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  1. Concerning the Karajan Audio Module... if Im going to be installing a Soundblaster Audigy onto my mobo do I have to bother inserting the Karajan audio thing? Or can I just leave it out?
  2. Cheers guys, I was just getting into a fuss about being ABLE to flash immediately to 6/23. But you say it will boot, so all I can do is try. Thanks Again
  3. Could you explain the process to me? Do I flash with the X2 in the mobo or what?
  4. So I will be able to install windows etc on one core before I flash to the newer BIOS?
  5. If I use my X2 with the DFI motherboard with the BIOS that comes as default. Will it only recognise one core? Which would then allow me to flash to a newer BIOS?
  6. This is my current setup. DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3200C2PT AMD SD 4000+ I had the usual problems with the RAM and the Mobo, but fixed when I flashed to 618. Now I'm ordering a AMD Dual Core X2 4400+ which should be arriving in the next few days or so. Would I have to flash to another BIOS in order for my Mobo to recognise the Dual Core? And if so.. wouldnt that then make me have all my memory problems again?
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