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  1. Get a Phone PDA... not iPhone but an HTC I have the HERMES the new one coming is the kaiser... which is potent and has plenty of expandability. Runs WM6 good site for info on PDA Phones www.xda-developers.com take care.
  2. You are my HERO... thanks I was a bit flustered thinking the board was DOA only cause I installed something wrong, which I know its hard to do it wrong... but man I felt small there for a little while. THanks Again!
  3. Anyone else know what Post Code 88 means? Mine posted that before I RMA'd it.
  4. ...first board DOA, my FX60 would not post, dont know if it is a BIOS upgrade or not to get it to boot, will try a Venice Core on the next Board to come to me first then upgrade BIOS and re-install the FX60... that should NOT have to happen, but DFI pulled a u turn with this mobo, wish I would have read more before I hit the submit payment button.
  5. A sticky would be good. I think it should take 3-4 peeps with a bad experience to get mention, maybe 10 to get the "mark of shame" Sad note, the only way not to lose my shirt is to take another DFI board, which I will do... regrettably as I cant waste more money on another MOBO for a few months. MY LP UT NF4 has done me well for a while, and I was trying to stay loyal, but as I can see it isnt always about loyalty that gets you taken care of.
  6. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS HACK OF A COMPANY... Experience: Bought a DFI XPRESS3200 LP UT Mobo from them, paid over 170 in cost and shipping (which was really high) Board was DOA... no post... Got RMA number and shipped back. Contacted RMA dept, could not understand the lady, so I asked to speak to manager, she states he was at a meeting and was obviously lying to me... I wasnt mad at her, per say until the lie... so then I call back and ask the operator if I could speak to the RMA Manager, she obviously doesnt know my situation and states he is on vacation and he will be back tomorrow or the next... thus confirming the lie told by Ming in RMA. So then this brings us to the non-working motherboard... I get 85% of my part cost, and the rest is gone... My shipping charge not reimbursed I understand, dont like it but understand. But the 15% of the part cost... I SHOULD NOT BE PENALIZED for their bad board. So what do I do now? NEWEGG.COM eat a few bucks, but have a real company to deal with. Im out 50+ dollars and no board.... Screw DFI, and Screw Atacom, DONT deal with them, in the end they will keep your cash. On a lighter note the Better Business Bureau is kind and listens and doesnt lie... Will I get the 15% no, but they will make a nice note on atacom for me
  7. Ill search through and see. As it stands now, I am going to go without RAID, live with the hit, hope my Raptor X makes up for a little of the speed loss. I plan to have my programs run on Raptor, and my OS on a Sata II 200 GB Drive.
  8. Dang Ordered mine when I couldnt find the streets, and now I am a little angry cause I couldnt wait. Well I havent installed it yet, so I cant complain until I experience some woes, I think I will call the dealer back up and see if he is willing to trade it out with something else.
  9. SIL is Sata I though is it not? I have one Raptor X I plan to use on the ULi chip, and then I will use to Deathstars on the SIL chip but as I started to DL the drivers from thinks above I noticed no XP64 Driver for the ULi Chip, soooo I think I am stuck on the SIL Chip as is. I will fiddle around with it and see what I got.
  10. Well guys I need some help if possible. 1. What BIOS does best with the FX60 on this board? I do possibly plan to do RAID (I know there are issues with UTI (see below)) but currently I have a Raptor X waiting to get some play time. 2. Drivers I may need to update for Raid, and anything else. If I do use Raid it will be RAID 0 and will be with only 2 drives (and then the Raptor X doing something like running programs (or it may be my OS drive) Now if it is just links you send me, I will GLADLY read, if you have a good idea on what page of the link I need to spend particular time on let me know. Thanks G.Bull
  11. 1 GB of Mushkin PC3500 Redline, I have had them to 240~245 at stock timings. Volts 3.3 Timings are 2, 2, 2, 5 1T price 110.00 if you can act on them this week.
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