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  1. You won't notice a difference. At all. 2-2-2-5 DDR400 to 3-4-4-8 DDR400 no difference - same with 2-2-2-5 DDR400 to 2.5-4-3-8 DDR600... no difference. It's marketing and B.S. Stick with 2GB of reasonably affordable DDR400 memory and that's all you need.
  2. Windows will not give an application or the shell more than 2GB. Even if you have 4Gb installed/recognized, (not that I've gotten that far) - you wont get a benefit from it.
  3. There's almost no difference between a 480W and a 450W. You could probably get away with a 350 or 400W decent PSU. There's no way the system needs any more power than what they are delievring
  4. One minute to get a response to fix the sig, I fix the sig, no help.. Forget these forums; I wont be reccomending any DFI products to any performance-enthusiast customers anymore, either.
  5. Yeah, my bad, I went in to the CP and did that AFTER typing the message but BEFORE hitting submit.. and I had hoped that the script would just parse it on afterwards but it didn't.
  6. I've just added two more sticks of OCZ-3200 Premier (2.5-3-3-7) to my rig, all four are the same memory... the previous stuff clocked well, but I'm not THAT interested in overclocking it to the max as I am just getting 2 gig of memory (hence why I bought the premier) anyway, I'm noticing some odd things happening in games... Well firstly I did a memtest for 8 hours and there was no errors. SP2004 (modified GUI for Prime95) on the CPU/memory both for 8 hours, no problem. In BF2 I'm getting some problems where the text appears blocky. I also notice some strange shader stuff going on - more on that in a sec.. My THEORY is: Was running hellfire 520-2; wasn't stable. Flashed to new BIOS (7xx-1 first, not stable, then 618-2), this may have messed up the GART table but made the timings fine. So now memory and CPU are both fine but the graphics is 'unstable' despite the video card being okay. Can fix this by reinstalling nforce/ati drivers, or reformatting (I prefer the latter). In BF2 I'm seeing a wierd bug with sandbags where they look like they're... it's impossible to explain. I really doubt the video card is the problem but the problem is BF2 isn't the best game to count on in terms of testing stability since it's well... nothing but bugs. CS Source just crashed but that could be many things since I was alt+tabbing etc.... I'm working long hours with a long bus ride both ways and I don't have a whole lot of time to work on this... I'm going to leave 3DMark2005 running since it tends to be sensitive to memory/fsb overclocks and just crashes, so if that's stable when I get home from work (10+ hours runtime) then I don't know WHAT to think Anyway... to summarize my actual questions: 1) Can a BIOS update screw up the GART table? 2) If memtest and sp2004 don't find any problems with mem/cpu... what else can be causing crashes and graphic corruption (I'm doubting it's the video card... ATItool and ATItray tools don't find anything either plus this started after adding the memory before that the card worked fine for hours upon hours of straight play) I'm really thinking the BIOS update messed the GART table up. Hoping.
  7. The memory is not necesssary. You are not spending enough on the rest of your system components in order to justify buying memory that good. You could save a lot by getting just the basic premier (2.5-3-3-7) stuff. 2GB of memory that's mediocre > 1gb of memory that is high end especially if you're just getting an X800XL (not that it's a bad card, I have it, it's great) SM3.0 is overrated and a gimmick and will not make or break your system. edit: So is SATA-II. There is no such thing as "SATA2" yet (according to the SATA developers), it's just ICQ (or is it NCQ? I'm pretty sure it's ICQ) and some other stuff thrown in there to sort of mix up things but it's not technically SATA2 it's SATA1-ii
  8. Most of what's occuring during that screen is hardware polling and it's not something you can really 'tweak'.
  9. To quote myself: I want to use the second slot because I don't like the northbridge cooler. It's the ONLY component in my system that makes any noise at all. Plus the temps are about 50C stock idle - after some Shin Etsu it dropped to 43, I imagine with some lapping since the damn thing literally has grooves out of it it'll be down even more, but after bumping from 200 to 250 HTT it's back up to 50C idle (with no voltage increase). I have a nice northbridge cooler (Microcool Northpole) that would do very well on it. But really I don't see how after bumping up the voltage and trying to get 300+ (target is 333) it's going to a) be at a safe temperature and B) if I can even get that overclock with such a high temperature.
  10. What exactly would I be testing? The card works fine in the first slot with the jumpers on non-sli
  11. More interesting stuff: With my jumpers set to the SLI mode (8x/8x) the system won't start with the card in the first (top) slot, either!
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