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  1. Yes my LDT is x3. I've found the problem. My memory was fine after 15 passes under memtest. But under windows, that was my memory which makes my system hang. at the beginning i didn't understand why, and after a little investigation, i saw my memory voltage is 0.7 volt less under windows than under Bios. i raised the memory voltage to match the bios value and now my rig seems to be very stable. i use systool to monitor because everest give me really strange results. hope it will help someone someday.....
  2. Hello, i'm looking for NF4 SLI-Expert voltage / FSB data. i didn't manage to found anything yet on the forum but maybe it is because of my poor english spelling (i'm French). Actually, my FSB is 280 and i experience BSOD and sometimes system hangs. but, this is not everyday. i've been memtested my brand new GSkill 2Go HZ for 15 passes without any errors. my Opty 170 didn't made any errors after 10 hours of Prime15 session (one torture test / core). But when i play my system sometimes hang or BSOD. i've a X1900XTX at stock speed. my chipset voltage is at stock 1.52, and i think that this is the origine of the problem. But as i didn't experience any data loss on my HDD, i though 1.52 was enough. So, can some DFI NF4 SLI Expert anthousiast post their Chipset Voltage / FSB to have a general view about this voltage adjustement.
  3. That's OK, i've just read the begining of the Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread. I will try to monitor with an external temp diode to know exactly the temp difference between windows and real temperature. Thanks for your help.
  4. actually i already overclock using bios. but i cannot manage to monitor temperatures correctly. i was hoping ntune will do it nicely. With Everest, i've ~10°C cpu temperature variation according to BIOS temp value. So, what is the best soft to monitor an NF4 SLI Expert and get closer BIOS value please ?
  5. Hello, i just want to know if ntune can be safely used with NF4 SLI Expert ? i remember an Angry Games post one year ago that said that ntune was a DFI mobo breaker. has it change ?
  6. Hello, i've just receive my brand new NF4 SLI DR Expert, but i've a problem with the karajan module. when plug into the mobo, the motherboard doesn't fit into my case (Enermax CS718B) because there is a 12cm fan that touch the module. Can i run safely my mobo without karajan module (i've an Audigy 2). i want to be shure it won't damage my motherboard, so can someone confirm me, it will run safely without this module plugged ? Thanks.
  7. I've it and i've already tested it with my Nf3Ultra D : 280*10 @ 1.328 Volt. In Europe we have an online store where they pretest CPU and you can buy the ready to overclock cpu you want they 're usually a bit more expensive that's all. The only thing that makes me wonder is : with such a config, will I have something like coldboot problem or incompatibility between some parts. Hard drives : - 2 SATA hitachi 160 Go (I've already one) To Icon57: Ok, i will see what i will have left in my wallet to buy 2x1 Gig
  8. Hello, i would like to build a new computer soon (waiting for 7900 GTX). Can someone tell me if i will experience some problems with such a configuration : Opteron 170 @ 2800 Mhz 1.33V NF4 SLI DR Expert 7900 GTX Audigy 2 2x512 Mo GSKILL PC 3200/4800 ([email protected]/[email protected] 2.6/2.8 Volt) Epsilon FX 700-GLN SLI Ready (FSP Group FORTRON) 700 W : [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] maybe a second 7900 GTX in a few monthes to build SLI. Thanks for your help.
  9. i tried to RMA my mobo in order to fix Voltage and cold boot issues but my RMA request was reject because these issues are not considered as critical.... i tried to answer directly to DFI Technical Support [[email protected]] because when you ask for RMA from FRANCE, DUTCHLAND seems to be the nearest DFI technical spot. i've no answer at all for the moment. i live in France, Angry Games, please, what can i do ?
  10. well today i tried 8 x 315 HTT with 133 ram mult. (ram = 210 Mhz @ 2-3-2-6 1T 2.7 Volt). Then, after BIOS saving, it posted fine but it took a non standard time to do (a bit long). Windows XP loaded fine. It was really stable, and there was no errors with memtest and OCCT. Then, i shutted down the computer and i couldn't manage to make it post at restart even if doing the PSU switch OFF/ON trick. So i had to do a Clear CMOS to be able to post. why is it rock stable under windows (memtest and occt) and then don't post at all on a cold start ? Please Angry or Rgone, can you explain me that issue ?
  11. i use everest soft to monitor temperatures but MBM is ok too. the speed of the fan is about 6000 rpm if it works fine and the temperature is about 42° with my commputer (the summer is quite terrible this year in france). if you can notice lower rpm or if it's jumping (ie: 2000 to 5000 to 3000) then you have a problem with the fan. well, if your temp is about 32°, maybe you don't have problem with the chipset. if you want to be sure, open the case and look at the fan. but be carefull : mine fan has worked well sometimes even if it had failed the day before, but one day it died. so i didn't identify the problem easily. well, maybe your Problem is completly different, i just though it could be a fan issue. there are so many issues on that board..... :confused: (one more day, one more issue, that's the rythm for me)
  12. take a look at the chipset cooler because it is really a bad quality one. mine has been running fine for 5 days only :tooth: cool, isn't it ? if your chip fan stop, chipset will become really hot and the computer will freeze. then if you do a clear CMOS, you give the chipset enough time to get cold enough to run again. if i were you i will check it
  13. Hello, i've just received an answer from DFI about my mobo issues : Dear Customer Thanks for your letter of July 12. Yes, this board needs hard ware modification. If you encounter the Vcore problem, please apply for RMA service. I apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely Yours truly, Tech Support DFI Inc. Issue NBR: C05XXXXX-981 Ok, there is just a little problem for me. I live in France and this motherboard isn't sold in France. So, i bought it online in Germany. the 7 day return period has now ended for me, and i reallly don't know how to deal with that problem now. Well, if only i could know what has to be reworked..... if i have to RMA only because of the Vcore resistor, i think i will do it myself. i've everything needed to do it safely at work. (work in spatial industry) Well, actually, i just want to know how many modification there is to do in order to make that mobo work fine. i can do everything myself at work, (I will save money and time), but i really have to get some pictures and list of components (if needed). Please, can someone help me to get that informations ?
  14. Hello guys. well i'm still investigating in order to overclock my SD 3700+ but my memory doesn't seem to like this mobo. it's Corsair TwinX 2x512Mo 3200 LLPT with BH5 chips. @ 220 Mhz, system hangs or memory dump screen even with 2.5-3-3-8 @ 3.0 v Tref 200 Mhz 7.8µs i tried 2x256 Mo PC2700 samsung value 2.5-3-3-8 and i could hit 235 Mhz @2.7 v. so here is some question : Does anybody manage to run BH5 with this mobo ? What memory should i purchase to get high FSB with this mobo ? Will Corsair 3200XL or GSKILL (TCCD) be OK ? Thanks for your help.
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