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  1. Yea i was looking around, and I saw the the Evercool VC-RE is good. Also came across Thermalright HR-05 SLI (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835109131) which is passive and just as good. Also just came across this http://www.svc.com/hr-05-sli-ifx.html which is an updated version of the HR-05. Was wondering if anybody has used this on an NF4 SLI-dr board without problems.
  2. Hello all. Ive had this mobo (DFI lanparty NF4 SLI-DR) with an opty 175 for some time now. Never had a problem. Today I went to change my coolant ( water cooled), started the computer up and started using it for about 5 min then it shut off on me. I thought that perhaps the water cooling was leaking or something was up. Checked everything and wen and just sat in bios and monitored temps. Noticed the the NB was gettin up to 58C+ then shutting down. Sure enough the NB fan is not even spinning. Im not sure how long its been dead, as I have water cooling on just the cpu and additional fans with 2 on the NB itself. My question is , does anybody know a good replacement NB fan that is similar size. Its right by the PCI-E port so the video card hovers over it with barely any room between them. Any help greatly appreciated
  3. ya my ps is a decent 600w one. I think its just my max or or the cpu needs more volt which I dont wanna do unless I have better cooling. another wierd thing is i can run my settings with like 225 on the ram to achieve 2700 mhz on the cpu, but if i use a higher divider like 9/10 then have like 245 on ram and 2700 on cpu its not stable for some reason, which is wierd b/c ive gotten the ram up to 260 stable so i dunno. Thanks for all ur help tho happy new years every body!.
  4. ok thanks for your input. Also I can get it to 2800 stable in windows but if I run occt, after a min or two it either freezes up or just reboots. Is that because I need more volt on the cpu? its already at 1.65 and I prob wont go higher then that unless I get water cooling.
  5. Quick question. Im using Everest to monitor some temps right now and I notice the NB temp. How can it be monitored if its built onto the cpu? is that just an incorrect reading? im speaking about my a64 3200 chip. also while im at it, had a question about my OC. Currently im running at 2700mhz on my 3200+. Running 5/6 divider, 10 multi, 3x ldt. memory at 225. Before i had it slightly lower cpu mhz I think at 2600, but 9/10 divider. I can then use 240mhz on the ram, but then i take 100mhz hit on the cpu. Which would give a better performance, the setup with 225 or 240 mhz on ram? Is the cpu mhz still the king when it comes down to it all? If so maybe ill try a lower divider and try for 2800 which is still my goal. I can get 2800 in windows but 10 mins into OCCT and it generates an error and im not sure where to go from there, if i should start with lowering the divider first or what.
  6. the ocz plat rev 2 had some real nice scores and timings so Im thinkin thats what im going to go with so i can reach 2800.
  7. ocz gold pc3200 or plat 3200 rev 2? right now i have some crappy ultra ram as a place holder. My goal is 2800 for my system. With this ultra ram I can hit 2600, prob more but timings arent that great. If possible I wanted a 280 fsb 1:1 with decent timings. So am i better suited with the plat? Or is there something even better. Any suggestions/info greatly appreciated
  8. Ok,. So I was having some issues with bsod, and slowdowns in games listed here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15821 . So I just got done installing some anti virus software , and restarted. My comp would freeze at post, at the memory checking. it would say OK, but nothing else would come up, no memory timings etc. It seemd I was getting the dreaded "cold boot" symptom. After trying every possible method, I have determined that it was my logictech mx1000 usb mouse. While plugged in, it would freeze up. So then I proceeded to download and install the 3/10 bios. Now after that, without moues plugd in still, after it posts, it goes to memtest86 for some reason. Even if I select bootable device manually, goes to memtest86. Any ideas ? Its wierd >< its at about 80% done with memtest now, should I let it go and then see if it will boot afterward? * goes into bios, notices new option that will run memtest86 without need of cd or floppy. Smacks face* Thats a nice feature ^^ anyway back to messing around.
  9. Hello everybody. Just purchased this board and I like it alot. A few things I need help with. I can make windows bsod if I have my xfire + aim running, load up my newsgroup program, and run teamspeak. If I hold down the talk button while those programs are running , I get a bsod, a quick one that goes by fast and I can barely make out error, then it resets. looks like mvsp.sys is the file that gets error. If I do anything else its fine tho. This is a fresh install. I can say play counter strike source fine, cept I notice some fps slowdowns , and some other quirky things. My memory timings are 3-3-8-3, and Bios date says 1/25. Running on a a64 3200+ venice core. Was wondering where to go from here. Its the same error, if I use any stick of ram by itself, or both. Should I update bios first? I notice when i try and change the voltage on memory it wont let me as well, just pops back to 2.68. Any help greatly appreciated.
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