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  1. Top of the ladder...that's funny. Not even close. I'm a lowly Business Analyst..... I'm sure my boss could get a 7900GT with 1 1/2- 2 HOURS of work.
  2. http://www.rojakpot.com/showFreeBOG.aspx?lang=0&bogno=7
  3. Best to leave them on and have a fan blowing on them. I believe the 7900GTX cools the RAM with active cooling.
  4. 7900GT = 1 day. One hella computer system for a month if there was no rent, car payment, utilities, food and child support.
  5. There's no guarantee that the next one will be any better. It is working correctly if it runs 2.2. Plus, you removed the IHS. You won't be able to return it. Watsonte's CPU is the exception and not the norm. The speeds he is getting out of a 4400+ is very rare. The average is 2.6-2.7. I can only get 2706 at 1.525 since I upgraded to the Expert and 2750 at 10x275 @ 1.58v.
  6. There is no such thing as thermal throttling on AMD CPU's. Only Intel's have this. This throttling in the BIOS has absolutely NOTHING to do with heat. This setting is the speed the CPU runs in the suspend to RAM, or hibernate state. This means if it is set to 50% the CPU is still running 1 GHz when the system is in hibernation. Try to hibernate, come out of hibernation and look at your CPU temp. If AMD motherboards did not have a thermal shutdown feature, the CPU will heat up until it fries.
  7. Did you lower the HTT multiplier to 4x?
  8. Ebay....Asus flex bridge. They are like 14.00.
  9. Windows could care less unless you set them too tight. The problem is I don't think the HZ's can do 2.5. It will do 3-3-3-7, but I think 2.5 will not work at all. The auto rated timing is 3-5-5-10 for the HZ's.
  10. Go with the brass top TDX. No worries about split or cracked acrylic.
  11. I have 3 8mb cache and one 16mb. I turned on NCQ and my read went to 11.
  12. I have had mostly good luck with every manufacturer that I have ever used. DFI, Asus, Soltek. The worst and best motherboards I have owned have come from DFI. I had the displeasure of owning the DFI NF3 939 for about a week. BSOD after BSOD. There had to be a reason this board didn't last on the market too long besides the fact it was outdated. My Expert is great. The only gripe I have is the memory slot placement. One of the yellow slots bumps right up against one of the screws for the maze 4. If I want to add memory to the slot, I'd have to remove that screw.
  13. About 10 years ago I was trying to pick a screen name that wasn't used in AOL. My 5 and 9 year olds, at the time, where there helping me. I also lived in Jacksonville, Florida then. My oldest said Daddyjaxx. I said huh. She said, you are Daddy and you live in Jacksonville. I really liked my first one too after watching Ghostbusters...Staypuffed, but everything has been Daddyjaxx for al this time.
  14. I use Nlite for the drivers. RVM Integrator for the hotfixes. AutoIT for the programs that won't install silently or require keys, like Roxio, and use WPI as the interface. I have it playing mp3's while it installs. Go to http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ and read up.
  15. Go into the BIOS and change the fans always on at >25. It's under PC Health I believe. I don't use fans for the CPU and chipset, so I can't remember exactly where it is.
  16. You're right. Victim of fingers not typing what brain says. I'm using a 16 stripe and 4 cluster.
  17. I have an unattended Windows install DVD that I use. It's real handy. Throw it in, reboot, and walk away. Come back an hour later and Windows and all my apps are loaded with all the hotfixes, drivers, etc. It took over an hour the first time I reinstalled with the RAID as low as it was. This time it was like 40 minutes. It will always be semi slow because the DVD transfers the programs to the C drive first. When I start the system, the bar at the startup screen only scrolls one time and then I'm in Windows after the GPU's sense I'm using a digital connection and not analog. Everything seems much zippier.
  18. This is much better. My first forray into 4x74GB Raptors had a burst of 222 and a read of 37...that's right 37. I changed the cluster to 16 from 64 and turned off NCQ and read caching and viola:
  19. I added a fourth Raptor. My seek times went from 109 MB/s to 37. Can someone tell me WTH is going on here? The burst is 222.
  20. Possibly. The end objective is to get at the very least 8 hours Prime to be considered stable, over 12 would be better, over 24 optimum. You can't say I'm Super PI or OCCT stable. SuperPi and OCCT are quick ways to find instabilities.
  21. Actually 710/1600 with no volt mod. It could go higher, but I stopped at 710. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=511467 Still number two in my CPU class and speed. I should try to take him. 715 should do it.
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