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  1. ok i updated my bios and still no go, it seems to get to the windows login screen then crash after 2 seconds?? what could the problem possibly be because i cant even get it to boot at default settings??? (if i want default settings i can load optimize defaults which makes alot of it auto giving me default speeds). If i set it manually why is it not working? I think i updated to 510 (somebodys favorite or something lol) much help would be appreciated....
  2. ok, im using the factory bios and w/out overclocking its working flawlessly. But i wanted to start overclocking so i step by step did what was asked of me in A64 overclocking guide. I set the voltage to 1.6 volts, but when i tried to run it at 2200 mhz, it will either crash while loading windows or freeze when i reach the login screen. I NEED HELP. I have tried messing with different settings but with no good result. IT is not too hot, in bios its around 35 celsius. WHat i dont get is that it wont even run at 2200, which is the default speed for my processor. The weirdest part being that when i hit optimized defaults it works again at 2200 mhz. For the overclocking multiplier i used 8x and i dont know the exact fsb but between 250-300. And i did everything in the guide right to my knowlege i underclocked the memory and stuff. Any advice, and help to fixing my problem?
  3. ok, i dont have a floppy drive and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get the latest bios on a bootup cd. Ive tried converting the floppy stuff to iso but im having alot of trouble. I would appreciate any help maybe an iso version of the latest bios?
  4. well i just wanted to see if it would run for awhile, i plugged in the monitor, keyboard, harddrive, and cdrom now but its still outside of case. I started the drive scrub so this pesky virus will go away . I hate it when virus's follow you through windows reformat, how do they do it?
  5. well it works decently well now i was able to start the the harddrive cleaner
  6. well, i looked at my motherboard and the safeboot cap thing was on safe boot lol, i really have no idea how long its been like that, i think ever since ive cleared the cmos, so that may have been a problem. With this fixed and the motherboard out of the case, it did'nt boot on its own i only waited like a minute though, and it stayed running for about a minute so i think im gonna put it back in my case. Is it safe to test it w/out monitor and other stuff for a long period of time just wondering.
  7. well ok heres my plan as of now. Since i have some arctic 5 i have to put on my proccessor (ive been to lazy to do it), im just gonna take everything apart and start over on the whole building process. Taking the motherboard out of the case and re putting on all the parts including the proccessor. Then i will try to get my computer working barebone outside of the case. Ill tell you how it goes. Meanwhile i would be happy for any tips and comments. Thanks.
  8. ok i cleared the cmos by the same process a someone posted earlier and did it overnight but it still is having trouble. When it trys to turn itself on the lights it seems to go from 4,3,2,1 then 4 again right before it shuts down, I heard someone say this directs towards the processor? But the processor is installed right because the system worked yesterday . Also sometimes i am able to reach bios for a short time but it still shuts down. What could possibly be causing my system so much trouble if all the power cables are plugged in??
  9. ok i put back in my good psu (with all power connectors), and when i powered it up, it did'nt boot itself up. But when i pressed the button 4 red lights came up, then it slowly went down to one light, then it shut off for like 5 seconds, tried to boot up again, and after this it would boot up again a short time later in what seemed like a random amount of time, the number of red lights was sporatic also. Any ideas?? It will not stay booted for very long at all. maybe 10 seconds.
  10. ok, i tried using my other psu (does'nt meet the requirements is 400 watts), the first time i plugged it in it did'nt boot on its own, but once i pressed the power button it beeped constantly and the red light flashed and it still did'nt boot. After everytime i plugged it in was like with the previous powersupply, it would boot once on its own when i plugged it in, then it would crash, with the ram light off (it was on when first plugged in). I am now very stuck and confused on what to do. I really need help.
  11. I have a few more things to add, sometimes after trying to reboot a few times it will stop all together and there still is a light in lower left of board but no light by ram, and you cant boot. This stage comes at different times, sometimes my computer will try to turn off and on 1 or maybe two times before i hit this stage. Also i did the boot in safe mode jumper thing once and i was able to get to bios, but upon exiting it would reboot. i really need help
  12. ok this is kind of upsetting me because my computer has been up and running fine for quite awhile, but i ended up getting a virus so i wanted to clean sweep with drivescrubber from a bootable floppy. The problem is i did'nt have a floppy installed so i needed to install it. But after the floppy is plugged in my computer will not boot up, and even after taking it back out it will not boot up. I have done no overclocking. The weird part is everytime i put in the power cord and press the power switch on the psu giving the motherboard power it will try to boot up by itself, w/out me pressing the switch on the front of my case or the motherboard. After being on for about 5 seconds the comp will turn off and then attempt to turn on again without me doing anything, and it constantly will do this until i turn off the switch in the back. So i am really confused on what to do and i have no idea where the problem could be coming from and how to fix it?
  13. ok this is'nt a huge problem but lately it has started to become some what of an annoyance. Every once in a while my computer will get a blue screen of death usually saying driver irqs not equal or something equivelent to that. As a matter of fact only one time it did'nt say this and it just showed a blank blue screen. This doesnt not happen a whole lot but i think it is somewhat related to my networking drivers because it seems to happen when im renewing the ip using ipconfig or when i disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable. Any help is much appreciated if you have any questiions please ask me thank you.
  14. ok, what im gonna do is im gonna run with this power supply for about a week, and then return this powersupply to microcenter and use the new money ive made to buy another one that meets the requirements. You think this powersupply can handle the load for a week?
  15. what will happen if my 12v1 and 12v2 dont meet the amps requirement?
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