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  1. Shirts(List is updated everytime one is gone): 0 AMD Me XLarge shirts Some random stickers(A64 stickers, A64 Case Badges, Limited Supply of Althon XP case badges & A64 FX stickers) I only have XL's... sorry for those of you that wear XXL ... the shirts do shrink a little bit whenever you wash them. I will only send a few of each sticker. If you would just like stickers, please contact me for an address to send a SASE. Contact Information: AIM: ecplayr02 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Post Here, PM Me. This is a first come, first serve deal. Do not contact me if you don't have the money. Payment and Feedback: Cost: $8.50 Payment: Paypal, Money Orders and Cash(please contact me about MO and Cash). Heatware: scim22 Pictures: http://www.srivers.net/hf/102_0222.JPG http://www.srivers.net/hf/102_0223.JPG If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks! IF YOU'RE NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OF THIS STUFF, PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. THANK YOU
  2. aight, well ... Im thinking that my processor is getting a little bit too hot, so Im looking for a better heatsink, I've seen thermalrights heatsinks, and I was looking for something a little cheaper ... anyways, anyone have any ideas???
  3. waht about the asus kt600 board??
  4. Aight ... Im at the point were Im in need to building a new system. Im looking for a motherboard that has a reasonable amount of features, ease of overclocking, a good reputation, etc.. Im probally going to be using a barton 2500+ on it ... also ... I dont want it to break my wallet ... so let me here what my options are
  5. Ok, Im in the process of building a new system, and I want to get the right PSU for it... but there are some problems... -I'd like for it to be black(to match black case, but white is fine I guess) -I dont want to spend over I'd say around 80.00. -I dont want a PSU that has a atx power cable thats 4foot long(you get what im saying) -and last, its gotta be stable and reliable. also quite is a issue but not a big one, allthough I dont want it to sound like a jet. so let me hear what you guys have to say. I've looked at the Vantec Stealth series and Raid Max(give me your views on these) thanks
  6. lol... this cat is cool though.. all though she is weird(she likes to hide in plastic bags) ... but you put her in something.. and you open it up.. she'll chill in there for a little bit. I'll try and get some more pics of her around my workstation.
  7. of course, all though..... whenever I took the door off.. she just chilled there for a little while(thinking she just liked the cold aluminum)
  8. well, I dont have a mobo or anything to put in the case yet... so Im sure I'll get it nice and clean before stuff goes in there.
  9. aight guys, lets see what you people have to say about these... which one is better than the other in your opinion.
  10. compressed air works miracles..
  11. I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems, complaints, etc.. about this board.
  12. Im also wondering about this board... also that EPoX board, I cant seem to find any solid reviews on it.. anyone have a link? thanks
  13. Im sure there nice pads, but if you havnt already.. look around at the other mousepads out there... I use a xtrac, used the mouse teflon that came with the pad, works very nice.
  14. AMD doesnt have any posters right now, and Im sure they dont have banners either.. if your not a reseller, I think you can only get bezels(there not even the plastic bubble kind), they are just stickers... I have plenty of them.. they send them to me everytime I call them
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