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  1. Hi all, on my other comp I have an ati x800xl and the fans ready to die, I tried cleaning it but its still loud and seems to be skipping like turning on and off, what fan should I buy for it that wont get in my almost touching by 1mm ultra-d chipset fan?
  2. okay thanks, just looking for the tutorial to find the max on my memory, also does the ultra-d work with 3 sticks of ram?
  3. Would 3 sticks of ram work on my mobo? and like if i get one thats 2-3-3-7 id have to make all my sticks that latency or higher?
  4. Found my cpu's max but not my rams
  5. I do alot of reading, and I cant get a steady oc, and im starting low also.
  6. Ive been trying settings from other forums that people use also, and no luck
  7. I cant oc at all and ive been trying many settings so im guessing its the bios, I cant even get 240mhz stable
  8. Hi, I havent been oc'ing with my comp for quite awhile and im using really old bios, what would a good ultra-d bios be for my ocz pc3200 rev 2 tccd ram? thats stable and doesnt have bugs or problems? also after I flash the bios do I have to redo all the ram settings and such?
  9. and close to $200 more, I have 2x512mb, and my friend is willing to sell me his same pair for $65, but I just wanted to know if ddr400 2t will work fine at 2-2-2-5, I dont need 1t, games barely are better at 1t
  10. Hi, I have 2x512mb ocz platinum 184pin rev 2 pc3200, and im looking to buy another pack to have 2gb, is it fine to use tccd with tcc5 sticks? with all 4 can I still run in 2-2-2-5? Im guessing I cant run in dual channel anymore also?
  11. Currently im not OC'd but i try to use standby or normal xp screensaver so my password can be enabled when i move the mouse, but it doesnt want to go to the screensaver at all or standby even if i test it and set them to 1 minute. it worked fine acouple days ago and im not sure what the problem is. My clock seems to keep the right time still, even though it looks like one second is fast and one is abit slower, but still keeps the same time as my watch perfectly. :drool:
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