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  1. Hihi sorry for noob posting : ) yeah, I meant 300 mhz for my ram not 600 hehe And the soundcard was removed when I had the issues the pc, infact it was down to a single cd drive, and a sata disk, with all non essentials disabled in bios or unplugged. I have since got it stable, for some reason I have found I have to increase my LDT voltage and chipset voltage. I have also found a few nasties though when i stripped the pc. oh and the overclock was dropped as soon as i become unstable . I have been posting in a rush at work etc... missing details out etc There was corrosion on the back of the graphics card, I cleaned it off and covered the circuitry with Di-Electric grease where affected, its presently working fine. Also the waterblock for the northbridge was blocked through its central channels, however the northbridge has never got that warm os dunno if it was an issue. Now I still don't understand why I never had an issue with vista and not xp, because I haven't updated a driver in xp or anything significant and it just became stable, so obviously some subtle tweak is all I can guess. Anyhow atm I have had it orthos stable for 2 hours then I have had to leave the house, go out etc, so I can assume its ok. It ran some loops of 3dmark in xp ok as well. One thing i have noticed is that I can't attain the overclock I had stable in vista, in vista or xp now. I think I may have to tweak some more settings. I'm just trying to get this pc sorted with a view to upgrading to a new board ram and processor by the end of the year. So after all my hassle I reassembled it, with its 6 harddisks a cd drive, front sound breakout-box, water resevoir all in the front (WIRING HELL)! and its all working well. Oh as for the soundcard, im getting stuttering in vista64 quite badly its making my games chop. Now I didn't have this before I reinstalled vista, i did however allways use digital out before, and will be returning to it soon. So hopefully that will cure it , at present i'm dual booting so I can test Thanks for the replies.
  2. well I finished the install but i cannot get windows xp media centre stable. So I'm dual booting vista, vista will play games orthos etc fine no problems. But XP MC wont remain stable under any load for more than 10 seconds. I'm running out of ideas now . the reason i wanna stay with XP atm is that I have a creative X-Fi and i would rather use my 1 gig of Gskill LA @ cas 2.5 600mhz, rather than 3gig of generic at ddr 400 at Cas 3, which is what I use to get smooth performance out of vista.
  3. Hi, there. Need some help, I have been running vista since 2 weeks since its release, prior to that I was running XP. Anyhow, i'm fed up of vista lately so I bought a copy of XP media centre. Now when I goto install this, once it gets to the final stages of instal i get BSOD mostly from NTFS.sys and a few others. I have disabled everything in the bios I can, im installing with just one harddisk connected to the nforce 4 controller. The pc has been stable for about 2 years since I built it, 1 year ago i changed to an opty 165, and one month ago I took a chance with a cheap socket 939 3800x2, its a rocket has been stable at 305mhz x 10 since day one. Orthos for 9 hours (max time i could leave it) and memtested with Gskill la cas2.5 : 610mhz about 6 loops Now what is odd is that an old xp pro disc I borrowed installs fine. Which makes me think its an update or something or a slight difference with media centre that is causing the issues. Pc is same as sig but with a nvidia 8800 gts installed. Any ideas or comments gratefully welcome. I can't even finish the install to check if it becomes stable with updated drivers
  4. thanks for speedy reply will do as soon as I get back from buying beer and then find out what an ocdb template is . I was eager with oc'ing so i jumped straight to the 1.5volt area and started oc'ing i just dropped voltage back to 1.41 volts and its now orthos 10 minutes at 2.745ghz odd..... anyhoo ill be right back
  5. Hi there folks Got a problem here, I just upgraded my 3700 San diego to an opty 165. While its stable at 2700 with 1.5vcore and temps of core 1=39 and core 2=49, well I say stable it orthos for hours then either blue screens or instantly reboots the time i try launch a game or anything. It seems like a power issue to me but I am using an Ernmax Noisetaker 600wat psu Which should be adequate. Full system specs below. + Tripple 120mm Fan radiator, passive cooler covered by fan, CPU and Northbridge waterblock. What the interesting thing is, is if I increase the vcore to say a high 1.55 i get instant switch off when I load orthos. The pc is running only one harddisk and no other accesories except a xt850 graphics card, which is only sitting in untill I get the system stable and replace it with my new 8800, I have a fan on the pwm and it still hits 70 degrees (tempted to make a simple alluminium waterblock for the pwm's unless osmeone can point me to a professionally made setup that will work) If anyone can think of something usefull to help I'm all ears. Oh and the sitation gets worse drastically if I even touch any of the voltages for LDT etc. Thanks in advance JG
  6. Ok I have this problem back now months after it first occoured, but i cannot for the life of me fix it. I got so annoyed i tried to reinstall windows, but after the windows setup cd's startup when it loads different modules etc but before it asks you to choose a drive to install too it says "setup is starting windows" or something like that, after a few seconds i get a BSOD. I have tried every possible setting I can imagine, everything off etc everything on. Any advice. ??
  7. ten seconds after writing this i thought, hmm ill try safe mode and i can now read the drives . Just gota figure out how to get them read in windows now
  8. As the title says I can't read from them, I am using BIOS N4D623-3 and the system is nice and stable (nice to get it running after previous bios issue). Anyway, I now cannot accses my drives in windows I have tried altering udma settings in bios setting them to PIO etc and all other varients and I just cant get the drives to read, I have tried two prefectly good working drives. One is brand new and I just installed windows from it, but at the end of the instalation I tried to read from it and it just wouldnt read . Help this is a really stupid and irritating problem. thanks
  9. Weee fixed, I think i'm gona leave the third party bios with the final 310 on it and hotflash the original one to 310p or whaterver i decide on, anyone think this is a bad idea ?? thanks for the help guys
  10. IS this the bios that you bought that you are presently using, if so how long did it take to arrive? Can't wait now hopefully I will have my new PC back. Not that there is much wrong with this pc, but once you have been on a faster one you don't wanna look back ([email protected] ghz (259Mhz FSB, DDR 1:1 cas 3, 9800 pro. Seagate Raid Array, Terratec DMX 6 fire). Can't wait to be back :nod:
  11. hmm Hope he meant he wasnt impressed if that was the cause. if its what you think ill be fuming
  12. wow Hope it works, how much was teh bios you purchased ?
  13. I have just been playing with my board and I cant get it to start memtest with, EVERY single thing disabled in bios including cache etc. It does update dmi pool tho, but then restarts. I'm getting really annoyed now Don't know if (and or when) I decide this board maybe toast if to buy another one just like it. Or go with another manufacturer
  14. I'm affriad that didnt help, but thanks for trying, It stoped responding before I even got to that error message. /me feels this months wages heading towards the computer shop again.
  15. Whats more annoying is that more parts for it have turned up today. If I can't find a solution I will buy a new mobo, but I hope that solution is like taking a hammer to a chestnut, and someone will point out something that is useful. I am at the moment out of options any other way
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