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  1. He was very communicative after I sent him the email. We've been exchanging emails the past few hours. He blew up the listing picture and agreed it was a 0615 and not an 0610. He had a 165 and a 170 and the 170 was the 0610. He offered a full refund. I declined it. He offered a partial refund to keep it that was higher than I thought was fair and I countered with another lower value and he has already refunded the $$. The 0615 is a good stepping too. It is an unopened retail CPU, so I'll be the first to play with this puppy. Trust me, if I ordered one from a retailer, I would get the worst stepping known to man. If he would have sent a known bad stepping, I would have gotten the reund immediately.
  2. The buyer protection is a waste from what I have read. I'm giving the seller the chance to respond before I do anything. The good thing is it is an unopened unused CPU. It is going to remain that way until I hear from the seller. Either he offers a full refund and I ship it back or I'll keep it if he offers a slight refund. If I don't hear from him at all, which I doubt, he has excellent feedback, then I'll have a real problem.
  3. I won an auction for an Opty 165 CCBBE 0610DPMW, that was specifically listed as this stepping, so I paid the premium to get it. I just got the CPU and it is still a CCBBE, but it it is a 0615DPMW. This appears to be a good stepping as well, but not like 0610 or 0617. I've contacted the seller saying I will try out the CPU before I leave negative feedback, but even if it hits 4.0 GHz , it was not as advertised and I can't leave positive feedback. I actually believe they owe me a good 40.00 refund for this. That's would still be over what NewEgg is selling the 165's for. Am I overreacting or not?
  4. 2.2? Just curious as to why it would be 2.2? 2.3 came out in 2002 and 3.0 in 2004. Why would DFI be using a 1998 standard? I personally do not have one PCI card, but just wondering.
  5. Actually, there are is one 4400+ and no 4800+'s that have hit 3 GHz in the D/B.
  6. It's not for me. I'm asking for someone who is thinking of getting an Expert but doesn't have the funds for a PCI Express card at the moment.
  7. Let me get this straight. They give you a 50.00 credit because Unbelievably Poor Service misrouted your package? I had to chase New Egg down for two weeks to get my 12.00shipping charges back when my upgraded second day shipment came in three days.
  8. The Opty is designed for harsher server environments and made from better silicone. CPU speed is king. You don't have to have your memory at 1/1.
  9. I would assume the Expert uses revision 3.0? Would a Voodoo 5 PCI card work in the Expert's PCI slots?
  10. You do realize they are the exact same PSU don't you? The OCZ has the LED fan and the FSP doesn't. I hope that's why you switched.
  11. WTH is a 110mm fan? Couldn't they just go from 92mm to 120mm?
  12. The 4800 will most probably not hit 3 gig, probably 2.8. The higher the CPU multiplier is, the worse it overclocks. The Opty 165 is almost half the price and will probably do the same final speed of a 4800. The chance of hitting 3 on a 4800 is poor. The chance of hitting it on a 4400 is worse.
  13. Hey Thraxz, what's your temps on that Opty? Do you run it 24/7 on 1.62? I just picked up a 165 with that stepping and I'm hoping for 3 GHz myself.
  14. I really doubt you'd find what you want for under 60.00.
  15. Everything I can't lose is one a thumbdrive, the 160 GB data drive or the most important, the 40GB of music, on DVD's. The OS RAID 0 means nothing that the unattended can't fix in less than an hour. Besides they are Raptors with a MTBF of 1.5 million hours and a 5 year warranty.
  16. The 4 sticks of Kingston Value RAM surely won't help your O/C. You're going to have to keep it on 2T and some serious dividers.
  17. To guarantee those steppings, expect to pay a premium. I just won a CCBBE 0610DPMW on Fleabay for *cough* 212.50. If I get 3 GHz out of it, I'll stay AMD...if not, everything goes up for sale and Conroe here I come. Don't listen to Kingfisher. HIS 4400+ may do 3 GHz. He has a 1 in a 1,000 CPU. You can guarantee that most won't even come close to that.
  18. Three are 8 and one is 16. I bought two new and two used. That's why I have the oddball.
  19. The hole is that you run Prime one time using just one core. Leave it up and run Prime again using the same core. The screen shots would look like you ran dual Prime.
  20. I know that stepping is on the avoid list for Opty 165's, but I'm not sure if they bleed over between product lines for the steppings. I may be FOS, but if they do carry over between product lines, this could be your problem. KNOWN steppings to AVOID if you want at least 2.9ghz: CCBWE 0607_____(Any processor of that week) CCBWE 0551_____(Any processor of that week) CCBWE 0546MPMW CCBWE 0543TPMW CCBWE 0534SPMW
  21. A jeweler may be able to. Have you tried it? It may still work.
  22. Unless you have to back off your overclock too.
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