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  1. Will upgrading to .net 2.0 make any performance differences with video cards and applications that use the runtime code. I'm still on 1.1 ver. and wondering if I should upgrade to 2.0 for 64bit xp pro.
  2. My Ultra-d and xp64 is running stable . The only thing that did not work was the NV firewall . It would not let me update from windows update site. So uninstalled it and everything is running stable now. I don't have a raid setup, just a single WD Sata 2 drive.... One other appp that i can;t get to run ie the I-Turbo software for my HIS x800xl PCIE card. IT says that it cannot load the runtime core.... I downloaded the 1.1 .net framework for the ati cat software to work and everythig seems to work with it including the ati cat software ver 5.7 I;ve downloaded MBM 5 and installed the patch for the ultra-d and it works ok , heres a small list -MBM 5 -speedfan -3dMark05 -Nero -Adobe -Fear Demo -Sysoft Sandra -CPUZ -Konfobulator -Super PI -Prime 95 -Logitech 64 bit joystick drivers (Freedom 2.4 ) -IL 2 forgotten Battles System is running as smooth or better than 32 bit.... Still benching and exploring
  3. Update, my new build is coming along slowly but surely. Have updated my bios to 6/23-3 after some minor floppy issues (thanks for the quick responses to my plea for help ) and now I am going to install the chipset drivers and video card drivers on my Ultra-d . Have the new 6.66 NV drivers for the board and just downloaded the 5.7 Drivers from Ati site. Xp64 up and running with no problems with install, chipset drivers are next then the video card [HIS 800xl ] . I don't expect any problems getting my chipset drivers installed , but have some questions about the 5.7 Cat Drivers..... Firstly I have a single 200 gig WD SATA ,no raid..... So asumming the chipset drivers should be straight forward to install. The drivers that come with the card doest mention anything about xp64 bit compatability so I assume I;ll need the new drivers from ATI web site., and does the Tobo software work with xp64 or not?
  4. opps, I forgot to add the system files when formatting the floppy.The optio has to be checked so that it will make the floppy bootable,,,,,, Diamond Flash worked flawless after that. Floppies Suk LOL..... Thanks for all the help guy....... My bios is now updated to 6/23-3 and have Win xp 64 installed, working on installing chipset drivers and videocard drivers next.
  5. Trying to flash my bios for a new build and I can't seem to get the floppy to read the disk with the flash bois , reads fine in my 2 other computers . I have made sure the first boot device is enabled and the floppy seek feature also. Any one else havinf this problem with a new board Lan Party Ultra D........ Thanks in advance
  6. My power supply,OCZ Power Stream, has a 24 pin connector, and the memory is OCZ Gold Edition VX PC3200 2-3-3-8 512mb sticks. Hoping to get my 3200Venice next week . Suggestions on a HSF that will fit right with this memory stick ??
  7. Going to start my new build shortly. Anyone with similar build components with advice on bioses and start up ... Also , this is my first AMD build , built plenty of Intel comps. over the years so hope this goes as smooth..
  8. I am also doing a new build and have a HIS xl800 v/c . Mine makes the fan cover tilt just a mm or two. It seems to not let the card seat properly in the top (16x) pcix slot. Again, about a mm or two out. So ,I have been looking all over the net also and following DFI forms for a good solution also,without have to stick it in the lower slot at 8x speed instead of 16x speed.... Under the Modifications threads,thread no. 6, Tired of noisey chipset fans..... There you will find some answers to modding the NB chipset. I found a small hsf that is all copper base ans has a 12 volt fan on it. It's a StarTech hsf thats only 6 mm in height and has two retetion holes in the copper hs that can be quite easily enlarged to fit the holes on the motherboard. Just drill the holes a little and it fits with the retension plugs from the original dfi hsf. Total cost $20 can. Anyway check out the thread in Mods section and see some real creative thinking on cooling the NB passively and also active cooling also. Don't have my sig listed yet, picking up a new 3200 Venice this week and then I'm ready to put my new build together. If anyone has come accross the StarTec 6mm copper hsf , maybe they can list their temps etc..... Hope this post was helpful.....
  9. Congrats!! I think you developed the Ultra NF4 chipset cooler there.
  10. Hey guys. I have been looking all over the net trying to find some smaller heat sinks to work with on the chipset mod for the nf4. Here is a pic of one I found and it is 6mm in height and 28x28mm square... The stock hsf is 10mm in height //// the url is adpmods.com
  11. Hey,guys. I also have an oversized HIS EXCALIBUR 800xl. The chipset fan is to big (10 mm) by about 2mm in height. Can't seem to find a smaller hsf for it either. Will keep looking for onw though. I'll keep following this thread also...
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