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  1. XP says I have an A floppy drive too.... I don't even have one connected. I assume when it sees the controller, it assumes a floppy is there.
  2. I don't believe in the school of run Superpi 32m and if it passes you can keep going. I'll let Prime run for about 12 hours and then Memtest for around 5 and then I feel safe enough to continue on the quest. Not necessarily stable, but I feel like I can continue. I've been reading on the forums about quite a few people getting 2.5-2-2-5 out of Ballistix PC3200 up until 240 or so. So, dummy me, I bump up to 225x11 and run Prime before Memtest. I let Prime run around 11 hours or so and no errors. Go into the BIOS and flip on Memtest. Come back about 15 minutes later and there is one error on test 4 and three on test 6. Flip it down to 2.5-3-3-7 and I got my 5 hours with no errors. I just get the feeling some who "think" they are stable...really aren't. I'm hoping to see how high I can go at 11x instead of 10x. 9x really isn't an option...don't think the Ballistix will do 290 to get 2.6.
  3. Yes, it is only the 20 pin version. I just came over from the AGP side since my 6800 Ultra went down in flames.... :sad: I'm using the 24 pin to 20 pin adapter.
  4. I keep reading that you "must" have a 24 pin PSU for DFI boards. Is this a little over exaggeration? I have this quality PSU with only 20 pins, but I bet it puts out more amps than most 24 pin PSU's: HIGH PERFORMANCE PSU: TURBO-COOL® 510 ATX When it comes to power supplies, it’s performance and reliability that count, and nothing beats the heavy-duty Turbo-Cool® 510 power supply. Guaranteed to power any single CPU system with up to twelve drives, the Turbo-Cool® 510 is the industry’s undisputed heavyweight champ. 510W (650W peak) @ 50°C (industrial rated) 2X more actual power than "500W" home PSUs Heavy-duty caps, inductors, heat sinks, etc. Extended sag and surge protection (.99 PFC) Powerful +12VDC output (34A, 38A peak) Ultra-tight voltage regulation ([email protected] 1%) Super-clean output (+VDC ripple @ 0.5%) New, quieter fan speed control circuit Designed for ATX M/Bs with 20-pin connector I have the extra connections, both the HD and floppy, connected to the motherboard and everything seems fine so far under full load.
  5. I thought the 4xstick 2T limitation was due to the memory controller on the CPU. How could any motherboard go around this?
  6. This CPU temp seems way too low to me, around 7-10c. Is there anyway to keep the CPU fan on at all times? It keeps turning on and off since the lowest setting in the BIOS is 25c. I bet I'm the only one running a 4400+ at 3.1 @ stock V-Core @ 21c....yeah right. :drool:
  7. Let's see.... My printer is USB and I'm pretty sure that I have pretty current top technology, at least for a week :nod: , but my UPS still requires a com port for the software to shut down the system. 200.00 for a new UPS with USB support or just let the system shut off when the battery dies... I vote for option two.
  8. I thought I would try DFI again after the lousy experience I had with the NF3 939 board. (Came for help here since I couldn't even load Windows without BSOD occuring everytime. Was told I didn't know what I was doing.....) RMA'd board.... Anyways....why does this board come with no parallel, no COM, no external USB/Firewire...no nothing? I only normally use the serial for my UPS, but now I don't even have that. After spending $$ for the board, I have to get a serial card too? Oh...and I am so far much happier with this board. No BSOD's yet. Now I just have to see how the Ballistix fairs with it.
  9. I upped the memory to 2.8. The CPU to 1.5 and the chipset to 1.75....all to no avail. I tried one stick in channel A. One in B. Two in A and two in B. I ran 2T. I ran 1T. That's something else that ticks me off. Ballistix 3200 is rated at 2-2-2-6. I could do 1T at up to 220 HTT at 2-2-2-5 on my Asus and can only do 2-2-2-8 at stock on this board. I tried RAID and single configs in SATA 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. The only thing I didn't try is to load the OS on my IDE drive. Too much important stuff and that's not why I bought Raptors. Yes, this is my first DFI board since I was dumb enough not to go PCI Express when I built this. I was seriously considering going NF4 and getting at least one 6600 or 6800GT, but I didn't feel like scrapping my 450.00 video card.........then this board came out. I have been waiting forever. The only reason I didn't go with the MSI Neo at the time I built this is because no one had it . It was out of stock everywhere.
  10. Number one, I am most certainly not a Noob. Number two, if it takes magic fingers just to load Windows correctly, I don't want the board. I really do believe that I do either have a defective board or it isn't playing well with something. I have been waiting for this board for such a long time , I feel cheated. Here are my specs, as I have tried everything known to man to get this to work: 3800+ Venice 2x512 Ballistix 3200 6800 Ultra 2x74 RAID 1x100 WD Audigy 2ZS PC P&C 510 Deluxe TDX, Maze 4, D4 Things I have tried and results: Load RAID drivers, both of them, results in BSOD upon starting XP. If I'm persistent enough with rebooting, Windows will load and I thought I was fine from there. I installed the drivers for my USB gamepad and it froze. When I rebooted, I received the great no boot disk message. Do it again, this time not as RAID. I loaded onto 4, everything went fine up until I install the game pad. It freezes and upon reboot, I get the no boot error. I disconnect the other drive from port 5 and it boots to Windows. Now my mouse doesn't work, my soundcard doesn't work. Next boot I get the no boot disk message and that is it from there. Every single combination, no matter what OS has always resulted in constant BSOD from a RAID config to the no boot device with the single config. Something else I notice loading 2000. It took 40 minutes to format ONE disk of 69 GB. After reinstalling my Asus on RAID 0, it took around 10 minutes to do the full format on the RAID.
  11. I'm about to RMA this piece of junk back to MWave. Should I go for a refund or a replacement? I'm looking for some subjective opinions. I could never get it to work right with XP Pro, Home, or 2000. If I tried Windows on RAID, constant BSOD's at startup. If I tried it on one single drive, I would get a boot device error on the second boot. I have messed with this last night and pretty much all day. The only way I could fix it was to put my Asus back in and it's working fine again.
  12. No go. It still blue screens. I don't know about this board. So far I'm not too impressed with it. My Asus could do 2-2-2-5 1T, the best I can do with this is 2-2-2-8. The rated speed in 2-2-2-2-6 and I can't even do that. I know DFI boards are great for overclocking, that's why I purchased this and I have been waiting for a long time, but what good is it if it can't even run stable at stock.
  13. I'm having a problem that says the file system isn't recognized, but I can read the floppy from another XP system.
  14. I just replaced my A8V deluxe with this last night and it has been a nightmare trying to load XP on a RAID 0 with 2x74 Raptors on 3 and 4. The first time I tried, it installed correctly and then I got a BSOD when it booted after the install. So I tried it again. This time after it installed it BSOD and after that gave me a boot disk not found after I restarted. Now I'm thinking it has to be the RAID drivers and yes I did install both. I go and download the latest drivers. I finally get into Windows and load the chipset drivers. I restart and get the no boot device error again. I try again, not in RAID, just SATA and make it to installing SP2. Reboot and BSOD. I totally wiped my drives with 0's, put it back in RAID, installed Windows and SP2, BSOD. I bet I have reinstalled Windows 10 times and I have narrowed most of the problems to when SP2 or the chipset drivers are installed AND it is a warm boot. I have changed the memory voltage to 2.8, the CPU to 1.5, changed the memory slots, used one stick, tried XP home, XP Pro....everything I can think of including IRQ's. If I restart the system enough or turn it all the way off and back on, I can get into Windows and everything is great....once I'm in. I'm on the system right now. Can anyone give me a reason to send this piece of garbage back and just put my A8V back in? Here are my specs: 3800 Venice 2x512 Ballistix 6800 Ultra 2x74 Raptors and 1 100 IDE Audigy 2 ZS PC P&C 510 Deluxe
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