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  1. Hi Guys, sorry for not getting back sooner, but been away for a couple of weeks. @ the moment i am at stock memory timmings of 3, 3, 3, 8. 1.01 i have got my 200 multi set @ X13.5 cpu running 2.75. @ stock voltage. i can get it to run in memtest 1.65 @ 2.884 with settings of 219 x13 also at stock volts and get no problems. But for some reason it will not boot into Vista and so i have to go back to the above settings as i struggle understanding volt changes and the order they are ment to do.
  2. Hi all, I have been trying to overclock the above CPU but don't seem to be able to get it past 2.7. i have searched the overclocking tread. but can not find anyone's settings for a stable 2.8 or even 2.9 which i have read this CPU can easily reach. has anyone got some BIOS setting for my setup. i'm not being lazy as i like trying things out, but due to being a novice i get one bit sorted and then the memory will mess up or it won't boot at all. and can never work out what has caused the none boot so have to start from beginning again. which gets rather frustrating:sad: as you will all know. thanks.
  3. thanks for getting back uneedav8, when it was vista it would start to boot ie green dashes going across the screen but would then then go to a black screen with lots of writing but the jist was vista can not find device driver and can not load. with XP as i said it will not finish the install due to it just constantly re-booting. i do have it slitly overclocked it is runing @2.5. i am at work @ the moment so will try to in-stall with bios at optermized settings.
  4. i have had to reformate my hard drive due to a program messing up vista. the problem was that vista could not find a driver and so just stayed on the boot screen. i thought that if i re-installed XP home it would sort it out but no joy. when i installed XP i was getting messages that it could not load cd rom drivers about 5 times and a couple of other things which i didn't make not off sorry, i kept clicking ok and it continued to install this has happened 3 times no matter what i do during the install when it goes to boot in the OS it just keeps re- starting. It will not even boot into safe mode so that i can use the mainboard disk to load drivers off that. it is really doing my head in can any one help shed any lite onto this problem:confused: Any help would be greatfully received. PS when it dose go to boot all red lights go out
  5. could really do with some help with this. i have done away with my overclock set Bios to defaults. re-did what was suggested but windows will not register the memory.:sad: anyone else with any ideas. thanks
  6. Hi thanks for getting back so quick Tasr, i have tried what you said but it dosn't seem to have changed anything. sould i uninstall the two new sticks and re-boot with the new BIOS settings and then re-install?
  7. :confused: Hi, i have just added an extra 2GB of balistix memory to my previous 2GB of the same type. but when i just ran the pc pit stop tests i just go this message about my memory: RAM installed 4096 MB Windows RAM 2814 MB Total RAM slots 4 Available RAM slots 0 Max RAM module size 4096 MB Memory Type 1024+1024+1024+1024;DIMM,Unknown,;T16 Speed Rating 9476 MB/s (100% of 20 similar) can any one please explain this as i am very :confused: i am running VISTA ULTIMA upgraded not a fresh install. thanks for any help you can give
  8. yes, all so i am going to try some of the settings in the link that Playah posted. one last question re the divice manager showing 2 separate cards. is that correct
  9. In the nvidia control panel it is in dual mode, do i need to change this.
  10. i have it in the one nearest the cpu
  11. i have it in the one nearest the cpu ( i'm new at all this, sorry)
  12. Hellow again Playah your being very helpful to me today appriciate your help. got a 3dmarko6 score of 7742 with the below settings which they said was in the bottom 10% Date: 2006-11-12 CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 2410 MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 N/A / N/A OS: Microsoft Windows XP Res: 1280x1024 the driver version is and finally when i go into device manager it has 2 GPU's both with 512 mb memory is that correct setting?
  13. i have just brought the below card but it isn't running anywhere near what it is surposed to. could anyone tell me if i need to change any bios settings to make it run better. my privious card was a leadtec 6800ultra and that ran great. i havn't changed anything in the bios since installing the new one. thanks
  14. thanks for that Playah. will have to look for nother reason GPU not running to good
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