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  1. Get a zalman... I have used zalmans of both sizes on my nf3 250gb... and also with *my* newark 3700... The bolt through works fine and it allows you to regulate the pressure on the chip much easier then any clip. Also, take into account that the base of the zalman does not interfere with the socket when you are using a chip with no IHS (like your newark)
  2. Yashu

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    sigh I wish I knew where to get one of these...
  3. Yashu

    best all round cooler and fan

    Zalman, easy... this is just a better heatsink... the xp90C might cool half a degree better but the zalman wins hands down when it comes to installation. (esp when you have your IHS off)
  4. I switched from a via chipset to nf3 on an old 32bit install... I had to run a repair installation... I had the same problem, freezing on mup.sys. The weird part is I ran sysprep prior to removing the drive from the via board... but booting back up on the nf3 it was as if sysprep did not run at all.
  5. I can use the middle slot without any issue. I am not sure if you are even supposed to run the middle slot on it's own... so... I am almost sure my old via s754 board had that same limitation... Actually, if I remember correctly, the DFI will default to ddr333 when using the middle slot only? I remember my via board defaulting to ddr266 using only that slot?, so I think the nf3 is better!
  6. a single stick would not allow you to run with bank interleave setting turned on. It greatly improves write speed if you can run with two sticks and turn on bank interleave.
  7. oh! ok you have that sortof right... the CG claws and any other 130nm s754 core will default to ddr333 2t with 3 dimms... I didn't think that he could have had a C0 clawhammer so I missed this point: the C0 claws had trouble with 2t. I don't think it even worked with them. since that core basically *needs* 2t for 3 (double sided) dimms... I am not sure if it is going to work. Now, one *might* be able to slow the memory down manually in bios even further to... say... ddr200 and it might work at 1t I am not sure though. with my CG claw I could never get 3 dimms to work at 1t at any speed really... and at 2t it would boot and such up to ddr400 speeds, but I could not get it to run bug free at any speed. (very strange problems with directsound and other weird hardware/software bugs) The newark, however, based on the rev E core, does actually work at ddr400 2t like it is supposed to when using 3 double sided dimms (like 3gb)! I would assume that the other rev E equivilent mobiles would work too.
  8. it will work... just at 2t and if you have a clawhammer or newcastle it will be at ddr333 aswell. With my newark I can run 3X1gb at ddr400 even overclocked to 250mhz.... but at 2t.
  9. Yashu

    Remove AMD64 Heatspreader....

    I did it... it's great... more effecient transfer of heat... Just BE CAREFUL and look at pics of the naked chips so you know how deep to cut... you do not want to nick one of those capacitor packs... they have something to do with default voltage as read from the bios... nick the wrong one and your chip won't boot at all... hehe
  10. you need xp64 or windows server 2003
  11. Yashu

    NF3 250gb Max HTT?

    I can't even get 275mhz on mine... so... you better get a chip with the highest multiplier that you can just in case.
  12. 8 pipelines? isn't that the 6800LE?
  13. Just remount yours... I have the stock heatsink and never go above 39C even with chipset volts turned up.
  14. Yashu

    what 2x1gb kit?

    I have crucial ballistix and man is it nice... I have used the value stuff too and it wasn't bad... the value stuff could do almost 240mhz at 1T.
  15. Yashu

    new zalman 9500 cpu cooler

    why do you hate zalman?