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  1. From what I have read on these lappies is that a Merom will drop right in and will function with a bios update. Here is where I read that info AnandTech They compare the XPS M1710 to the e1705 The Merom is really not that much faster than the core duo and from what it sounds there will be an Intel chip that will be even better and will drop right in as well, read the article....... I have been looking on Ebay at all the add ons you can buy there for these and its looking like a good investment at this point.
  2. I have been looking at buying a laptop that is capable of gaming and was hoping that some here would have some good ideas. I have been looking at the Dell e1705 as you can get that with a 7900GS and doesnt cost a fortune. I know the XPS series are great but there is no way the financial advisor (aka wife) will let that fly. So the e1705 specs Core duo 7900GS 2gb DDR2 @667mhz 120gb 7200rpm drive And lets not forget the 17" widescreen @ 1900x1200 Does anyone here have a laptop that you can game on and what you think of it, particularly the e1705?
  3. Do not mess with the GTX cooling, except for putting new thermal grease {ceramique or silver} in there. I tried a VF900 on my GTX and temps went up. The Gtx cooling is great, just dl riva tuner so you can crank up the fan on it and all will be good!
  4. I just bought a bluetooth adapter that plugs into a usb port for 9bucks on ebay. I edited (with some freeware)the song I wanted, sized it, and uploaded it from my desktop to my phone. Easy as pie. But you do have to have a bluetooth phone. It took a while to get it to work with Windoze XP, but I know you can figure it out as well, you own a DFI! Whats cool is I uploaded some pictures of the wife and I to use as a background and I can get all those pics and videos off my phone and not have to pay for minutes to do it! Well worth the 9 bucks!
  5. English But I can get a beer, get in a fight and get laid in spanish, russian and german, not neccasarily in that order
  6. Try heating up the tubing in some boiling water and then pushing it on the fitting, that should do it..........
  7. You will probably have to reactivate it. I put 2gb of memory in the wifes rig a while back and had to reactivate it. Luckily I didnt have to reinstall or anything like that and I doubt you would have to either. But, you can never be sure with Windoze
  8. Monarch has the Egg beaten, lol, sorry had to do it At Monarch x2 3800 = 166.69 x2 4200 = 213.00 x2 4400 = 255.99 x2 4600 = 252.99 x2 4800 = 355.99 The Egg x2 3800 = 169.00 x2 4200 = 199.00 x2 4400 = 455.00 x2 4600 = 269.00 x2 4800 = 499.00 Now I suk at math but I can figure that one out. Been wantin a 4400x2 for a while now, I think its time.........
  9. Busier than a one legged man in an asskicking contest Sweating like a whore in church Uglier than mud fence
  10. Thought you guys might like this http://www.outpost.com/entry?site=op:mfe031406&sku=4596287
  11. I have already thought of that, and wouldn't you know it a friend of mine just gave me his water cooling setup. A nice 12v pump, resevoir and a 120mm radiator. Already have a case design drawn up for plexiglass and already have the materials as well. I like the idea of solar panels to power the cooling, dont know if it will spin the pump. I'll have to get a panel and do some testing Hmm, I think I got the makings of a cool project...... And I will definetly post a log, it wouldnt be right not to!
  12. Well one of things I wanted to is to throw in a wireless card in the pci slot, will that be a prob? What OS are those running? What kind components are those rigs built with? As you can tell I'm in research mode, so any info I can get on these little things will help. And it seems I have found that DFI makes these lil boards as well, only 3 models but hey it's DFI! Scroll down in the link to see em Mini ITX DFI Boards
  13. Well guys and gals, I have built several nice sytems and sure I could throw more money at them, but I was thinking of starting a new project. A car PC Mainly I was wondering if anyone around here has done so and what components they used. I have seen several articles about building them and thought that it would be a cool way to drain the bank a bit and come out with a nice mobil pc platform for the car (truck actually). CarPC project These mini ITX boards are only 170mmx170mm in size and can use a 12v to 12v power supply so you dont have to use a power inverter. This is the board I'm looking at Versa 1.5g This is the PSU 160watt PSU And this is the touchscreen, not necasarily this unit but something like it 8" touchscreen VGA Then all you have to do is to add the Panasonic slot load slimline laptod dvd/cd drive (yes they make a converter) and you have a rockin lil system. Has anyone out there built one, and what did you think? I'm hoping SoundX will chime in on this one as I know its right up his alley. Do a goggle on car pc or mini itx and you will see this size format seems to beused for many things and some of the coolest lil mods you'll ever see.
  14. When I was a kid; (I'm 42 so I know the ol days) 1 I got my butt beat at least once a week, sometimes for lil stuf 2 I was respectful to everyone 3 I said no sir and yes mam 4 My TV was limited because I was to busy playing outside 5 Myself and all the kids I hung with, not one was obese, quite fit really... 6 No one took drugs cuz they were depresed or hyper 7 I had rules and I better stick to them or else line 1 8 A fight meant you were gonna kick someones butt with your fist, not a gun 9 Video games were pong and tempest 10 If you wanted to buy something, you better get to work The kids I come into contact with all need thier butt's whipped everyday for at least 6 months just to make up for lost time. They are direspectful snotty lil good for nothing pants hung low tattoed and pierced drug addicted smoking drinking graffiti slinging good for nothing worthless pieces of human flesh. I shudder at the thought of these imbeciles running the country when I retire! I'm not gonna say that I was a perfect kid, but I knew my place in the world and I grew up with values, morals and a true knowledge of respect. I would like to think that I turned out to be a person who contributes to society, not destroy it like some kids today love to do, not saying all kids. The only kid I know (personally) that might turn out ok is my 13 year old nephew. I told him at the beginning of the school year that if he got 3.8 grade point or better I would build him a computer. Low and behold the lil turd got a 3.85 for the year. He worked his butt off and I was glad to give him his computer last month. He learned the value of hard work and that there is no such thing as instant gratification. The wife and I also decided not to have kids for fear that they would turn out like the wretched refuse I see around this town. I'm done...............
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