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  1. Does anyone know where I can order some ram that is actually compatible with my mobo? The best option for me would be just one 512 module so that I can continue to run my current 2x256. Or just an idea of how to look for it, I'm afraid to order anything because newegg doesn't give the C2 version number or whatever just the speeds/timings etc.
  2. My older (working) ram has this written on it. CMX256A-3200 XMS3200v4.1 0412007-6 3338 I'm not sure what version that makes it...perhaps C1v4.1??
  3. You're right bowtie, I didn't see that small 1.2 there, mine say 15. Well, I originally planned on overclocking my fsb slightly...I even bought a fatty thermaltake heatsink and 92mm fan for it. Unfortunately since the beta, World of Warcraft (my addiction of choice) will error if I am even hardly overclocked. So I suppose I won't be overclocking in the near future. Overall I am fairly pleased with my performance anyhow, but that 1gig sure makes things run smoother. Anyway basically I am just looking to up my ram now, and perhaps my video card later, and if that means not being able to overclock without spending a buttload of money then so be it, I just need to know which type of ram to look for. I chose corsair because I had never had a problem with it and it always gets good reviews. I don't really wanna spend more than $150 and I'd like 2x512 of just PC3200 since that will match my mobo and I don't need to overclock too high (if even at all). I don't think that my original 2x256 modules were v1.5, they don't say 1.5 anywhere on them, and I bought them over a year ago. EDIT: I forgot to say that I tried to up my voltage and I still was getting errors, so it looks like that isn't gonna fix it either
  4. Yeah, that's the ram I have allright dr_bowtie
  5. Thanks guys, it's nice to finally make a little headway in this problem My Bios is like I said before Phoenix Technologies AwardBIOS v6.00 PG dated at 11/27/2003. Since that is almost 2 years ago it could probly use an update so I'll check to see if I can find one online somewhere...unless you know a place already @[email protected] I'll try upping my voltage to see if that helps as well, if none of that works do you know which type of ram I should be looking for as an upgrade? Should I just look for C2 v1.0 instead of 1.5 or is there anything else, brand, speed or something that would be best.
  6. I've updated my sig a little, my BIOS is "AwardBIOS v6.00PG"...that's what it gave me at bootup not sure if there is a more detailed way to get it. The ram I'm trying to use is two sticks of "CMX512 - 3200C2PT" it also says "XMS3202v1.5" and underneath that "CL2" so I'm not sure if it's CL2 v1.0 or 1.5 although it looks like 1.5... As for the voltages and timings, I haven't touched any of it and they should all be under optimized default settings...if you need more specifics I'll try to get them best I can
  7. I've had my Lanpart NFII Ultra B for about a year and a half with no problems, and I've been running 2x256 Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200 ram, dual channeled. Recently I've tried to upgrade and no matter what configuration I use, I receive critical memory errors in all the games I play after a short period of play. I have tried keeping the original two sticks and placing a 512 of the exact same Corsair ram in the single slot (for dual channel), that didn't work so I RMA'ed the 512 stick and it still didn't work, and recently I've gotten 2x512 Corsair XMS TwinX PC3200 sticks to total 1 gig dual channeled and I still get the same errors. It would be sad if I was stuck with 512 ram forever, since I don't have the money to update motherboard/processer again. Anyone know any ram that DOES work for sure on this mobo...or perhaps a way I can fix it so that my 2x512 sticks work? I have thought about flashing the BIOS but I don't know much about it and I don't intend to screw up my computer beyond use
  8. I've been playing WoW since beta and I've always had this problem. After numerous patches and updates I am still not able to overclock without the game crashing, annoying, but as far as I know there is no fix without replacing parts.