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  1. Techman, payment went through, I apologize, but it is sold. Thanks for the interest.
  2. It's got everything that came with it, except the instructions (you can get them off of Zalman's site). I've got a sale pending...if it falls through, you're next.
  3. Crosshair is Asus' Republic of Gamers "top-dog" motherboard for the AM2 platform.
  4. Thanks, from a fellow Clevelander! :cool:
  5. Somebody has to need a great VGA cooler?
  6. I have a Zalman VF900 for sale. It was used for about 6 months. I've now changed graphics cards and can no longer use it. I am set up for pay-pal payments (either transfers or credit cards). I don't have heat, but my E-bay ID is 1hawaii50. This thing is in perfect shape and includes the fan controller and the ram-sinks. I'm asking $30.00 shipped w/in Continental U.S.
  7. Most definitely. I put some spare Corsair XMS in until I can get the Mushkin RMA'd, and it seems ok now.
  8. Think I got it. Ran Memtest on my 1 month old Mushkins and both sticks show hundreds of errors. Tested both individually and one of the sticks won't even let the mobo post.
  9. I just installed an AMD x2 6400+ into my Asus Crosshair, and it's now giving me fits. It took me 7 times of trying to re-install Windows amidst hard locks and crashes to finally get it installed. Now, I'm playing with the clock speeds, and when I change the CPU Voltage in the bios, I don't think it's actually changing anything. CPU-Z shows the voltage at 1.392v and PC Probe shows it at 1.42v no matter what I set it to in the bios. I set the CPU voltage to 1.45v and it's still showing as 1.392v/1.42v in the other programs. I do have the latest 0702 bios. Any ideas?
  10. I am selling my Sapphire/ATI X1900XT 512Mb PCI-E video card. This card will easily run XTX speeds. I gamed for a day at XTX speeds and this card never broke a sweat. I had it cooled with an HR-03 (which is also for sale). The stock cooler is back on the card w/some AS5. This sale includes the card, retail box, driver disk, and all cables/adapters that were originally included with the card. This card is less than a year old. I am selling it as I got a good deal on an 8800GTS. This card is in perfect condition, and runs perfectly. This card has Vivo, and is a Crossfire edition card. I am asking $200.00 shipped, or $230.00 shipped for the card and the HR-03. The shipped price is to the Continental U.S. only. I am open to shipping wherever it needs to go as long as you will pick up the shipping bill and all applicable customs charges. I don't currently have HEAT, but my Ebay ID is 1hawaii50. I am set up for Pay-pal also (credit cards accepted). You can call me at 216-577-4468 if you have any questions. Thanks, Don.
  11. Price drop to $35.00 shipped. This thing needs to go, it's in perfect condition.
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