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  1. So does that mean that you add the Amps? So say the Video Card says it needs 20A on the 12v (Link from 1st post) Do you add the 2 12v rails? I haven't seen a PSU that has 20A on one 12v rail yet.
  2. Those specs say 19A is the highest they can go on the 12v.
  3. Well I was looking at Antec's PSU's, and the highest they go on the 12v is 19A...so does that mean that none of the best selling PSU's can work with this mid-end Vid Card? Even OCZ says its highest is 18A on the 12v. Am I reading these charts wrong????
  4. Is the 20A on the 12v really needed, or just a suggestion? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130056 http://www.antec.com/specs/SP450_spe_eu.html
  5. thanks for the reply! I'm going to start messing with it soon, finals are done and I have time!
  6. What would you guys reccomend be my next step? Buy a new MB, maybe a new PSU? CPU? I really have no idea what is the cause of my problems. My longest CMOS clear was 48 hours, and still nothing. All I have plugged in is the power, and one memory stick in the farthest orange slot, and the MB is out of the case. Thanks again, Matt
  7. Well after going through the situation again, the best reason I can think of for this happening is that I shorted out the board somehow while screwing around with the hardware while installing windows. Yes I know it was idiotic of me to do this, but I guess I was too excited to start up my cmputer again, to think of the consequences. So, I was wondering if a short would explain some of the things that are happening, and if there is anything I can do to fix the board, or if I should go with a new one, Also, if I shorted out the MB, could I have done the same with the CPU/Video Card? God I hope not. Thanks again for everyone's help. -Matt
  8. Still no beep, and the jumper is in the right position.
  9. I have removed and reseated it. I was not overclocking the CPU. My battery is out, going to wait for another 5-10 minutes and see if I can hear the beep this time.
  10. I was just saying that I was moving the boxes that hold the HDD around, so hopefully i didn't knock anything by accident. If this CMOS clear doesn't work, does that mean something on the mobo is messed up, or does it bring us back to the start?
  11. Remove power from the rig by pulling the plug or switching the PSU off. Move the PC Speaker jumper to the ON position. Remove the Battery. Move the CMOS jumper to CLEAR. Press the Start Button on the case or motherboard to drain the capacitors. You may leave the board in this condition for as long as it takes to clear the CMOS. If a short 30 second clear or a 15 minute clear doesn't work, try an 8 hour clear then a 24 hour clear. Plug in a PS2 Keyboard. Put one stick of RAM in the top orange slot marked DIMM2.(may vary on Infinity boards) Replace the Battery. Move the CMOS jumper to Normal. Press and hold the Insert Key on the Keyboard. Apply power to the rig by plugging the power in or using the switch on the PSU. Press the Start Button to power the rig up. When you hear the BEEP, release the Insert Key and press the Delete Key on the Keyboard. I can get to here, but I hear no beep, even after holding it for 2 minutes. Is it pertinent information that I cannot power off the system with the power button on the case? I can only power on the system this way. I'm going to try a much longer CMOS boot.
  12. Although if anything this is probably user error when I was installing the new HDD. I have to learn to be more gentle..I just hope I didn't break the Mobo somehow.
  13. Yes please. I cannot find it anywhere on the site.
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