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  1. hi all, im currently building a new computer, specs are at the bottom of my sig as to what i have and what im going to be getting. the problem im having is i dont know what ram to get. i want to get 4gb's of ram total. i dont care if its 2 2gb sticks or 4 1gb sticks. preferably the 2 sticks is better but im not sure. i would like this memory to be fast straight out of the gate and be able to overclock it if i want to. im looking to spend about $170 on it in total. im not partial to any brand so that doesnt really make a difference to me. so i would like any and all suggestions. thanks for your help.
  2. well, i came home from work today and popped in my 8800gt. and needless to say, my computer started up just fine. im on it right now. it even sees all my harddrives. im still convinced that this psu doesnt have enough juice for this rig, let alone the rig im going to be building with the quad core and 4gbs of ram. im just glad this stupid thing is working. thanks for all the help.
  3. ok so i came home today and plopped in the 6800gt with all 3 harddrives plugged in (i need to edit my sig cause the 320gb is not dead). and it worked. got into my bios and everything, changed the settings to the way they needed to be set and then went into windows. im currently in windows and all of my harddrives are recognized and my external drive is connected and im currently transferring data over to it just so if i do have to format, i have stuff backed up. i really dont think i will have to format tho. i'm going to let all my data transfer tonight while i sleep, its about 300gb's worth of stuff over usb so it will take awhile. when i get back from work tomorrow, ill try putting the 8800gt back in and see what that does, although i assume it just wont start again. so are you guys thinking that this is definitely my power supply? thats what im thinking it is just because the harddrive wasnt being recognized before. i really dont think that my video card would affect my harddrive like that. my video card was what i originally though was the problem, but now i definitely think its the psu. so now im obviously looking at getting a new psu. what are your thoughts on this psu? i'm going for this much power just so i dont run into this same problem anytime soon. i remember hearing that silverstone is a pretty good company, hence why i picked this one. its also capable of sli, which im considering doing as well. only question i have, that its a 24 pin connector, are the motherboards for intel's new processors all 24 pin connectors? i think they are but i just dont wanna buy the wrong product. lol. thanks for all the help so far.
  4. i already have myself a quad core intel, Q6600. im going to be buying myself 4gb's of ram after christmas along with a new motherboard. and if it turns out to be my power supply, a new power supply as well. im going to swap in my old 6800gt tonite and see if that works.
  5. i havnt tried the 6800gt yet, im not sure why that would do it, but i do think it has something to do with my graphics card. this kinda sucks because im not going to buy any new parts till after christmas because i just got a Q6600 and this 8800gt. so i still need to get a new mobo, ram, and possibly a new psu. so i really dont want to be without everything for like a month.
  6. nope, i cant get into the bios at all. keyboards dont work, ps2 or usb. so yeah i dunno what to do.
  7. ok so i restarted my comp last nite, and now it wont boot. i keep rebooting and it either gets to the bios screen where it detects my hdd and optical drives, then just sits there. it doesnt actually detect anything, just sits there. then other times, which its done the last 15 times ive restarted, it gets to having 1 diagnostic led lit, and then the mobo beeps 1 long beep, followed by 3 real quick beeps. im not sure what to do. anyone have any suggestions? i recently got a bfg 8800gt to replace my 6800gt, and its been running fine. just restarting it last nite kinda killed it i guess. oh and i tried clearing the cmos, let it sit with the jumper in the clear position and the battery out for about 30 minutes last nite, that did nothing. ive also tried unplugging each drive and just running them one at a time, still doesnt boot. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. well ive been having computer problems for awhile now. but i finally isolated my problem to a bad hdd, not the one im going to be asking about here. i have a 250gb hdd that i wiped clean and wanted to install windows on it. problem is, after i deleted my partitions, in the windows setup, its only showing about 127gb on the hdd itself. i know about losing some space because of the conversion from bits to bytes, but losing about half of my hdd space is ridiculous. this hdd is a sata hdd and is plugged into port 1 of the sata connections on the mobo. anyone have any ideas as to what to do? thanks for the help.
  9. my bios date is 4/6/06. do i need to update my bios to get a dual core cpu to work properly or anything? thanks
  10. so i just heard of a concept of blind flashing my bios with a floppy disk. is this possible with my situation? also how would i go about doing this? thanks.
  11. no i didnt get it working. its still not booting. guess im just going to have to rma it tomorrow. this sucks. edit: yeah just tried a 30 minute try of it, didnt do squat. im sending it back tomorrow. this really sucks.
  12. well i know this ram works in this board as ive tried it in here before all of this happened. im about to finish the test now and ill report what happened.
  13. no, im saying i tried MY ram in a computer that i know is working. it worked fine in there, no problems. i then tried the ram from that other computer, the corsair, the ram that i am 100% positive works, did the same thing as my ram. therefore if the 2 sets of ram had the same affect in 2 different systems and i know that the corsair is working just fine and still has the same issue, then i can say that it is not the memory at fault. and since the motherboard is the only thing connected to the ram and the led's tell me that it is having trouble with the ram, i would have to say its a motherboard problem since weve already ruled out the ram. that is what i meant by that.
  14. thats sweet. and one more question for good measure: if i have to rma the board, and i get the same model board back, but not the one i sent in just the same model, will i have to reinstall windows?
  15. awesome. because its a little over a year old. and does dfi require me to send EVERYTHING that came in the box back or can i just send back the board and theyll fix/replace that?
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