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  1. Ok, just to clarify the clarification, is this what you are recommending? Use v.6.70 Drivers and select: -SMBus Diver - MUST -Ethernet Driver - optional -Storage Driver - MUST for RAID, optional for non-RAID -Audio Driver - optional Any preference re the Audio driver in the nvidia package versus the AUD_RealTek A3751 driver on the DFI Ultra-D Driver site?
  2. But what are the advantages & disadvantages of installing the SMBus & Storage Divers? I've read where ppl have had problems after installing these two. Also, what is the advantage of the audio driver in the nvidia package over the AUD_RealTek A3751 driver on the DFI Driver site? http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US
  3. Just looking for opinions on whether to install the Nvidia nForce4 Platform Drivers or not after a clean Windows XP SP2 install. With the v.6.70 Drivers (26Oct05), the tickbox options are: -SMBus Diver -Ethernet Driver -Storage Driver -Audio Driver Ethernet & Audio are self explanatory. But can someone in the know please outline the advantages & disadvantages of installing or not installing the SMBus & Storage Divers. If you don't require Ethernet and Audio, is it best to not install the Platform Drivers at all? Is the answer any different if you've installed XP(SP2) on a RAID array? Thanks PS. Is there any reason to consider using the nForce4 430/410 v8.22 (2Nov05) Drivers with the DFI nF4 UltraD?
  4. http://forum.abit-usa.com/showpost.php?p=428277&postcount=17
  5. Well the way you're doing it and I'm doing it are exactly the same (including zeroing the drives), except in 3 respects: 1) I've always set cluster size to 16k; 2) I've used a 2nd Installation of Windows to format the Array to 16k clusters. 3) I haven't created multiple partitions. So now I'll have to try 2 things to see which has an impact - setting cluster size to 8k with Windows and then setting it to 8k with Partition Magic.
  6. But that's the precise situation where the problem arises, ie. with a slipstreamed XP SP2 install disc. If you install XP SP1 first and then install the SP2 update later, you can get past the problem.
  7. I've always used 16k cluster size but since I've had an nF4 I'm thinking I might just use default 4k to avoid this issue. So my question is, how much "real world" performance difference have ppl noticed when using 16k cluster size versus 4k on the DFI nF4 with say, Raptors in RAID0? Thanks
  8. Good pickup. For those who can't find it, look in Settings/Preferences/-tick Advanced Options -Audio/Output Modules - DirectX and Wave Out.
  9. When I use the nVidia drivers I get decent sound in all 4 speakers ... but, as has been stated, the VLC Player produces a ridiculous noise. When I use the Realtek drivers, I only get sound from 2 of the 4 speakers but VLC plays files fine. Since VLC is the only decent player I know that plays part files, does anyone have a solution - ie. sound from all 4 speakers AND being able to play part files. If not, and I decide to just go back to my SB Live 5.1, which of the PCI slots is best to put the SB in? Cheers
  10. Also, if you want to use a separate SB Live card, which PCI slot is the preferred one to use?
  11. The trouble with this kind of issue is that it's hard to know if you're having a problem with your Nic or with your ISP? How can you tell which it is since many ppl are complaining about slow Net access. That's why I wondered what the significance of entering the mac address was. PS. And hi RGone. I remember u from back in the days of the AMDMB.com forums and that massive RAID thread
  12. Is there any way to stop the chipset fan constantly turning on and off? - other then setting a high or low temp in the BIOS. I'd be happy if it just spun 24/7 at a low speed. It's the acceleration that's makes it so noticeable. My other fans are silent (including CPU fan) so it's not noticeable when they turn on and off but the chipset fan is very noisy when it accelerates up. PS. @garyh909, Do you like your ASUS A8N-E nF4 better?
  13. I'm interested in knowing what is the significance of entering or not entering the Mac address (that appears on the sticker on the Mac housing) in the BIOS. What impact should it have and what is the consequence of not doing it? Thanks
  14. It's not that straightforward for nF4 Ultra owners. The latest platform drivers seem to be causing more problems on Ultras. bigmit37, take a look at this Thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...t=internet+slow It's a pretty unforgiveable problem - Internet access is one of those sacrasant things that should never be compromised - and that really should be a fairly easy thing to ensure. You can have all the tweaks in the world ... but they don't mean a lot if Internet access isn't right.
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