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  1. Thanks Repr. From what I've read around the web the 4200x2 seems to be a very popular 939 CPU. This will be the last upgrade for this system (besides the video card) and I want to be sure and get the max that 'ol 939 socket had to offer. I dont know much about overclocking so chances are what I replace that stock 3700 with will also remain stock thats why I lean more towards the 4800x2/185 Opti end of things.
  2. Below are my current specs. I would like to keep this nice DFI board and Ballistix memory for another year or two. The video card is an easier decision given that another 7800gtx for SLI will cost about as much as a single, better performing 8800 card (especially with the 8800gt coming out). As far as the CPU, with the prices of 939 CPU's so low would it make sense to replace my perfectly good 3700+ with a 4800x2 or 180/185 Opti? Thanks codeseven
  3. Just for the sake of keeping my system current, I'm going to download the April DirectX 9.0c files. After doing so do I need to re-install my chipset drivers or video card driver? Thanks
  4. Thanks. From what I've been reading in the mean time it looks like a single newer card is now better than two of my cards in SLI! GEEZ!:mad:
  5. I have an DFI nf4 SLI-DR mobo, AMD 3700+ SD, 2gigs Crucial Ballistix, with a single BFG 7800 GTX video card. I want to add another video card for SLI. 1) Does it have to be the another 7800? same brand(BFG)? Or can it be a higher (7900/7950) or lower rated card? 2) Is the 3700+ enough to power 2 cards? Thanks! PS: Oops! forgot about my comps stats already posted below.
  6. Cheesmemo, I'm about to do a reformat and install of Windows, what do you mean by 'I followed Angry_Games video'?
  7. Thanks for the link. I haven't heard of this before. It does sound like a 'cool n quiet' like program that makes auotmatic adjustments on the fly. Does anybody know more about this? Is it another driver that needs to be installed/ updated?
  8. Posted by Angry, thanks. Basic order of loading software on fresh/new install: 1. chipset drivers - Intel boards, 5.10 Nvidia NF2/NF3 chipset drivers for WinXP or 6.53 NForce4 Standalone Drivers for NF4 boards for 2k/XP 2. Windows 2000/XP Critical updates (I suggest leaving Automatic Updates ENABLED) 3. Video Card Drivers (ATI / NVidia etc) 4. Audio card drivers/periphial drivers (printers, scanners etc) 5. Windows update for driver updates/non-criticals like WinMedia9 etc 6. Anti-Virus and other software 7. remember to CHECK FOR UPDATES WEEKLY! Windowsupdate, Norton/McAffee anti-virus, etc.
  9. Thanks Kaollasu, whats #6) load AMD 'CPU driver'?
  10. I'm formatting and re-installing my OS later. But before I do, what about things like my nForce chipset drivers, DirectX, video and sound card drivers, is there a sequence before or after OS install that I need to follow? Thanks Mike
  11. XP x64 Pro has been by far the best OS I have ever used and I'm willing to bet, the best Microcrap has produced so far. Faster, stable and I haven't (fingers crossed) had a single BSOD yet.
  12. Thanks guys, can you clue me in on why I wouldn't/shouldn't use the x16 version?
  13. I currently have the 6.66 drivers installed and have had no problems with my rig, but I know that there are updated drivers now that I can download. Should I do so? Also, can you fellas tell me which version, either the n-Force4 AMD Edition or the nForce4 AMD/Intel X16 edition should I be using with my rig specs? Thanks http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...4_amd_6.69.html http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_winxp64_x16_6.82
  14. I think it's pretty cool a rep from Crucial regularly posts on this forum. It shows Crucial is confident in their products and backs them up. But I'm starting to wonder the same thing. It's obvious Crucial memory is taking a beating, not only here but on various other forums. Because of that, Ballistix is definitily getting a bad name across the net. If these problems are unfounded, or if there is some mass misunderstanding of Crucials product, you would think the 'Crucial guy' would be all over these threads doing damage control. Since that is not the case, what are folks having these problems supposed to think? I'm one of (hopefully many) the 'lucky' Ballistix users that has so far not had a single problem. Not a single BSOD, overheat or bootup problem since installing my sticks. But, as I previously posted, I have not done any OC'ing, tweaking or changing of the settings in the BIOS whatsoever. I want to, but I aint gonna now, not until I know it's not going to screw up my expensive sticks. If there is an explanation for all these problems, and it's not being conveyed, Crucial is really dropping the ball here and allowing one of the most well known and renowned memory sticks in recent times to go down the crapper. After being so universally recommended and respected in the high performance PC world, that would truly be a shame.
  15. When I bought my Tracers a few months ago, they were by far the most recommended sticks, on several forums. Theres no way I would have bought them (and probably no way they would have been so highly recommended) had threads like this one been around. I'm hoping these problems will stem from just a bad batch you fellas unfortunately bought from (after mine was produced ofcoarse! ) that will prove to be the problem and Crucial will make good on. Otherwise, I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope that by leaving mine alone they'll be fine :cool: .
  16. I used to OC the crap out of all my old PC's components because they were becoming outdated and I didn't mind wipping them to get as much performance out of them as I could (hey, it was fun!). If it took a dump, what the hell. It WAS my intention to eventually overclock my Tracers (along with the rest of my system) but after running absolutely trouble free for several months at all 'stock' settings, with great results, I'm gonna leave well alone. Makes me wonder if once you decide to start messing around with squeezing more performance out of your already 'high performance' running components, that your taking your chances on one or more of those components having a problem and hence your whole system becomes problematic.
  17. A few months ago when I decided to build my first PC I researched and bought all the most recommended components at the time, the OS I took a chance on and it paid off. XP x64 Pro has, by far, been the best OS I have ever used. Fast, stable and (so far) trouble free. For me, the ONLY issue WAS drivers, but with the recent release of Creatives x64 driver, that last issue was resolved. Most of my apps are at least as fast, if not faster on x64, including the games I play (COD2, Silent Hunter 3, Pacific Fighters). At this time, I would highly recommend XP x64 Pro. However, the closer Vista gets to becoming mainstream, the more likely support for XP x64 Pro will diminish, which will then make Vista the recommended x64 OS.
  18. Hi Tyler, I have almost the same system specs as you. I haven't OC'd yet, not until I think I have enough info digested to do it safely. I have a couple of questions for you, are those your final (highest/stable) OC specs? Why did you you decide to use the 623-2 BIOS? Thanks Mike
  19. Orange slots and 623-3 have worked flawlessly, so far
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