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  1. Hmm, depending on costs, shipping to Canada might cost extra. Sorry I didn't state that the shipping costs apply only to the United States. CPU does not include a fan, but I'll throw in a Thermaltake Volcano 9 with the Thermaltake Duct Mod, if you so desire, for no extra, plus an 80MM Sunon, although I recommend a SmartFan II.
  2. Hey navyman, As far as I know, this is one of the most popular enthusiast boards, right up there with the DFI UT nF4 SLI-DR. Will do. With regards, T
  3. If you can delineate how that would work for me, possibly. I don't know anything about shipping to apo/fpo military addresses. Earlgrey, I guess I can do $110 shipped, insurance extra. With regards Torrey
  4. My X2 4400+ is prime95 stable at 2.7GHz (270x10), using these settings: LDT Voltage - 1.3 CPU Voltage - 1.45 Chipset voltage - 1.7 Memory voltage - 2.8
  5. Okay, this stuff has to go. MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI - Brand new, used for about 3 days till my DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR arrived. This is the retail package purchased from newegg.com. Comes with all the accessories that were in the box. For some reason, the d-bracket was excluded--whether inadvertently or not, I do not know. Also, the stock chipset heatsink was modified to fit on my DFI board when the stock cooler stopped spinning all of a sudden one day. $115 shipped. Insurance extra, and will be determined. ABit NF7-S v2.0 - in retail box, used for about 10 months till I got my first Athlon 64 setup. Comes with all the retail stuff. I will throw in some extra ABIT Sirellel 2 PATA to SATA adaptors so you can run a raid setup with your pata drives (if you still use them). $45 shipped. Insurance extra, and will be determined. AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred 'B' DLT3C - This is one heck of a chip. When it was in my main rig, the above NF7-S v2.0, I ran it on air on a Volcano 9 with AS3 at 2505MHz @ 1.825vore, prime stable. Of course, your mileage may vary, but here is a screenshot: AMD Athlon XP 1700+ @ 2505MHz $50 shipped. Combine the ABIT NF7-S v2.0 and Xp1700+ for a %10 discount ($85.50 shipped). Insurance extra, and will be determined. 512MB Kingston PC3200 ValueRAM - Great memory at stock. Sucks for overclocking (duh. ). Lifetime warranty. $30 Shipped Insurance extra, and will be determined. Here is my heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=17353 I accept paypal and money orders only. Thanks for looking! With regards, Torrey
  6. I installed Windows XP Professional x64 Edition the other day, and have since reverted back to Windows XP Professional. For some reason, after installing all my programs, the 2nd core on my X2 4400+ stays around 20% cpu load. My benchmark scores plummet as a result. I would advise you to look at your Task Manager after every time you install a program or device driver. With regards, Torrey
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814130247 It says "GDDR2?" Confused.
  8. Depends on what you think a deal is. For example, the eVGA version is DDR2, which I have no idea why, since all standard 7800s are equipped with GDDR3 memory. Also, the card comes with no games. The XFX comes with X2, Far Cry, and Moto something. Also, it is $10 less expensive than the eVGA variant. That's a deal to me. With regards, Torrey
  9. Thank you Yankee! I'm so excited about the card. How is your GTX treating you? Take care, Torrey
  10. Hi guys, I have decided to go with XFX, after reading Angry_game's lauding of the manufacturer's new exclusive warranty. In addition to the better warranty, it also has a more attractive bundle. Far Cry is included. Please tell me I made the right decision. With regards, Torrey
  11. Thanks loc.o. Any idea how much of a performance hit that would cause? Take care, T
  12. Hi guys, I am looking to purchase more ram for my system. Currently, I have 2 sticks of GeIL Ultra Platinum DDR500 512MB modules installed in the orange slots. Would it be okay for me to add another 2 more of those, and still run them in 1T? Thanks! With regards, T
  13. Greenbarr0n, On the contrary, this tends to happen when I am browsing the web. One minute everything is working fine, then all of a sudden the ethernet controller loses connection. What "resume message" are you talking about? Let's all work to resolve this issue! Great to see you guys actively posting here about your problems with the onboard network controller as well. With regards, Torrey
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