. The TV tuner is sharing an IRQ with the video card, but I'm not sure if that's causing an issue.
  12. I was running a 3/4 divider to try to keep the DRAM @ 200 for clock adjustment purposes, but tried 5/6 and I'm still getting occasional stuttering Very strange and irritating. I'm not sure if it's an Nvidia audio problem, I'm using the standard nvidia audio drivers and SPDIF coaxial to my Z-5500's. But, I'm also getting Video stuttering (it's like, a whole system hiccup) so I have no idea.
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