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  1. I accept any type of Paypal and will only ship to confirmed addresses. I will take PO money orders or personal checks, but will not ship for 10 business days to make sure the check clears. I am Paypal verified: https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/p...0charter%2enet and my Heat isn't a lot, but it is all positive. http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=46880 If you have any negative heat...don't bother. I do have to go on a business trip on Monday and if not purchased this weekend, I wouldn't expect payment until Friday for shipping next Saturday. If purchased early enough this weekend I can ship prior to my leaving. I'm still using the system, so bear with the pictures. 4400+ X2: The 4400+ works great. 2706 is the best she'll do without serious vcore. I had it to 2750, but 1.58v wasn't worth it. Comes with the standard X2 heatpipe cooler. Box is MIA. This CPU has always been under water and has never seen 40c. 125.00 + 10.00 Insured Priority Mail w/DC in the ConUS. Sold. DFI Expert Board (You can see it in the post above): The Expert works great as well. Comes with eveything, minus the box. (Used it to ship an Ultra-D board I sold). The only thing wrong with it is I am missing the pushpins for the chipset fan. I have the fan, but the pins disappeared long ago. 100.00+ 15.00 Insured Priority w/DC in the Con US. (I'll knock 15.00 off so you can get a VC-RE at Jab or SVC to replace the chipset fan.) 2 x 1GB GSkill DDR 500 HZ's: 175.00 + 10.00 Insured Priority Mail w/DC in the ConUS. These are great HZ's and DDR is getting scarce and expensive. Sold to Gabbycat TDX 939 Brass top: 40.00 + 5.50 USPS Priority in the Con US Maze 4 Acetal (Your choice of regular or low profile): 35.00 + 5.50 USPS Priority in the Con US Pending Maze 4 Chipset (Works on an Expert using SLI, I'm proof ): 25.00 + 5.50 USPS Priority in the Con US Dangerden D5: 50.00 + 5.50 USPS Priority in the Con US Sold Single HC (Comes with 2x 120 Sanyo Denaki 105cfm (I think) and 2 x acrylic shrouds. 50.00 + 10.00 USPS Priority in the Con US Swifty Micro Res w/ 1/2 fittings: 10.00 + 5.50 USPS Priority in the Con US
  2. They also have to have the same BIOS's or they will run as the slower model. So at 7900GT at 450/1450 mixed with a 7900GT at 500/1500 would causeboth to run at 450/1450.
  3. I would be very worried. It's still not hot enough to start throttling, but you gotta wonder how long it has been running this hot. I have a little more faith in the temps that are reorted by the GPU's than motherboards.
  4. Yep. That's on par with a 7900 GTX. I really like the new interface:
  5. Daddyjaxx

    New CPU

    Wait until Monday when they are in stock. Best bang for the buck is the 165.
  6. Daddyjaxx

    Bf 2142

    It sucks. Time to load GTA San Andreas again. Any GTA game is my fav. Where else can you pickup hookers and run them over to get your money back.
  7. Dan had me going there for a minite until I saw the sarcasm. I was gonna say if that seemed slow, how the hell did you ever deal with any AMD.
  8. Daddyjaxx

    Bf 2142

    I'm downloading the demo now. Is it as boring as BF 2?
  9. I sold my Ballistix memory to Silversinksam on ocforums. The exact same thing happened. It showed delivered, but he never received it. Two days later he tracked it down. The mailman still had it.
  10. You don't wanna know the 06 scores. The highest was X fire at 2000 all the way down to 400. And the 400 says it is an X2 at 3705...don't think so. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=396839
  11. Not only is it low watts. It's a Rosewill. The PSU won't even come close to cutting it.
  12. The highest score with that card for 03 is 10000 and that was an opty running close to 3.0 in Crossfire. 2100 would be low average in 05, Heck, a stock E6400 only had 1800.
  13. How about a new CPU? Dual core would be good. I'd go with the RAM. Nothin wrong with that motherboard.
  14. BTW it wasn't a 0610...it was a 0615. He made a mistake on that too.
  15. For 800 bucks you could get the DFI 975X, a Core 2 E6300, 7600GT, OCZ Gamexstream 600, 100GB hard drive, cheap case, DVD burner that would be better than any AMD setup. You could go cheaper if te video card isn't that important.
  16. He told me that he won't refund my money. Even though I seem to be an honest guy, he has no clue what I did to the CPU. Yeah...I totally borked it running stock for the 10 minutes it worked before it froze on me. The first think I did was check for bent pins...nada. He does have a 30 day replacement from where he bought it from. He got an RMA and I sent it back to him to get replaced. Mark my words... I'm gonna get a crappy stepping back that I over paid for. I do commend him for that. I'd rather this route than AMD. No more ebay for me. I'll take my chances with the Egg for now on. At least you have a specified time period for a return and they don't say...you seem like an honest guy, but I don't know what you did with the CPU....
  17. Dual 6600GT support in the BIOS is for the 6600GT cards that have two GPU's on them. You do not want to enable this unless you have those cards.
  18. I appreciate your input, I positively do, but I "think" I kinda know what I'm doing. At least I hope I do. I hadn't overclocked doodly squat. I realize a new CPU means a new memory controller. I have thrown four other CPU's in this board, including another 165, loaded the defaults to start and have never had one problem. At stock settings, it should run 3-5-5-10 with all of the secondary settings at auto. I also tried 3-4-4-8 and 3-3-3-7 which is what I always use. I did not try the yellow slots because they are inaccesible without a major pain. I also didn't try any dividers. I wish I had another motherboard to test the CPU in, because I really think it could be a porked CPU. I'm with you that I believe it is a memory controller issue. I'm sure AMD does put out a few bad CPU's every once in awhile.
  19. 3-5-5-10 2T, still no good. Auto defaulted to the 3-5-5-10 and I set the 2T. I ran Memtest 5 three times. I know that's not a lot, but you'd think if it was that bad it would kick out errors right away. Could be a bad memory controller on the CPU. I'd try the yellow slots but I can't get to one of the clips. One Maze4 screw is right up against one clip.
  20. I had used an Opty 165 before with no issues on this BIOS.
  21. Dam it! I can never win. I'm not just a loser. I'm their king. Right after I posted the last message. Windows froze. I rebooted and got a BSOD. I have never had one single BSOD ever on this board that was not self inflicted by pushing an OC. Tried to boot into safe mode. BSOD Tried to boot into Vista. It may not be called a BSOD anymore, but it sure looked like it. Took out the CPU. All the pins are in the right places. Cleared CMOS. Put the CPU back. Made sure all the BIOS settings were good for stock. Rebooted and success, I'm in Windows! For about three minutes and then a freeze. Reboot.... BSOD. Boot into safe mode...BSOD. Reboot into safe mode and unistall the X2 driver. I didn't have to do that before when I was messing around with an Opty, but I figured what the heck. Reboot and I'm crusin in Windows for about 15 minutes. Thought I'd try 3dmark 03 just to be sure. Started 3dmark and I was awarded with a black screen....period. Now I'm pissed. Take out Opty put 4400 back in. Here I am after three successful back to back 3dmark 03 runs and no freezing or BSOD's. Any suggestions before I ship this sucker back to him? It was an unopened brand new retail Opty.
  22. Well..it's in: I can safely say, going from 2706 to 1800...really sux. I can tell just in the speed Windows loads. Do you think I can go straight to 334*9? Just kidding. Now comes the part I love, but hate at the same time. I think I'll start at 230 and go up 10 at a time. I guess I should try stock first, but if I don't have any issues at 230, stock should be fine.
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