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  1. Hopefully there will be one more at 3.7 soon. The SLI does rock. The next time I drain my loop, I have to put card number 2 under water too.
  2. They may be soldered on. I believe I read someone tried and actually got worse temps. The favorite thing is lapping the IHS.
  3. I like it on top? I assume that's what this means?
  4. I had to give her another .25 vcore at 380. I tried .125 and it still failed Orthos in 10 minutes. So...now at 3439 with 1.4v, 52c load temps with Orthos running two hours so far. 400 is the goal, but I know if I hit it, I'll keep going as long as my load doesn't reach 60-65. The C2D's are rated to 60.1...so we'll see. I don't mind 65c. It's not like I'd be running load constantly like I have been since Saturday. I definitely feel comfortable that my w/c won't leak. I haven't shut it off since Saturday. I would think a leak would have happened by now. I've never ever left any of my systems on this long.
  5. Well I broke the mystical 370 FSB barrier that I have heard these DFI boards have. 372 FSB stable for 10 hours with only a 50 mv increase from stock so far. On to 380.
  6. It probably is. You can't pay any attention to what SG says for volts. It has my 12v at like 11.89 when a digital MM says 12.27.
  7. Actually it is really boring. This thing has been running Orthos non stop pretty much for two straight days. A failure would warrant some intervention. The system has been on pretty much since Friday night other than switching out the bad P5B I bought from someone. 334 was failing Orthos immediately and throwing memory errors left and right as well as mega BSOD in Windows. The guy dry iced a 6600 to 538FSB and something tells me the memory controller may have been damaged. I'll keep it since it works stock fine. Well... I guess my watercooling aint gonna leak either. I'm getting the same temps now on load as I did at stock idle with the crappy Intel HSF.
  8. It keeps going and going. I just loosened up the timing on the memory so far and put it on the 667 divider. No V-core adjustments yet:
  9. You can always get the Swity radbox and mount a 1 x 120 rad out the back of the case: http://www.crazypc.com/products/93424BK.html A 2x120 would be to long I would think.
  10. I think the web designer needs to fix this.
  11. It's not all OCZ memory and it's not the motherboard, it's the memory. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65406
  12. That IS cool for an Intel. My 6600 @ stock with the stock HSF would idle at 50c if the Speedstep didn't drop the v-core to like 1.15 and then it would still idle at 43. I tried 3.0 GHz with the stock fan @ 1.38 and the temp was 73 when Windows booted. You don't have to worry as much with Intel's. They will throttle if they get too hot. AMD's will not. 65c is the highest comfortable temp, but lower is always better. I'm priming now at 3.0 and I'm at 40c @ 1.3v, but I'm back on water with a Storm w/b. The Infinity is not the best OC board, but the LanParty will be out soon. The 9/13 BIOS is much better. With the original BIOS, if I set the FSB to 334 the system would lock up looking for the drives. It is still better than the current Nvidia boards. There are some people getting 400+ FSB already on the 975X/G. Yes. It is SP2004 that runs both cores at the same time.
  13. For those that want to see pictures: If you are going to W/C your GPU with a Maze 4, I really doubt there is clearance between the mounting hardware and the stock HS, so this fits the bill perfectly. Excellent temps too with the sides off and the H/C fans blowing over it.
  14. Nope...only one supports C2D now. The 975 X/G.
  15. The cooler the better, but generally it is recommended to stay below 65c. Actually it is listed at 300.00 right now...we'll see when it comes out. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=246517
  16. You can try running the RAM at 400, but that RAM should be good for 960 at those timings.
  17. CPUz doesn't report the C2D's correct. I assume your RAM is good for 950? I don't see why it wouldn't be at those timings. But shoot, you still have a stable 1.5 GHz O/C.
  18. Microcenter has coupons for an E6300 for 154.99 and E6600 for 284.99. http://cps7.britemoon.com/ccps/ui/images/4...ml?R=1466146384 http://cps7.britemoon.com/ccps/ui/images/4...ml?R=1466146384
  19. Vista still has to be 64 bit. You should still see ~ 3.5 GB of RAM. All memory runs at 2T on Intels. You can't change it. The memory controller is on the chipset, not the CPU.
  20. GSkill HZ's are good, but they'll top out at 260-270 max. I have the DDR2 800 now and I'm not overly impressed by them with my C2D. I tried stock 4-4-4-12 at 900 and Windows freezes eventually.
  21. Your only, and I mean only choice, for what you want is the Asus P5N32-SLI Premium board. No native SLI boards overclock worth squat. Some of the SLI boards are lucky to hit 300 FSB.
  22. I have the stock fan (for now) and a 6600 @ 3.0 right now with no vcore increase and I ran Orthos for 10 hours and the temps hit 60c in an 18c room.
  23. When the PC boots, the fan speed is full blast. When it gets into Windows, it slows down. I have set the fan to full in the BIOS as well of the other setting for the fan speed to 127. It doesn't help. I set SG to run at full speed. Nothing. I can't get it to run faster. I really don't care long term because it's going under a Storm in a few days, but why won't it run full speed? I was going to put it on my controller, but the fan header is 4 pin.... It's pretty bad that most people have questions about water cooling and I can't figure out air.
  24. I just flashed my 975X/G to the 9/13 BIOS with full intentions to follow the instructions to a T. It finished flashing and rebooted after I hit F1. It booted just fine with the 9/13 BIOS and I didn' have to clear the CMOS or anything. I just had to reset all of the settings because it set the optimized defaults. What does everyone do? Just shut the PC off manually when it finishes or what? Honestly, this is the same thing I have always done on any other board. I've never had to clear the CMOS or anything before. I noticed that the temps reported are a LOT hotter than with the original 7/something BIOS.
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